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I'm 47 and have been doing botox a couple times a...

I'm 47 and have been doing botox a couple times a year for at least the past five years. I get in on my forehead, crowsfeet and neck bands. I've always loved the results. Never a problem, never too frozen or shiny. Never bruising. Never.
However, recently, I moved to a new state and found a new highly touted injector, but not a doctor (first big mistake!!! what was I thinking!!!) I went last Thursday, and she talked me into doing my chin and my upper lip as well as my usual.
I left looking bee stung all over my face and neck, which didn't surprise me. But the next morning I woke looking very swollen and puffy, and I had 6 bruises. One in the middle of my forehead, one under my right eye, one on the outside of my right eye, one on my chin and two on my neck. Not only that but my brow felt super heavy and looked low and puffy. And my upper lip felt paralyzed. I was disturbed but didn't panic, because it wasn't severe, and no one would notice but me. I think people might think I looked strange, but not deformed. And no one really knows me here so they don't know any different. But it's definately not a natural look.
I covered the bruises with concealer. I waited it out through the weekend to see if the swelling and puffiness would go down and the bruising would clear.
It did clear up some but the puffiness, especially on the right side of my face, was still very noticeable to me and my skin has become super shiny, so I called the injector. I've made an appt. to see her next Tues. When I talked to her on the phone she said she could probably correct the heavy brow with more botox to my upper forehead. But I think I've had too much already and will not allow it. Also, she said she could help clear up the bruises with a laser treatment. There is nothing to do about the shininess though, but maybe wearing face powder.
I will do it again, but I will find a Medical Cosmetic Physician. Never never never will I enter a "medspa" again.
Has anyone had this happen? How long did it take to clear up and the shininess to go away?

getting better, sort of

Three weeks out---Most of the puffiness has gone down and the bruising is gone, except for the worst bruise on my neck which has turned bright yellow. But my brows are still heavy, and uncomfortable. My upper lip is paralyzed, which makes it weird to eat and talk. And my face is still a little distorted, frozen and waxy looking. I hate it. Doesn't look natural at all.
I've yet to see the injector, (I don't know what to call her because she's not a doc or a nurse), because I've had the flu over the past week and couldn't go to our appt. So next week will be interesting to hear what she has to say.
I've had a few docs from this site respond. They tell me it sounds like the injector was not skilled (a skilled injector would not have hit so many veins, especially because I'm so fair and mine are so apparent) and she used too much botox (my past doc used the very minimum, I would even still have a few lines). There's nothing to do but let it run it's coarse, about 3-5 months.
I would do this again, only because I've done this for years and have never had this happen. I'm chalking it up to a bad injector. But I would never never never go to a "medspa" technician or injector again. I don't care how many 5 star reviews she/he has!!!! I will only see a physician who is well trained in this area. (And by the way, she wasn't cheap! I keep hearing people say "you get what you pay for" as if I chose her because she was cheaper. I chose her because I looked up "the best" medspas in my area because I'm new to the area, and her reviews were absolutely amazing all 5 star and touting about her "artistry." I'm wondering if she doesn't write them herself.
I've also stopped looking in the mirror so much. It provokes too much anxiety to analyze my face too often.

One month out...

Good news...the heaviness and puffiness around my eyes and brows has gone down by 95%. And my lip has a little more movement and doesn't feel as paralyzed. The bruises are completely gone. There is still a little waxy shine to my skin, but it's not as bad as it was in the beginning. I can only hope it will continue in this direction til it's completely back to normal--about 3 months!
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