21 Years Old. Overweight. BBL - Boston, MA

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So I've contemplated for awhile about this surgery...

So I've contemplated for awhile about this surgery & when I finally decided to do it, I contemplated sharing my story on this site. I am 21 years old, I work & I'm currently completing my senior year of college. I have a lot on my plate right now so I'm not sure how often I will be able to post.

I decided in September to follow through with this procedure receiving moderate support (mostly from friends). However I am very determined & once I make up my mind there is no telling me otherwise. I remember starting my countdown to surgery at 107 days & now I am currently 52 days away. As each day goes on I get more excited. I have decided to go with Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio after much research. The procedure is a bit pricey but I know it will be worth it. I will be getting full lipo of my upper & lower abdomen, upper & lower back, flanks & my chin. As you know all of the fat will be injected into my butt!

I live in NYC but I am having my surgery done in Boston because it is cheaper. Due to the fact that my surgery date is quickly approaching, I am starting to get myself prepared. I have done extensive research on this procedure & recovery process. I don't know everything but I know a great deal of information. I created my own checklist for some of the things I will need for surgery & they are as follows... 2 garments, 3 compression socks, body pillow, donut pillow, boppy pillow & scar cream. So far I have purchased everything on my list but there are still a few more things I need. As for the actual trip to Boston I have completely booked that as well. All the prices I will give are for 2 people because you obviously can't go alone. The peter pan bus from NYC to Boston was $35. The hotel that I found is a 5 minute cab ride to the hospital & costs $280 for 3 days & 2 nights. As for my return to NYC, I will be taking a plane back because I can't be on my butt for too long & the return flight was $180. This is of course not including any cab fares.

At the moment I think I've covered a great amount of information & I look forward to sharing my story with others & hopefully I'm able to help. I'm not sure how often I will be on this site (probably every other day) but feel free to reach out to me for my social media etc. I am always available :)

That is all for my first post. I need to get some sleep because I have school in the morning. Goodnight!

50 days away.

So I'm still not ready to share pre-op pictures just yet but I thought I could at least share my measurements with everyone. So I'm 21, 5'4 & weigh almost 180 pounds. Luckily I don't look my weight due to the fact that I have thunder thighs. However I do have a pouch & one set of back rolls which is so very annoying. I seriously can't wait to get my surgery done.

OH! So let me tell you about my experience with my garments so far. My doctor told me to buy a size bigger in my garment because it is better to have a lose garment than too tight. Normally I wear a size L so I ordered my garments in XL. But after receiving them last night, I realized that the sizing was WAY off. I could barely get it over my thighs... Actually I couldn't at all. So now I need to exchange it & based on the feel of the garment I am going to get a 3XL. Hopefully that'll be the proper fit. I'm glad that I started shopping early because it would be a complete inconvenience to have this issue a week or 2 prior to my surgery.

I can't remember from my last post if I talked about the pillows that I purchased. Just to go over it again, i bought a body pillow from Target for $10 along with a super soft white fleece pillow case for another $10 also at Target. I bought a donut pillow on eBay for $11 including shipping from China. I also wanted to purchase a boppy pillow from Target but I wasn't thrilled with the price of $40. However, I was able to find the same pillow on eBay that was used but in good condition for $20 after shipping which I received within 2 days of ordering it.

So yeah overall I recommend shopping around for your surgery necessities & trying to find the best deals !

30 days away !

Hey ladies,

So I've done lots of research on my surgery & I'm so excited. From all that I've read, I created a checklist for myself which covers the majority of the things that's needed for the recovery process. It's a lengthy list & I'm not sure if I got everything I needed but I hope this helps someone out. If there's anything I'm missing, please let me know! Enjoy ??

9 days away.

I can't believe how fast time went by! My surgery is next Wednesday. It's so crazy to me. I don't know if I should feel excited, scarred, nervous or happy. I feel so many things at once. Any advice? Please help me out here, I'm going crazy lol it still feels surreal to me. I can't believe I'm finally having this surgery!

3 days away !

I woke up this morning on my 1st day out of 3 weeks off from work. I still can't believe I'm doing this. Time is quickly passing & soon enough I'll be experiencing the dreadful recovery lol but I know it'll be worth it. I have yet to post current pictures & that's because I do more creeping on this website than anything else lol but I'll make sure to post at least one before picture.

Less than 12 hours away.

I can't believe this is actually happening. It still feels unreal to me. I traveled from NY today to Boston. The bus ride was nice, not too bad. Once I arrived I immediately went for sushi in Chinatown. The spot was called Q restaurant & it was awesome. Then I went to CVS to grab a few last minute items. After I got a Lyft to my hotel which was only $20. Now after setting up everything in my hotel room along with my friend, I am laying in bed watching Full house. I have to wake up by 5am, get to the hospital at 6 & surgery begins at 7:30. I guess when I head to the hospital in the morning that's when everything will hit me. I'm super excited though. Well I'll try to update tomorrow. Goodnight dolls!


So.. Today was the day I've been waiting for. I got to the hospital, got set up etc. I don't remember when they put me under. All I remember is waking up screaming & crying then I was back asleep. I suppose surgery finished by 10. I wasn't awake & conscience until 1pm & that's when they brought my friend in. At that point is when I started getting irritable. I was in & out of sleep. I attempted to use the bathroom at the hospital & that was a complete fail. I cried. I felt nauseous & dizzy. I could barely walk. I was frustrated. I felt like 1,000 pounds. After that my friend dressed me & we left. My stay at the hospital was overall good. Right now I'm laying down. I quickly fall asleep but every hour I wake up & stand for like 15 minutes. I'm in so much pain & it's difficult to walk. I can tell that I have a small waist, big hips & a big butt. I have yet to see my stomach.


What's sleep? I no longer know. I'm up & moving every hour faithfully.

Heading home

I'm currently on my way to the airport to head back to NY. I'm uncomfortable & in pain. My mouth is still very dry so it hurts some. Sitting on my butt is a bad feeling. Ugh. My stomach & vagina is so swollen, bruised & hurts very much, it's so sensitive.

Day 3.

My butt doesn't hurt as much as it did before. However the fluids in my lower stomach and vagina burn very much. I now get up every two hours to pee. I still don't eat often. I eat something small every four hours so that I can take my medication. I don't have much of an appetite.

Day 4

Where do I begin? Well I literally feel like I'm not in my own body. I look at myself & touch myself & I'm on the border line of disgusted. This doesn't feel like me or look like me. My main concern for this surgery was my stomach & it looks so ugly. I'm praying it gets better soon cus it's making me depressed. The fluid build up in my vagina is to the extreme. Painful, ugly & sore. So sad abt that. The bruising on my butt is starting to fade. My butt still feels tight. I'm constantly sleeping & when I get up I can't stand straight. I hate switching garments. It's so uncomfortable. I'm not trying to be negative but nothing is really helping me.


My mom keeps complaining that I'm sleeping too much & not walking enough. I'm walking around the house right now & I can't help but cry. It hurts to walk, especially trying to stand up straight. I just wanna get better already. I know it takes time but this pain is crazy.

Also I want to thank EVERYONE for all their support. It means the absolute most to me, I don't think you realize. I look forward to waking up from my naps & seeing your amazing comments. Thank you so much !

First shower

My mom insisted that I showered today instead of tomorrow & I finally gave in. She physically got in the shower with me & washed me. Feels good to have clean hair again. My sister also took off my back foam padding, which was extremely painful. My butt feels tight but it's starting to drop, which is a good thing. The incisions don't bother me but my mom said they're small. Right now I feel ok. What's making this a horrible experience again is the fluids in my body. I got this surgery done because I had a gut & that's what looks the worse right now so it is upsetting. On a better note though, my curves are crazy. Still hard to be excited though when my stomach is so bad.

Day 5

Ok so here it is... I'm in hell. Every day there is a new pain. Today I was constipated & eventually my body gave out & I had to release it. I couldn't sit on the toilet. I had to put adult wee wee pads on the floor, get down on my hands & knees & let it fall on the pads. This process is all around painful & uncomfortable but most effective & easiest. Since this afternoon I've pooped 3 times. I can't wipe myself... At all so either my mom or sister wipes me clean. The bruising in my butt has gone down but my butt is so tight. Please make sure you take your stool softener every day ! It'll make it easier.

Now in regards to my stomach... Again my pouch is gone but I'm swollen, full of fluids & bruised. So I'm just going to post a picture so you can see why it's upsetting to look at. My mom keeps reminding me that it's too soon but still.

Day 6

I just can't get sleep. My body is tight. I feel like I'm trapped. I hate myself for doing this. It's not getting better. The pain gets worse. God please forgive me for doing something so unnatural. I'm suffering so much. I wish I could pull the plug on everything. I don't have the strength. I can't. God please help me.

First post op visit

So this morning I had my appointment at 10:30. My friend met me half way & accompanied me. Today was the first time I left my house since I came back from Boston last Thursday. It was very difficult to be on my feet for that long. I didn't arrive at the office until 10:50ish & as soon as I got there I cried, in the waiting room, in front of so many people. Once I was calm they took me into the room. I got undressed & he said I was healing well. He wrote me a new prescription for morphine since the Percocets don't work. When I got home I slept because I was so exhausted. When I woke up I had lunch & took my new prescription. Morphine is NO JOKE. I hate it. It makes me feel ridiculous. Everything tingles. I feel numb. Shit just doesn't feel right. The areas where I experience pain turned to cement. Needless to say morphine isn't good for me. I've still been crying cus well... My life sucks right now.

One week post op !

Ok so lemme say the first week is HELL. I couldn't do anything for myself ! Things do get better though. It's still hard but better. The worse parts are sleeping, the tightness in your butt & stomach & the fluids ! Sounds like a lot & it is but it's ok. Uh I'm able to use the bathroom on my own, still with some trouble though. The swelling in my stomach has definitely gone done so I'm excited about that. I wear my garment & lipofoam every day. I pee often although I should drink more water so I can pee more. My vagina is still swollen. My belly ring has made its way back to the middle of my stomach lmao. The bruising on my boobs, butt & thighs is getting better. Thankfully I no longer cry hysterically. The discomfort is bearable. Last night the stitches in my left butt cheek came out & luckily I didn't feel it at all, which is surprising cus the stitches are hard. I plan on getting a massage soon cus my body is tightening up but I'm still very scared of the pain. I eat 3-4 small meals a day which fills me up. I have a bowel movement at least twice a day, it's difficult but helps me feel better. I also stopped taking pain killers. I only take ibuprofen & my antibiotics. I think I covered everything up until this point. Any questions feel free to ask & thanks for the support !

One week pics

2 weeks post op

Ok so... Day 10 I started sitting on the toilet, which made things easier for me. My stomach has been tightening up, which seems to be a good & bad thing. Today I finally went for my first massage at Casa De Muneca in Brooklyn & it was HORRIBLE. The pain was unbearable, however overall the massage was somewhat effective. The whole process hurt from start to finish. I was literally screaming the whole time. It was traumatizing. I can't imagine experiencing that again, although I know that I'll have to. The girl poked me 5 times with a needle & drained about 3 syringes of fluid. She informed me that my fluids are already starting to harden & cause my stomach to have lumps. So at this point I'm just having a negative experience after this surgery. The girl also gave me a marble to put in my belly button so that it can become centered again. Overall I feel ok but I'm just not a happy camper. The massages are expensive & tortuous, don't even want to have another but I don't have a choice. I don't know. I'm kind of bummed right now.

3 weeks post op !

So not much has changed. I went back to work on Monday & it went well. Everyone starred at me & whispered. Eventually they got the nerve to ask me so I told them what I did. Now everyone is obsessed with my butt lol. I still sleep on my stomach. It's hard to fall asleep at night but once I do I'm knocked out. I wake up with my body sore & tight from no movement. Tomorrow I'll be having my second massage. Unfortunately a lot of my fluids have hardened because I didn't wear the proper compression garment & I didn't start my massages earlier. Overall I'm ok. Recovery sucks but it gets better. I'll post pictures in a few.

3 week pictures

1 month post op !

I can't believe it has already been a month since I've had surgery. I swear time flies by & things to get better ! So far I've had 4 massages & they definitely help. The pain of the massage eases as you continue. My hips have stayed at 46" & I'm extremely pleased. One thing that does suck is I have constant back pains due to this new booty lol but I love the shape of my body. I can't wait until my stomach is fully healed & I can stop wearing my garment 24/7. Thus far I am happy with my decision to get this surgery done. I still don't sit on my butt, only when using the bathroom & once in a while on train but even then I put the weight in my legs. Overall things are good & I hope it stays this way. I'll be posting some one month pictures in my next update.

1 month post op pictures !

5 weeks post op

It's been 5 weeks since my surgery & I love my body. I never thought I would see myself this skinny again it's been a tough journey but I'm happy. I get massages 2-3 times a week before work & they have definitely helped. Today I tried carboxy therapy for the first time & WOW. It didn't hurt but the burning sensation is ridiculous ! The needle is small so it doesn't hurt but once the carbon dioxide started traveling... Forget it. I got lightheaded because it was so intense. Hopefully it helps to treat my hardness aka fibrosis. I also finally bought a new faja (garment) today because I wasn't getting the proper compression. I can't wait until all these treatments are complete & I'm back to normal. I know it'll all be worth it but the process is hard.

10 months post op !

Wow. Where do I even start? I haven't been on here since February. I was so busy recovering & graduating college that I didn't have the time to post. It took 2 months for me to start to feel ok after surgery. Every day after that things got better. It was a hard journey but it has been sooo worth it! I am so obsessed with my body. As crazy as this may sound, I want to do round 2 & get a breast aug. but this time in DR. Will I follow through with it is the question. I am not scared because I know what to expect however I don't see myself having the time for recovery any time soon, which is a bummer. The truth is I don't need to do anything else but I am being greedy and I just want more! Hopefully I find the time to do this within the next few years. But maybe by then I won't want more. Anyway, I will be posting pictures in a few minutes to show what my body currently looks like. Feel free to leave any comments or ask questions dolls!

10 months !

Here's my progress :)
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