33 Year Old with Two Kids. Boston, MA

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I hope to have a slim waist, round hips, a fat...

I hope to have a slim waist, round hips, a fat shapely butt, and a thigh gap. When I walked into his office over a year ago I was struck by its beauty. When I went back in August 2014 they did some upgrades and it wasn't as glamorous a place but the people who greeted me were quite nice. I met with Dr. D, he advised me which areas he would be harvesting the fat from and told me Ill not only do great but look great. He keeps telling me Ill look great. I hope he's right. My surgery is FOUR days away and I'm terrified!

2 days away

My BBL is Friday morning at 9 am. I hope everything goes well.

Moments before

Dear beautiful ladies:

I'm lying in the pre op room waiting for the brilliant doc to make his entrance. Thus far the procedure has has calming. Check in was a breeze and the nurses who took my vitals were very sweet and patient. One even asked to switch places with me so she could get a BBL. lol.

I am still anxious but feel more at ease. Here is a before.

Immediately after procedure.

Hey ladies:

It's a few hours after surgery and while it does hurt I'm fine. Other than the grogginess from the anesthesia and the soreness it's not that bad. The people at St. Elizabeth's are really really really nice. They did try to get me to sit but I fought them off telling them I will not flatten my butt.

As for Dr. Delvecchio he was freaking awesome. I am so happy I chose him as a doc. I think for the moat part I got exactly what I want my waist is tiny, my butt is huge, my hips are wide but because I'm wearing so many garments I can't see the degree of the thigh gap.

Thank you to all those ladies who sent well wishes and love. Here are a few after photos.

Ill update on the recovery process and the shape and size of my butt!


Hi Ladies:

Lets talk about the hard part if this. I think I found out where Dr D. made an incision to fill my butt; on my perineum or the space between my vagina an anus. I tried to pee for the first time after surgery this am and I started bleeding. If course I freaked out but it eventually stopped. I decided to stand and pee lol. Not much came out but at least I got the proverbial ball rolling. The pee came out in spurts. Yay progress :)

Dr Delvecchio Instagram acct

Hey beauties. Anyone know how to get to his Instagram acct? I wanna see the pic he posted of me yesterday. I'm the 1750 ccs. Please help. I'm super excited.

Just called Dr. Delvecchio

Hey ladies. Just wanted to give you a quick update one day post op. I woke up tight and in significant pain. However, I forced myself to get up and walk around. I was able to stand straight but any bending is impossible. As the pain meds weren't enough I called the office to see if I could get ahold of my doc D. They took my number and a summary of my inquiry. He called back within a minute and told me to up my dosage by 2 percasets every four hours. He also gave me advice on removing my garment tomorrow, taking a frontal shower but making sure my foam doesn't get wet. He also asked me if I saw the pic on Instagram. I advised him that I've been trying to do so but have been unsuccessful thus far. He said he would send me the link itself. He also said if I have any more questions or issues to call right back. He has a 24 hour 7 day a week policy of you need him. So nice...

2nd n third night

Hey ladies, hope you are all keeping well. As you know I had my bbl on Friday, Dec 19. And I was fine for the first night, but the second evening on into the night is where I really starred to feel the full brunt of the surgery. I called Dr. Delvecchio to ask him if I could up my dosage of pain meds, he gave me the okay for a while but then I started getting nauseous. Two percasets were way much for me and I started vomiting endlessly throughout the night. My bf ran down to the hotel lobby to get pepto bismol for nausea but I vomited that out as well. I decided to try sleeping on an empty stomach with no food, water or anti biotics or pain killers. I managed to get through the night. I woke up the next am and felt better. Now that 48 hours had passed I could take off my wraps and garments so my bf could sponge bathe me. We used the antibacterial soap hibiclens as suggested by the doc. I felt so much better. My bf then got me into the second garment and we got food and then I took my meds. I also brought Dramamine to prevent against another bout of. nausea. When he took off my wrap I saw incisions on the following areas:
1. Side of belly button
2. On either side of the cookie
2. On either sides of my butt crack
1 on each of the bottom of my butt check. The ones here have stitches so I have to be careful.

As I am entering my third day I am still in significant pain but I can do more for myself. Im exhausted from the pain and wish it would go away! :(

12 days post op

Hey everyone: after 12 days of my bbl procedure here is what my experience has been like. Ill try to break it up into categories for clarity.

1. Experience with Dr. Delvecchio: I love him and I trust him although he can be edgy. He really is a genius and has a master eye for the work that he does. He does exactly what is asked of him and the results are beautiful. His work is neat and beautiful. There are no drains to remove after surgery and his incisions and stitches for the bbl are strategically and inconspicuously placed. My incisions are 1 on the top of my butt crack, 1 under each butt cheek, and 1 on each side of where my thigh meets my bikini line. Furthermore, whenever I have a question the doctor always calls back promptly and sounds happy to help me through. I am a 33 year old woman with two kids and he restored my body. He made my body look as tight and thick as a 16 year old. No joke, he shaved off years of aging and wear and tear.

2. The pain: the first 7 days were the most painful. I tried increasing my dose of percaset according to Drs recommendation but that only left me severely nauseous. I suggest that if you are prone to nausea or motion sickness ask for a prescription for the motion sickness patch.

3. Infection: so on the night of the 11th day after my bbl, I jabbed my finger into my bikini line where the suture was, opening it up by mistake. I noticed a bit of whitish fluid flowing from it and freaked out. I called the doc and asked someone else for advise who had a similar experience. I am cleaning it every few hours and applying an antibacterial spray. Hopefully it closes up :(

4. Sex: my boyfriend has been taking care of me. He is a medical student and viewed me as his first patient so he looks at my care as actual experience. However, after I started getting stronger on the 7th post op day and cleaning the house, cooking, doing the laundry and taking care of myself he started to not view me as a patient and as his girl. Sometimes he would see me bent over and want me. So... According to the doc it's okay to have gentle sex from behind 7-10 days post op. I allowed my bf to be intimate with me on the 10th and 11th day. The experience was a little nerve racking for me but he did go easy, no banging, and it's been fine.

5. Bruising: after the seventh day I had no bruising. Everything healed up.

6. Now: the only reminder I have that I had this surgery is that my inner thighs are still tight because I had them lipoed as well as my stomach, back, and knees. Everything looks great and I'm very very happy. This has been a physical and emotional journey for me. And while I'm happy I did it, I know I won't turn to the knife again regardless of how much inner strife clouds my outer glow. I decided to do this because I thought I was ugly because my boyfriend cheated on me a few years back. When I found out, although it was years later I punished myself mentally for being hideous and not being as beautiful as these other girls. But here's what cutting into my flesh has taught me: that no one will ever make me feel inferior to another person. That all people are beautiful including myself. And that I won't ever again put myself through this suffering because someone hurt me. Despite that , I look fine tho *wink* lol

I've posted some updated pics that I just took.

Four weeks post op

I'd just like to quickly note that confidence is totally buyable. I've attached a few more pics. While I've lost about 70% volume thus far I don't mind. I'm still a little sore and my inner thighs are taking forever to heal. The pics I'm posting are a few befores that i was too shy to poat eatlier on and a few afters I took today.

So upset

Hey ladies. I am 33 data post op and I feel like I am losing volume like crazy! I think I lost my shelf today and my pants are noticeably baggier. What the heck?! I'm so upset. Idk what to so. Has anyone else had the same experience? I loved my body yesterday but I SWEAR I look different today. My stomach looks fatter/rounder, my new hips are gone and my ass is smaller. I don't wanna have to do a round 2! And it's so dangerous. I was looking up Miami plastic surgeons and found out Dr. Hassan is not a board certified ps and recently killed someone. http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/riptide/2014/04/mother_of_five_dies_after_braz.php. And Dr yily also recently. I've chased this for so long and now my results are facing away. Please tell me this isn't permanent.

Losing butt volume and now my stomach is fatter.

Here's a 33 day post op update. The naked pic is on the 31st day. I loved it. The pic in the black and white dress was taken just now on my 33rd day. Notice the loss of projection and shelf in my butt and the giant belly. I'm freaking out.

10 weeks, 3 days after bbl

Hey ladies. I'm almost at the three month mark. I'm happy about some things, not all. My waist is much smaller and my back fat is gone. Woo hop. My thighs still aren't totally healed and my back and belly feel very sore. I still sit as little as possible. I've lost A LOT of volume and nearly all of my big beautiful hips the doc built. Nothing I can do but mourn. My butt at its widest part has been consistent ranging between 43 to 41 inches on a given day. Here are some pics I took 2 days ago. I've been hitting the gym progressively since week 4. Trying to preserve the smaller waist and build my hips.

Week 11 post op bbl

Hey all. This is my eleventh week. Yay! Feel much more comfortable this week. Still some on and off soreness in my back and abdomen. I've been able to lie on my back more comfortably but I don't do it a lot as I'm paranoid. I've jnly been wearing the garment for 8-10 hours a day. I take it off for the gym and bed. Can't wait till the 3 month mark to see if I fluff. Here are some updated pics.

3 month post op visit with Dr D

Hey ladies. Went in for my 3 month post op although it's still officialy another week or so away. Everyone complimented me on my butt including the doc. They all thought I was crazy for thinking my butt isn't big enough. The doc said he feels proud and that I'm one of his best results. I bet he says that to all the girls. Lol. Anyway he said he may need to do a slight revision on some fat around my belly button to get me even flatter... But to wait 3 months. He said local anesthesia would be fine and it'll just take a few mins. I didn't ask too many details but I will in a few months if he thinks I need to revise my tummy.

Lips not by dr d

Hey ladies. Had my lips done by a nurse who does my Botox yesterday. She is a nurse who owns ageless aesthetics. My lips are still lumpy and a bit uneven. Not sure I made the right decision about not having Dr d do em. Here are before and afters.

Before juvederm for lips

Sorry. These didn't upload. They are my before lips.

4 months post op

Hi all,
So it's officially 4 months post bbl and I am happy overall. The doc still has to fix the lump on my stomach. My butt is measuring between 43 to 44 inches consistently an increase of 2 inches from last month with no weight gain. My body feels better. I am more flexible and it no longer feels like my skin is peeling off when I move. Will update again at 6 months. Here are a few pics.

More than 6 months post op

Hey ladies:

I hope everyone is doing well. So, on June 20, It made 6 months since the date of my surgery. I am happy with some things, like my butt and its shelf. Not too happy with my stomach. It's still lumpy and uneven, not smooth; and my right thigh still feels hard and filled with scar tissue. Sometimes it's really uncomfortable. I've been exercising a lot and I still wear my garment consistently. Although, I should say I've resorted to wearing a butt bra. I only wear it while at home and without the presence of my boyfriend. I still get crazy amounts of attention wherever I go from both men and women. The size has been somewhat consistent. At month 4, I was measuring between 43 and 44 inches, but lately, like within the past month I've been measuring between 41 and 42. I think it may be stress from a chemistry course I'm taking. I've uoloaded a pic or two. Hope alls going well and everyone is staying fabulous and safe.

Lumpy tummy

Hey everyone. Just want to send an update of pics. It's been 8 months post op and I still have pain in my thigh, a not so flat stomach... But I like my butt. See...
I am wearing my butt bra in the green dress. I hope he fixes my stomach. I Haven't gone in for my 6 month post op as yet. I will in about 2 weeks.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

I have had mostly positive interactions with this doctor. He really seems to know what he's doing but can appear rushed at times. However, he seems to take pride in his work and likes to show me all of the BBLs he has done in the past. He's shown me over 70 before and afters and they are all gorgeous. He seems to get the shape that women want. My surgery is this Friday and I must admit I am freaking out a bit. I do have total confidence in Dr. Delvecchio or else I would not be following through with this procedure. I will update this review after surgery. I am so scared.

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