Bbl 1.15.16 - Boston, MA/ Dr Delvecciofied

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Hi RS ladies, I an currently wrking ft, school ...

Hi RS ladies, I an currently wrking ft, school ft, degree in may 2016.. was planning on doing Bachelors in social services, but now I'm thinking of becoming a Rn. Oh well enough of me..,

I am having a bbl done by Dr Del vecchio, on Jan 2016 , had my consult today (11.10.15) locked my date with my deposit. . **side note ** saw johvanna, yassssssssssss she popping..*** OK bk to me, Dr is gonna take fat from my tummy ( all), bk _(all), inner thighs n arms.., I already have a booty, but need more projection n these dimples out my dam butt..

I want my waist snatched, my upper body *arms* small, n my booty pooping. .
I am paying cash.. Dr said I am an ideal candidate at 190lbs..,

Consult 11.10.15/ FMLA

So I add my consult with Dr Delvecio yesterday November 10th 2015 ,
I was a little bit anxious and excited at the same time I saw her jevonica she was really nice and. side note yes she has a dunk a dunk.. so I met with the doctor I came prepared with my questions and photos I took my way to told me I am the perfect size and that he expected that I would have perfect results he said he would be doing my inner thighs my entire stomach my entire back and flanks I got my quote from jovonica and locked in my date. I. paid my $1,000 deposit and I'm going to be paying cash. or hopefully I'll be done paying by December..

I was just wondering about FMLA . do any of you real selves girls know how to complete it..I called cigna but they're asking me about my diagnosis and what type of surgery I hung up cuz I didn't know what to say, told them i would speak to my doc first. I would like pFMLA from my job .I don't want them to know I'm doing elective surgery..


Hello my real self ladies I am asking advice from all the vet's, what important
supplies are needed for my bbl , which will be in January 2016 I would like to hear any advice tips or suggestions on where to get great shape wear and products in preparation for my bbl...

Ty. :)

Surgery prayers. Amen if u using it..

So real self ladies I've decided I would put up some prayers for surgery.

Dr Delveccio/Garments/supplies

Hi Rs vets, could give some suggestions on compression garments n supplies.

Cbc/ EKG..helppp

What are the most essential products needed for bbl..all my vets *lets unite* lol ... I asked Jovonica if i needed any cbe/ ekg. She said no. How will they know if im ok for surg..i already did a ekg at mu primary care...and I'm on 325 mg of irion..

Confused n need help


So i made my final payment to Dr D today..i didn't know that i had to pay the hosp n anesthesia separate..i thought Dr d office would collect the full payment then pay those..oh well call the hospital cashier, he said that i had to wait until jevonica sent over the documents..HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE


Had my preop was good, the office was packed . but it is getting realllll. He said i did not have enough my hubby n i told him to take it from my arms 2...

He said the max was 6 litre he could take, but ofcourse i dont have so much..i told him to suck me dry, so my areas are going 2 be: arms, upperbk,/flanks. abdomen.

Said he is going to take from my inner thigh n put in. My outer, he is gonna also full out my booty dent. (said he will try)..


Surg results/Dr Delveccio

Did my surg 1/15/16. It is sooo. Painful as i am typing now, I'm breathless n tired, but my hubby is here with me all the way..I'm walking like a zombie. Lol

Day (3)

So this is day 3 of my post op update and everyday I am feeling better and better. I have changed into my Leonisa shapewear and boy let me tell you it feels good.

I went to send Elizabeth Hospital at 6 a.m. got checked in at 7:30 saw anaesthesia and the st Elizabeth staff they were so wonderful and kind, and very informative after I had my IV setup then dr. D came in started marking me up, started cracking me and my husband up with so much joke I told him I wanted my waist as small as can be, he said no problem . theytarted bringing me to the o.r and before I knew it I was out like a light.

I woke up to Dr de giving me jokes but I was so out of it I could not make out what he was saying .he checked up on me and I stayed in the recovery room for around 2 hours and because they wanted me to try and urinate but for some reason I could not go I started to walk and then I got faintish they had to pull forward, and hooked up on some more IV they got me stabilized then I try to go to the bathroom again with success stayed there for an additional 2 hours actually left hospital at around 6 p.m.

I am feeling so tired right now but I have attached some pictures for you. When I'm feeling more up to it I will give you a more thorough update thanks guys

1st post op/HEMOTOMA

So I went 2 to my list op today, say Dr D, n he called st Elizabeth hospital emergency to take a look at me. My right leg was like a elephant, so if did a ultrasound n MRI, NO DVT.. NO HEMOTOMA SO I NEED TO ELEVATE MY LEGS..WHEWWW. I was at the hospital for over hrs,,, I'm resting now

Tmi/bm lol. Day 5

So today I drank some milk of magnesia and let me tell you within 3 hours time I was running to the bathroom. pulling down my full body fajah,i grabbed a chair, and some boppy pillow so i could use the chair as a brace, n the boppy pillow as cushion. Boy of boy relief FEELS GOODS! I went twice today.i know i know tmi, lol

Day 8th

So i am feeling better with each passing day.i gave myself some masages( stomach n bk), n boy oh boy i am feeling are some pic love

Day 12

I have developed a seroma, ( stomach), hemotoma ( right leg)..swelling n mad itching, doc say prob to percocet, diolid, or the anti biotics..swelling of hands n legs..but dr d is going to drain the seroma. I have attached some photos, regardless i am feeling better each day

Seroma pic

Some one asked for a vid of seroma so here it am going to get it drained by my ps..


Hopefult. It updates. The last one did not

Best decision

Guys I can honestly say that this surgery has been a fantasy ,but I have actually spoke it into reality and I'm thankful. I feel so alive I feel so sexy I feel like there is not a problem in the world that I cannot conquer that's how confident and feeling.

So I'm today I got my other Leonisa shapewear which is excellent the first one that I actually wore was the thigh high, which was cutting off circulation in my legs and felt so uncomfortable.
But I can honestly say that this one is perfect it feels so smooth it feels so comfortable but yet you can feel the compression I absolutely love the part of it where it left my butt, the material on the butt is actually made of a sheer type materials so it doesn't compress my butt.

So I'm feeling myself so much to the point where I actually think I need breast augmentation so if any of you dolls know a good not so pricey Dr please feel free to tag or write their names below..

So I've actually taking this semester off this semester was supposed to be my graduation semester but due to the fact that I had my surgery on the 15th of January and the semester started on the 26th I am unable to go to classes cuz I definitely will not be sitting on my investment and it would be awkward of me to be standing in class so I'm taking off this semester and I feel like I have made the best choice there is so I can live a little...

Day 17th

Feeling better each day. I'm still unable to bend all the way down, bk n stomach achy as a bitch..but overall feeling 75%better

Seroma drained/waist training

I got my seroma drained by Dr D, he got 3 big ole syringes full, i still feel like he could have taken more.. Regardless he told me to compress the area, which i am currently doing, relieve relieve, but it feels so good for relief, my stomach feels awesome..

Fyoli, after the drainage DrD asked if i had waist trainers, n said i can use it to keep the area compressed, maybe so that the fluid would not return,**it better not**

Updaten post op day 29

Good morning my dolls so today I am 29 days., From surgery I have started sitting on my boppy pillows from around 3 weeks I sit for very short periods of time my butt have been the same , it has not fluctuated I do notice that whenever I sit for long periods of time my butt gets this tingling sensation and hurts a little bit. my stomach area is becoming my problem area I try to self Massage is but because of my compression garments there are little dense increases which is driving me crazy but other from that I have uploaded some progress pictures of my results I hope you guys enjoy and happy Valentine's Day.

5 wks post op/swelling

SO IM 5 WKS POST OP, i sat todY( hair dresser) ???????? for about 4hrs, had leonisa n ab board on. Got so stiff n swollen, my right leg got hard

Hubby took me out, i came bk with left butt cheek swollen????????????????. I think im just gonna heal correctly before take on so much.

I started to turn my fajah inside out to lessen the lumps n bumps, I've been using the *wahl hot n cold massager*, n bought a md ab board , which i really like.

Here r some pics

What can i do?

So I still have the little bumps and dents on my stomach which is very unappealing to me I am going to be almost 6 week my sides and back are still tender and my tummy still looks swollen.

Can I do to resolve the bumps and dents


Ladies I am almost 2 months. And let me tell you massages are necessary...

massages are overly necessary my doctor does not use Drains he closes bk the incision. So in order for the liquid come out you have to be doing a lymphatic massage to get all that extra liquid out your stomach to get a lump and bump free stomach and in order to prevent Fibrosis. To take it from me massages are needed. Your lymphatic system is compromised when you undergo surgery they cannot function up to their full potential being that they have been under trauma so or lymphatic systems are the ones that actually drain liquid from our bodies being that they are compromised from surgery they can no longer tolerate the enormous amount of work they used to do before so that's why massages are needed to aid I'm getting out all that extra liquid and helpful you shap or beautiful bodies..

I am two month. & I did not do a lot of post op massages because my doctor recommended that it was not needed and let me tell you I am feeling it now I have to be getting frequent lymphatic and deep tissue massages in order to eradicate the bumps and lumps that are that are in my stomach I started getting Fibrosis which I started to work on it I bought the ultrasonic cavitation machine. Its a tools take. The extra fat and bumps on my stomach and also for the cellulite .. please please please do post op care, you are going to need it


I've been trying to work on my lumpy bumpy stomach after I had my bbl massages are so needed lady get it you are going to need it.

Stomach/ massage

So I have been having my teen daughter give me massages I am doing deep kiss you and lymphatic massages and I think my stomach is coming along very well by the way the lumps could be mistaken for me having abs, lol I think I'll go with abs.

4mths/10days post op

4 mths update..after surgeryry i developed hives, never had them prior to surg..i still have irregularities like lumpy stomach...

Otherwise all is well

4mths/2 wks

This is my 4 month old love you my result seems to be getting better and better every day. I absolutely love my results with the exception of my stomach area which is still my problem area but it is absolutely got better over time.


Th, right after my procedure about 2 weeks...i get really bad hives me n my pcp still trying to find out the reason...but overall i love my results..but feel my stomach could use more lipo

Hives/6 months

Had chronic hivez since 1 week after surgery. Going to allergist to see what I am allergic to I often wonder if it is the liquid that they put into our bodies prior to do in liposuction I still don't know what it but hives suck

9 mths..update, wrking out...recent pics

Hi guys, i hope all is well with u all. I now take monthly injections for my hives( which i swear its some reminiscent fluid or some product they use in surgery.

I love my results, i also started working out 3xwk..

1.17.17. 1 year update

Hi my beautiful ppl, its been 1 yr since my bbl with Daniel Delvecchio. Right after surgery i developed hives/uticaria which i am now getting monthly shots for.. Other from that i am doing fine, i have gained wgt. Wgt at surgery *193*, current wgt *204*..(holiday food) lol..

I do wrk out to maintain my figure, n yes i did accumulate fat on my tummy..even though we get lipo, the cells are still there n do reproduce/regenerate..they only stop when we die. Sad but true..

Any way ladiez i still love my results..

1 year..and 7 days...butt

So Happy new year dolls, I'm not much of a talker, just look at the pics..

9.14.17/almost 2 yrs

Hi ladies,???????????? I've been away for awhile but January of 2018 will make two years since I've had my BBL and , these are some of my updated pictures bare in mine I do maintain my results by going to the gym and also doing weight training . I did get my breast done couple months ago by a different doctor. I am in love with my results
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Has a sense of humour , was honest and informative.

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