Having Silicone Gel Implants Removed After 20 Years.... Very Scared - Birmingham, GB

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Hi there, I am 53 years old and am booked in to...

Hi there, I am 53 years old and am booked in to have my implants removed after 20 years... I had implants put in stupidly after my divorce to give me confidence.. to be honest after being size 34A I did like the look of them now 34D... BUT and this is a big but... never ever liked them being touched as i felt they felt fake.. also had no sensation on lower breasts and none on nipples either...they still fill numb to touch now! also realised that it was an insult to my natural breasts,they were not big but at least they were mine and real... I have been reading all you brave ladies that have took the leap of faith and also the other fellow" want natural breasts back" and even though I would be a liar if I said I'm not scared .I am but actually can't wait to just get them out... My PS has told me to just have implants removed and let every thing settle at least for 6 months before even considering uplift as he said In most cases this is not necessary.. and after looking on this site I think all the after surgery pictures look good... he also said some ladies have implants put back..I have point blank refused this option.. I will be going in for op on the 4th june 2016... so I will report back... I will download some pictures in a few days of my before.. and a big thank you to everyone for the lovely notes posted and your all beautiful brave amazing women

re booked surgery and can not wait...

Hi everyone, I have re booked explant for 9th June 2016..!!!!! these are my fakey,s notice how one nipple is off to the side.. and don't know if you can see side view pic.. you can see the ripple effect..... get these out..cant wait.... already gave all my bras to my daughter who is a natural 34D.... very very nervous but excited at same time..

so so nervous ..op this saturday !!!!!

Hi all you brave ladies.... got to admit not feeling so brave now, I'm leaving home tomorrow to get the train for a 3 hour journey where my op is being done sat at 7am..1st down thank god!!!!
Im still determined to have this done and know its what I want but now starting to doubt ,,what if I hate the way I look,iv never liked the implants but they have always balanced my pear shape frame out, I'm very active sport wise but at 53(54 in july) I am about 10lb heavier than when I had them put in nearly 20 years ago... what if they don't look right.. I have been reading all the other explant story and thats all thats giving me the courage to go forward,, and generally everyone seems pleased with the results..I know this is just the jitters ..but Helppppp...... xxx

glad fakeys out ..at last but problems

Hi everyone ... thank you for your kind comments ..had surgery today...went really well..no discomfort at all..now at home... the only shame is... is the fact as I have had my implants in for so long... they look deformed as in sunken.... this does not happen for every body..but has for me.. I have to leave for 4-6 months for everything to settle, and as far as I can see on this site..it seems to be permenant and can only be put right if its possible by further surgery ..ie implants (no way) or fat transfer from another part of your body... Im so so upset ..so pleased there out and do not regret that for one minute..but so sad that I now have these awful looking deformed breasts.. and really don't want surgery.,.but have to face that could be my only option.. any one else know anything about this,as I wasn't warned of this by ps and he didn't even mention it to me after surgery.. when I first looked I thought this might be normal..but apparently not... so devastated... please help anyone ? xxx

not happy with results after explant....

hi everyone... not easy for me to share these pictures.. these were taken on day 1 of op.... as you can see sunken and seem to be stuck to chest wall.... must admit no pain... but looks like at this point might need further reconstruction(not implants) if this does not improve much over the next 6 months..glad there out though.... has this happen any one else xx

only one week on and really pleased at last

Hi everyone, just a quick update, my natural newbies have improved so much in just a week... so big bit of advise for other ladies..Do not take any notice of first few days... in fact my surgeon and some other lovely ladies on here advised,don't take much notice to at least 6 months,I was convinced I was deformed...also I think having had my fakeys for such a long time.. totally forget what my natural shape was.. but a week on .. so pleased... good luck to anyone thinking of taking the plunge..and like a kind lady on here said... be kind to your self and compliment your self on taking this massive brave step.. x

slight improve in just a week

Could only take 1 pic today... il try and get some other views

3 and a half weeks on.... and so happy

just a quicky.... can not believe its only been nearly 4 weeks... love my decision.... my natural breast are looking better by the day.... the weird thing is nobody has noticed, various people have asked if i have lost weight (lol.. def not) but most people have commented on how happy i seem..and thats the truth... my husband said he thinks my whole body shape suits me better... to all ladies considering this.. the thing that strikes me time and time again is how soft they feel its wonderful... Those who saw my first post straight after op will remember how much I panicked.. and I had so much wonderful positive support.(don't know where i would be without this site..well i do still implanted with fakeys..! please ladies who also take the plunge.. don't do what i did... br ready for the total change of shape and accept it will take time..but be kind to your self and your poor poor breast that have been invaded by plastic for x amount of years...like i was told.. your body has to accept the difference as much as I did mentally... but believe me ..its the most empowering experience i have ever felt.... roughly 6 months till what iv been told should be a final result but to be honest I'm happy now so am extremely looking forward to final finish.. i know they will shrink a lot but there all me..all natural me as god intended.... good luck ladies and remember be very patient...... its worth it.. no new pics yet as need someone to take them for me..phone camera out of action...
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