Botox Side Effects - Vertigo - Boston, MA

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I had botox from sept 2008 - sept 2009 with...

I had botox from sept 2008 - sept 2009 with wonderful results & no side effects. I was getting it for free in exchange for outside work I was doing for my derm, who I have been seeing happily for years for other non cosmetic issues.

I got it again 3 weeks ago because I had a very important job interview. I got it on a Tuesday on on Saturday I woke up so ill with nausea & vertigo I ended up in the ER after my husband called 911. I had gotten dehydrated and couldn't stand up. My poor kids! And I was in such a panic because i had a serious career opportunity opening up to me and I couldn't afford to miss the interview. (Luckily, I got better enough to do well at the meeting)I had to see an ear nose throat specialist a week later who told me I had probably developed some antibodies to the Botox during the year I had taken off from it, and my immune system went into overdrive (my blood work from the ER showed an elevated white blood cell count) and caused the vertigo. He said he has seen it before. Said it can even cause Bell's Palsy in your face (where one side is paralyzed & droopy.)

I am better but not 100%, after 3 weeks of anti-virals and 8 days of steroids. My eyesight is still not tracking correctly, either. I look so much better with Botox, but I will never ever again in my lifetime get any more, or any other injectable, for that matter. It is not worth it. For a smooth forehead! Why was I so silly? My husband loves me the same with wrinkles, so do my kids.

I have started using Frownies for my '11's, the...

I have started using Frownies for my '11's, the little sticky glue pads that you wear overnight. I had deep 11 lines for years, had botox for a year then stopped. When the botox wore off, my muscles had atrophied somewhat, really softening the severity of them. I look at pics of me at 36 and i look better at 39 after botox had worn off. If you read my reviews, another dose of botox a yr later left me ill with an allergic reaction. Im mostly all better, and will never ever do botox again. My 11's look better after my home TCA and glycolic lunchtime peels (from MUAC, good stuff) but i am also trying Frownies. Even after 1night i see an improvement. Will update as i continue to use...the results are cumulative, which means you need to use it for 2-4 weeks to see the full effect. I got them at bed bath and beyond, normally $15.99 but with a $5 off any$15 purchase they came out to $11. A bargain!

My derm is very experienced and has done great things for my skin, this was not her fault. People should be informed about the side effects of Botox and not believe it is 100% safe. Hardly anything like that is!

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