37 Yrs Old, Almost 2 Years PO! - Boston, MA

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I have always had narrow hips and a flat ass and...

I have always had narrow hips and a flat ass and I've been dying to be curvy for a long time. I have the boobs naturally, but needed my bottom to match. Ladies, it's been almost two years since my BBL and I have zero regrets except that I should have done it sooner! With that said, the difficult thing about this surgery is that you see the most dramatic results right after surgery and then over time your body evens out more. My body is still an hour glass figure since surgery and my butt still looks great, but I find myself wanting a more dramatic result. I'm undecided on whether an R2 is worth the money and hassle, but I'm here to make that decision and create more discussions around the results over time.

Pre-Op pics uggggh lol

Here are some pre-op pics. I think these were taken in April 2014. Almost forgot how far I've come until I dug these yo!

About 1 week post op. Still very swollen

Hips at 2 months PO

These were taken 7 months PO

A little over one year post up.

Here is a front pic so you can see the hips at over 1 year post up. At this point I had lost about 10 lbs from going to the gym but still had a bit of a tummy which is why I was trying on a one piece. ????

Today! Close to 2 years post io

Well ladies here I am at close to two years post op. At one point I lost 10 lbs and my butt did get smaller but my stomach never became completely flat. I've since gained the weight back and my butt has gotten bigger again but so had my waist. I would live an R2 to get some more defined hips and a snagged waist but not ready to invest the money and time yet at this moment.

More pics

These were taken about a month PO. My hips have since gone down a lot and I would love to do an r2 to fix that. My butt has gone down a little in the nearly 2 years PO, but not much. However my stomach has grown some of the fat back since these pics were taken and I'd love a more snatched waist.

I gave Dr. Del Vecchio five stars because he knows what he's doing and he gave me great results. He is expensive, but surgery is not something to bargain hunt for in my opinion. He's also very direct and blunt which rubs some people the wrong way, but I like that.

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