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Hello Out there, So after trying different things...

Hello Out there,
So after trying different things to increase projection and get rid of my love handles to no avail I decided to just do it. I started to look in April and had my consultation with Volpe in May. He was very pleasant and so was his staff. He was also very real. He didn't promise me this super model body but did promise me change. I'm looking for an hour glass shape but also not exaggerated.
I worry about people commenting if I had work done? What do you say? Do you say you had work done or just say it is the result of your new workout routine?
My surgery is 8 days away, I'm not really sure if I have everything I need. Have learned A LOT from this forum and I hope to help others. I'll be posting pics after the surgery.
If anyone has any tips please share!

Last Hurrah

So I decided to go away for the weekend before I am confined to a hot sweaty faja/ body suit. I put on my bathing suit, and it just confirmed I'm making the right move. I can't wait to feel sexy and love the way I look naked. I'm weighing 157. Before I gad my baby 3 years ago, I was 135. These extra 20lbs have not bern kind. I'm scared but puting on this bathing suit has helped me feel more read

I made it!!

Glad to be okay. Not sure what i look like yet. Volpe has the best bedside manner

6 hrs Post- op

Okay so moving is hard! I only took 1 oxy took a tylenol. I'm so worried about getting constipated. Hovering over the toilet and walking is hard. No nausea anymore. Had my bf get compression socks, soup, ginger ale, fruit, and crackers. My waist looks totally different. Butt Cheeks def. bigger but not too much projection. Can't wait until the pain goes away, I wonder how many days before I can walk without pain?

When does the soreness end??

Had the surgery on Thursday and still am in so much pain. What day does it get better?

It gets better...

I'm finally able to move a little better.

8 days post op

Overall love my new shape, but this butt fat seems to be going fast. Or maybe I'm just getting used to it? My butt is still super hard.

16 days later

Still hard but feeling better. I like my overall shape so far

3 weeks and 2 days. I want to start sitting but Afraid

So far I like my results. Most of the swelling has gone down. Butt still a little hard. My waist and abdomen is still very tender. I'm afraid of losing more fat. Overall the only time I sit is when I'm using the bathroom. I use the BBL pillow which isn't very comfortable but does the trick for a little while. I read conflicting reports that you only really need to be careful the first 2 weeks other say 6 weeks. Any BBL veterans out there have any thoughts?

Almost 5 weeks on 8/11

My butt sometimes looks higher. Saw the surgeon last week and everything looks good. I still have pain and swollen mostly around my waist and bra line. Haven't really sat yet. The pain is tolerable. Headaches are gone. The doctor said I could start sitting after Thursday but I might wait until 6 weeks. I miss sitting and sleeping normally but scared to lose anymore fat

Still scared to sit at 6.5 weeks post op

I know it is safe to sit now but I'm still scared to sit. I'm afraid if I sit I will end up losing more fat and all of this would be for nothing and I'll go back to having nothing. If at 6 months is your real results does that mean maybe we shouldn't fully go back to sleeping on out backs and sitting ok our butts till then?? Has anyone felt scared to sit as well but then realized it was silly?
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Volpe was very kind appeared honest and straightforward. I felt really comfortable standing there naked lol

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