Is Anyone Going to Boston July 27.2016 I Need to Share a Room. Don't Won't to Be by Myself:( - Boston, MA

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Coming from from Chicago! An there is no recovery...

Coming from from Chicago! An there is no recovery house in Boston! An I don't really want to be by myself. Family member couldn't come with me at the last min..:(.
I always wanted a Butt since I was bout 12yrs! Yes because I have an identical twin sister an our next door neighbor use to tease us about our flat Butts. An it was a woman an she was fat an had a beard then in her 20,s. Lol She traumatized me from the age of 12. Which we inherit from our father! Lol can't help what u get but I been waiting a very long time! I have squatted my ass out! It took years to get some results back there! Lol. But not of course I wanted. An now I can't believe I'm doing this now! after a Divorce years ago an 4 kids! Which their grown now! I do my stand-up comedy with this flat Butt! Hell thats all I talk about! Lol. I can't wait to get on stage an show this new ass! An I'm going to look for the big fat beard neighbor at the next neighborhood reunion! Lol But it never stop me from getting action my whole life! It's just that time for a great body change! Lol. In 2016! I no I'm going to cry when I see my new ass!????????????????

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