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After so many many many like sooooo many months...

After so many many many like sooooo many months of stalking realself and trolling other people's reviews and photos, I have decided to document my own journey in the hopes that I can help someone else like all the other realself sisters have done for me. When I initially started looking at doctors to perform the bbl procedure, I thought of going to DR because the doctors there were giving amazing results!!! I loved the work that Dra. Duran was doing and her results were on point every single time. I actually tried to reach out to Duran on numerous occasions and got frustrated because I could never seem to get into contact with her. I even looked at Bella Vita Consultants to try to reach out to her. As I read more reviews, I started to get some doubts about traveling to another country for surgery. Hmm....what if something goes wrong? I don't speak Spanish. I want to be able to ask intelligent questions about my health. I respect all those ladies who are able to travel to DR to get sx done but unfortunately I decided that route was not for me.
Next, I decided to research some doctors in the good old US of A. I automatically started looking at Meeameee!!! There were many really good doctors there- Fisher, Ortega, Hasan. I really liked Fishers work but Vanity's reputation turned me all the way off. The doctors clinic at the end of the day is a reflection of the Doctor so no I don't ever want to be treated like I'm rushed and pushed and ignored. I'm paying for a service not getting it for free. So then back to my search.
Ortega- I loved his work as well. I decided to go with Ortega. I send in my photos online and was sent back a quote. I was getting a bit excited. I paid my down payment and scheduled a date for Feb. 2016. Soon after I started to see reviews of ppl not happy with results and his clinic also was starting to get a bad rep, there was a death and then also another doctor in the practice having his license restricted. On top of that I'm not in the medical field but I would think that air travel before a major surgery increases your risk of blood clots and complications since I would be coming from out of town. Again, I wasn't completely comfortable it's my health not a haircut or something!! So, I cancelled my surgery date and went back to the drawing board. I think I have finally found the one!! The doctor- Dr. Dan Del Vecchio in the Boston area.
Sorry for the dissertation ladies but just trying to bring you up to where I am right now. (I know this first post is long as hellllll!!!!! but we're on a journey right?) Next post I'll put up some pics and start letting you know about my Del Vecchio experience!!!
I'm getting Del Vecchiofied!!

Wish Pics

Thought I would just put up some wish pics. I know most ppl getting a bbl just focus on the butt but I think it's the butt and the waist. A snatched waist will make you look amazing. I'm really looking to get a nice round beautiful booty and a small waist. Saw a post earlier today about waist to hip ratios and figured that I would want mine anywhere from 0.55 to 0.6. Okay that's all for now.

Supplies, Supplies, Supplies!

Okay so decided to put up a little blurb about supplies and my preparation since my sx is only 23 days away. So, I'm always seeing posts where people state that they bought too much and that they wasted money getting extra supplies. I told myself that would never, ever, ever be me but hey didn't quite work out that way. Don't think Its overkill but I prefer to be prepared and have my supplies than to sit there and "wish" I had bought it. One thing I wished had nabbed though when I had the chance is the Dr. Miami super booty buddy! Had it in my cart and waited to buy it and then poof it was gone!! They don't even re stock until July 30th. So....guessin I can't get that so instead I ordered the regular booty buddy which doesn't have a back support but has pretty decent reviews. I'll just see how it works for me. But back to my supplies- things I got: Neosporin for infection protection, mederma for scarring, anti-embolism compression socks, milk of magnesia (a lot of ladies complain they are unable to go right after sx), various hygiene related items like wipes, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wash and vitamin E oil. I also ordered Arnica pills and gel from Amazon. These are not usually recommended by doctors in the US but in other countries very highly recommended. They are homeopathic medicines and not main stream but they should provide some relief if used consistently. I also have a waterproof bed sheet protector, chux/ underpads for if I decide to lay on my couch and women's protection underwear maximum absorbency- this can go over a faja if needed.
For you ladies wondering how exactly that would work, the faja that I ordered has an "open gusset" which I have found out means that there is a hole by the vg area for going to the bathroom.
Sounds super convenient I think. I got the Leonisa invisible strapless mid-thigh body shaper as recommended by Dr.D in both black and beige as he recommends having at least 2 garments to alternate every day. I took his recommendation to get them at least 1-2 sizes larger than my current size and glad I did because I can't imagine fitting an ab board and possibly a back board in a smaller size. Also, these are low cost compared to a lot I have seen being sold. I actually bought just one, tried it on and then after trying it on I ordered the second one. That way I wasn't wasting my money. Oh and by the way I got a "butterfly" ab board that gives stomach and some minimal side compression. Dang, that thing is stiff !!! But I'm guessing I'll be seeing if that stiffness is a good or bad thing when I start using it. As I'm writing this I think I might try that faja and ab board on just to see what it feels like. Hmm...well that's it for it now.

Anxiety kicking in!

So had first nightmare where I thought that some random woman was performing my bbl and I kept waking up from my anesthesia and there was another girl getting a bbl and we kept waking up and comparing results. Then we ended up in a hotel room getting butt injections...What the hell? Now I'm steadily getting more and more anxious.

Well I had my pre-op consultation two days ago. Went pretty well. Dr. D set my expectations about the results I could anticipate. We of course did the picture taking and signed my life away with the consent forms and I received my time to show up at the hospital for my sx. I'll be the first in the morning so hopefully that's a benefit. Received my prescriptions for an antibiotic and painkillers so I will fill those in advance. It's really getting real and now I can't believe that I'm actually doing this. I have been taking my iron supplements everyday and just trying to mentally prepare for this. I'm excited but definitely a little anxious. Any RS ladies have any recommendations for dealing with this anxiety lol?

Btw posting some before pics.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

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