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I was originally planning on getting butt implants...

I was originally planning on getting butt implants & never considered a BBL because i thought i didn't have enough fat. Im 5'2'' 118 lb and have no shape at all!!! I got discouraged on getting implants due to many real self members getting complications and also being quoted $9500 that after travel expenses and hotel would end up being $11k or more. I was not willing to go through the pain, spend all that money & at the end still have a flat ass because the implants got infected & had to be removed! SO i stop thinking about surgery and decided against it. A month or more past and here i am again obsessing with getting an ass so i came across BBL reviews and thought this might work because i actually have a decent amount of fat on my belly and back & i can aging weight!! Ive been on this site 24/7 and considered a few of the top doctors (Dr.Hughes, Dr.Salzhauer etc) but after coming across a review for Dr. Delvecchio in BOSTON -- which is 45 min from me :), i had a feeling i found my doctor! I scheduled my consultation for the beginning of november.


First Impression -The office is nice & modern , the staff was friendly.

Dr.Del Vecchio answered my few questions & made me feel comfortable ( I actually wasn't embarrassed showing him my non existing ass)
He said he could probably get 900 cc but I told him I was working on gaining weight ( I would like at least 1000cc) , So he said that he would like for me to gain 5lb . I'm currently at 123 so I've gained a couple of lbs. My goal is to be at 130lbs day of surgery.

The consultation fee is $100 , if you decide to get surgery the $100 goes toward your balance. I was quoted $7500 if I booked within one wk.

Surgery booked

I scheduled my surgery 2 days after my consultation for mid January ! Got approved 2 1/2 wks of work , I hope that's enough time! I'm very calm about it but I'm pretty sure that will change as the day gets closer !

Exactly 2 more months

I'm currently @ 126 lb so I'm gaining weight faster than I thought !!!! Been drinking ensure plus in the mornings ,eating junk & drinking soda. The more fat the bigger my butt!!!

Thanksgiving Dinner = More Lbs

Lately I've been having dreams of the surgery, some are good & some are bad! Also the thought that these could be the last holidays I spend with my kids is torturing me .... Trying to stay positive!!! Looking foward to all the yummy food for thanksgiving dinner !!!

Current weight: 128


I've read that the Colombian fajas are the best , so I've been researching them but I'm a little confuse ! Does anyone know if the fajate fajas & fajas D'Prada are the samething ? I've found a local store that has them so going to check them out and see if you can try them on. I would like to buy it before surgery but have no idea what size to get, they are not cheap so i want to make sure I get the right size! The faja struggle Real!

Side Profile - SMH

Hoping Dr.Del Vecchio transfers this bubble belly into a bubble butt!!!!

Current weight -130 lbs
I already met my goal ,still have 1 month before surgery & plan on continuing to gain weight.

Pre Op

Went for my pre op today , signed my life away and paid for surgery except for the anesthesia and hospital fees I have to call and pay those separate.

The weight gain has made my face fat so I added chin lipo for an additional fee. I knew that even if I get amazing results I wasn't going to be 100 % satisfy because of my mini double chin!!!!

Doctor took my pre op pictures & said I was going to get great results ( honestly I think they say that to everyone)

Saw butt implants samples and I'm sooooooooooooooooo glad I didn't get them, they're soooo heavy and feel weird!

I'm happy I booked when I did cuz they told me the price for bbl went up !!!!

What do I need after Surgery?

Dr.D told me to go to target or tjmax & buy a spandex for when my garment is washing. So I got something at Target (not sure if is what I need ) I tried it on and is kind of difficult to put on, I'll have to bend to pull it up. I'm wondering if i should get one that has a zipper or adjustments. Eventually I'm going to buy a Colombian faja! I just don't want to spend so much to cut it & probably ruin it so I'm waiting till I'm somewhat healed to buy one.

As far as other supplies I don't plan on getting to much just the basics that seem to be essential.

If you know of any must get supplies
Please comment them below !


I can't wait - exactly 2 more weeks

I was just at Victoria's Secret thinking about buying new bras & came out frustrated because I didn't know what size to get!!! My usual 34 was too tight so I thought after the lipo it should fit, then I thought what if after the lipo I'm a 32? Awwww I ended up leaving frustrated (it sucks cuz I actually found 2 bras that I liked)
I haven't bought my self anything in the past 2 months I just can't wait till I'm able to SHOP!

Almost time

Getting everything ready for my big day and praying everything goes well!

Body pillow
Boppy pillow
Ensure plus
Arnica gel
Phillips milk of magnesia ( it worked wonders after giving birth)
That's all I got if I need anything else my husband will get it.

Getting nervous and anxious,last night I had a nightmare that my ass was still flat after surgery, I guess that's my biggest fear!

I've taken tons of pictures and videos in every angle to compare !

My final weight :135bs total of 17lbs gained in 2 months.




Surgery went well, I'm reallyyyy sore but as long as I don't move I'm fine. My lower belly ,knees and privates are super swollen ( looks like a monster camel toe) My face is also swollen because of the chin lipo. I'm all bruised up & can't wait to feel better!

Day 4 Feeling better

Today I woked up feeling a lot better. I had my period so that made me feel even worst! Took my first shower felt amazing .. Also I haven't had a BM since Tuesday so I made some coffee and knew that would send me, I went before my shower and boy that wasn't easy.....
As far as my body I'm loving it ! I know I'm super swollen but I hope I don't loose much,also the side view needs to fluff cuz I don't see much projection!l

Staying away from the percs only taking 1 at night, I'll be done with those disgusting antibiotics today Thank God

7 Days post op

Feeling better & better each day. If it wasent for The little headaches that i wake up in the morning everything would be great !

Went for my post op appt yesterday and when DR.D took my foam tape off WOW nice round big booty ( I hope it stays ) he says I'm going to have a shelf butt lol will see.......

Day 10

Everyday I wake up waiting for my ass to disappear, it looks the same but I'm swollen and I know it's going to go down! I just hope that at the end I'm left with something nice...

Day 12

Yesterday I went to the mall for the first time I bought a couple of yoga pants cuz NOTHING fits me!
I walked slowly like I had something in between my legs and got tired fast but it felt good to get out of the house.

Today I'm walking better and I'm working on bending down - a grabber is a good tool to get for the first wk because you will not bend if you drop something !!

Saturday the worst thing Happend to me- while I was cooking my thumb bent and when I tried to straighten it , it wouldn't respond this Happend for a couple of seconds but it was the scariest thing not being able to control your body!!! I think what triggered it was I had my chin strap on , my garment and ontop a waist trainer that was super tight too much compression!

Day by day everything gets better and so far I love my new body and Dr.Del Vecchio for transforming it - I'm waiting atleast 3 months to review him but so far he exceeded my expectations !

Day 16

I think my swelling is almost gone. My stomach is lumpy and I dislike the tight feeling but my belly never been so flat so I'm not complaining!!! I have no feeling on my back. My boom boom is getting softer , I don't touch it but when I'm showering or putting lotion I get to feel it.

I've been measuring my self I started at waist 30 butt 42
Today I was waist 28 butt 40 1/2

My incisions are healing nicely and Dr.D did the 2 in the front so low no one will ever see them ( I can't even see them) I noticed other doctors make 3 incisions on the back , I love how Dr.D only does one in the butt crack.

My sister told me today that her boyfriend told her that he's brother saw me at the mall & told him K's sister has a BIG Butt , that made my day!!!!!

PS i went from bleach blonde to jet black hair this booty deserves a new look!!!!!

4 weeks

Tomorrow to be exact will be 4 weeks since my BBL. I've started to get electric pain in my bum I think my nerves are waking up , it sucks !

Things I notice
Left cheek is smaller than right

Left cheek has a dent that I can clearly feel when I put my hand

Today while taking the update pictures I notice a dent on my perfect right side :( ( you can clearly see it on the pic )

Stomach is very lumpy and it's either swollen or fat

I'm getting anxiety cuz I feel my bum is going down!!! I hope all of the dents resolve itself cuz I realllllly don't want to do a round 2!

7 weeks

Everything is still about the same- lumpy stomach, dent on left cheek and also a bump under my left cheek ( Dr. D said he injected some fat on the back of my thigh so it didn't look skinny , but is just a lump and if he haven't done that my left cheek would look bigger :-/

overall I still love my results they are noticeable , everyone knows I did something !

Believe your body will change every day , some days I feel like nicki minaj and some days I feel like is not big enough . When I feel is not big enough I just look at my before picture & realize the booty greed is REAL ....

9 weeks

Everything still The same except that im getting more of that shooting pain!

I'm still not sitting directly on my butt & I sleep on my tummy all night cuz I'm paranoid that is going to get flat if i put pressure.

Overral everything is good I'm just waiting till I'm 100% healed & for my final result.....

3 months PP

The only thing I regret is not getting this surgery sooner, I finally got curves!
My current weight is still 139 ( same after weight gain for bbl) so whatever fat Dr.D took he put it back in which makes me happy.
My belly is still lumpy &that's the only complaint I have .
The dent on my left cheek is barely noticeable.
Also I assumed he was going to lipo my bra line but he didn't ,I wish they would of told me I would've paid extra if I had too cuz those rolls are driving me nuts!

Close to 5 months Post Opt

Everything Is the same

Lower back is still numb but not completly
Belly is still lumpy :(
Butt is still there :)

Dr.D said if I gain weight my butt will get bigger so I've purposely gained a couple of lbs and indeed my butt has gone up 1-2" making it 42''!

Overall I'm still more than happy with my results !

6 months PO

Had my 6 months follow up today and DR.D agreed that I have irregularities ( lumps) on my belly so he said that he would fix it. I told him I want to also do my full upper back cuz those bra rolls are driving me nuts! He ask if I want to put the fat in my butt and I said I would hate to waste the fat ,so Yes I'm going for another BBL round !! Im thinking Jan 2016 for my booty's 1st Bday!!!!

Thankful for the day I stumble upon a Dr. Del Vecchio review

Going through my before pictures and I'm sure that none of the Doctors I was considering would've been able to do what Dr.D has done to my body!
My advise to future dolls is to take a million before pics in every angle that way you can really appreciate your results( sometimes I forget I was such a spongebob squarepants)

I'm thinking about adding breast implants to round 2 just waiting on a new quote.

By the way I'm so jelous that he's doing 2000+ ccs now !

7 months

The above picture speaks for itself DR. D is THE MAN ! The booty greed is reallllll round 2 is the only thing on my mind! Following all these NY strippers and bottle girls have me obsess with a tiny waist and bigger butt -goal for round 2

Butt still measuring 42"
Belly is still lumpy ( main reason for round 2 )
Overall - More than happy with my results

Happy 1st bday to my booty

As I sat on New Year's Eve thinking of everything I've done in 2015, getting a bbl was def the best thing !!!
Ladies be ready for the envious to try to bring you down, I've had a couple of them comment on how I have a "fake ass" or paid for my body etc , I don't give them any attention and just brush it off (specially when they are doing it on Twitter under a fake account ! ) My body never looked so good and they know it ;) so I get it they're JELOUS!!!

The lumps on the belly are still there aswell as my sides and back BUT most importantly the booty is still there and that's all that matters

I decided to skip round 2 this year cuz I think that spending 13-14k cash within a year was not a wise choice

But I will get another round eventually mainly to fix the lumps and back rolls and of course lipo because this belly is coming back fast!!!

I plan on going back to Dr.D but I'm not going to lie I've got my eye on Colombia!????

I love my results he gave me exactly what I wanted , I'm still amaze how he was able to transform my shapeless body into the perfect curves. I know my money was well spent when ppl are constantly comparing my butt to an upside down heart, an hourglass or Kim K !!!! Dr. Del Vecchio is the BEST a True artist!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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