Debating on Dr D or Dr Mendieta - Boston

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Hi guys I wanted to know your opinion on doctors....

Hi guys I wanted to know your opinion on doctors. I have seen the before and after pictures of both and Dr. Miami seems to give a more natural look yet I feel that doctor d refines your abs /waist better. Dr. Miami is having a special I heard until March for about $10,000. ( still way too much !!) but I guess is you get what you pay for!! I am so torn between these two doctors does anyone know any other doctors that is less expensive and does a good job. I am really not trying to spend $10,000 on this let me know thank you

I Am Terrified of Going to DR Even Though Im from There!!!!

So I want to get my Butt bigger n of course my waist as small as possible... Sooo i was looking for docs here in the usa but i have come to the real world conclusion that their prices are CRAZY &&&& they dont make the women look as good as DR so i been looking and i found dra wilkiris robles ... N dra yily .. Any experiences and advice ?? I need help !!

Someone died

So i was looking up to see if there was any fishy business with dr hasan n i found this ....Mother-of-five, 51, 'died following Brazilian buttock-lift surgery she went through with after clinic refused to return her $4,000 down-payment'
Naples resident Maribel Cardona, died shortly after augmentation surgery performed at Vanity Cosmetic Center in Miami in July, according to the results of an autopsy published on Monday.

Tragically, Cardona tried to cancel the procedure because of the risks involved but suffered cardiac arrest following a pulmonary embolism which developed shortly after her plastic surgery.

Doctor: Anthony Hasan performed the surgery - he is a qualified dermatologist - although in Florida any registered medical professional can perform cosmetic surgery
Cardona's neighbor, Amy Spinelli, said that the mother learned of the clinic through a friend and wanted to go there because it was inexpensive.

However, Spinelli said that Cardona's son was set-against the surgery and managed to persuade her to cancel it.
Onelio Garcia, a professor at the University of Miami, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with 30-years experience, said that this should not have happened.

Indeed, while Hasan is not certified as a plastic surgeon and is actually a dermatologist - in Florida it is legal for any doctor, regardless of their speciality to perform cosmetic surgery.
In 2007, Hasan was sued for malpractice and reached a settlement with the patient.

In addition to this, Hasan was on probation in July when he performed the surgery and had to be under the indirect supervision of a doctor.

This was because he pleaded guilty to conspiring and cooperating to commit fraud and giving out a prescription medication,Viagra, with labels containing false information.

OMG n their others that have had issues so scary !!

This is madness!!

This is madness im really debating over hasan n fisher!! I know i found that dirt on Hasan but i live his results... But fisher is certified and also good... Who is a better choice girls?? I want what every girl wants ... The perfect body !! Lol just kidding... I want a small waist n hips and a nice decent size behind .. Let me know what u guys think !!

Lipo areas

So i got a vitual consult with vanity. I got a quote of 5000 for lipo n bbl.. They said 12 areas im doing abds full back and flanks ?? Is that considered 12??

Qoute from dr hasan

Quote dr hasan

Got a quote on dr d

So dr. D is about $11,000 received my quote today and I would have to put down $1000 to save the date of surgery I really want to do my surgery with Dr. D but I'm not sure if $11,000 is too much for surgery what do you guys think?

Got a date!!

So i booked with fisher on may 31st so excited!! Its gonna be 5500$$ he went up 500 smh ... Now to start preping ????what to buy and where?? My biggest thing is thr faja im scared to buy the wrong one


So i got my preop instructions from anna from vanity (shes ben great so far) fingers crossed hopefully i have no issues. Ordering some things i need from amazon today.

To post or not to post

Not sure if i want to continue posting... Not getting much feed back.. Ill see how i feel later????????????

Dr fisher

May 31st

Help !!

Hi so i been emailing anna @ vanity NO RESPONSE lol funny cuz before my deposit it was like i was not even 5 minutes to get a response... Anyways wanted to know if anyone knows juliets info .. Fishers assistant?? Let me know thanks

I gained weight

OMG I gained so much weight I don't not know if I should lose some weight before the surgery because I want to have the best results I can I can I am up to 180 pounds and I was 172 when I had my consultation I can feel it it all goes to my belly I don't know how I'm going to lose this weight I have no motivation right now!!!????????????

Some pix

My f

Rs is bugging

Grrrr so mad at myself!!

Count down

So I have nine weeks to go!!! Anyone going may 31st? I cant wait!! I wonder if hasan is around or not??


So i got my bbl buddy!! Slowly getting everything i need ...i hope

Almost ready!!

I got everything i need. I ordered my faja and ab board thru ebay . The lipo foam n the back molder on amazon. All the regular stuff i got thru walmart...( chux, pads, arnica cream n pills, wipes, clorex wipes)

Count down

Getting clise n im excited... Getting alot of negative comments from fam bout surgery... Driving me crazy!! Went my pcp yesterday for blood work to be cleared for surgery. ... Praying for the best !!

My wish pix

So im not sure if imma show dr fisher wish pictures... But these girls are it ... Very beautiful bodies..

So scary

Dr o is hurting girls

So sad a girl died yesterday

29 yr old woman died after surgery in encore cosmetics

Surgeons under investigation

Im i too fat???

Im so scared i have 2 weeks left till surgery n i gained 5 lbs since i sent dr fisher my weight n stuff... I really dont wanna go all the way to miami n get turned down cuz im too fat .. I WILL CRY!!! Is there a limit for him?

So close

I got an an email back from anna H. From vanity n it was scary to me dr fisher max bmi is 31 no exceptions!!! Im at 30.9... I need to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks quickly!!! Im so stressed ... N everytime im on a diet all i think about is food !!!!!!!

1 day away

I went to vanity today for my preop appointment I signed like 100 papers that and EKG because I requested it everyone was really nice no issues my surgery time tomorrow is at 8:30 AM my actually surgery time is two hours after that I did not mean Dr. Fisher today I will meet him tomorrow at 8:30 and then my surgery is going to be at 10:30 I am super nervous excited anxious 1 million different emotions at once I have my multivitamin my liquid iron the only thing I don't have is Colace by I'll buy that when needed not eating anything after 10 o'clock tonight and taking a bath with that antibacterial soap tonight and tomorrow morning before I head out so no make up no deodorant no lotion no what happened last thing I'm going to be stinky and Ashy... I need everyone to pray for me I have all my family praying for me I will post as I can thanks

Its 330 am

Its 330 am and i cant sleep so nervous thinking about it.. Not sure if i wanna do it.. Thinking just lipo not bbl!?!? Leaning just lipo

Its the day!!

@ vanity waiting on fisher to be called!!! Seen some business cards in the front NO DR HASAN !! sooo yea hes not here!! Will try my best to keep this updated

Waiting in the back

So im naked wit my stockings on and still havent met fisher... The girls made me try on the faja I bought on n she said its to small which is a lie but ill go wit the flow... Ill buy one else where tomorrow...


Sorry but i couldnt even stay awake enuff to post yesterday.. It feels horrible my skin feels tight i cant bend or move...thank God i had my mom wit me def need the help .. My arms are giving out cuz i been using them for everything....havent been raking my oxycodone it makes me way to dizzy.. I just take extra strenght tylenol it takes the edge off i guess... Only seen fisher a couple hours before my surgery.. Didnt see him in my post op appt after that u can take a shower n clean ur garmet... I been sleeping alot cant seem to stay up long... I been drinking water like crazy n tryin to eat thats it for now

Massages !!!

So i been getting my massages with miriam.. Shes so nice n good at wat she does.. But let me tell u the pain is no joke... Especially wen its on the back i breathe n hold my breathe n whine lol all at the same time... My drainage as slowed down ... My back is the most sensitive spot.. My butt still feels like its weighs me down wen i oxys just tylenol extra strength its do able for me

Some pictures

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