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Went for an in person consultation today. I was...

Went for an in person consultation today. I was very pleased with the staff and the facilities. It was very clean and inviting. The staff was super friendly and very helpful and insisted on reaching out if I had issues or questions. I didn't have to wait very long to see the Dr, and once called I was told to undress and wear one of the garments with an opening. The Dr came in the room quickly after and asked me questions about what my expectations were, and informed me that I was a good candidate and would get great results. He was willing to answer all my questions pertaining to fears, post surgery, recovery time garments etc, what the amount of fat meant etc. On interesting thing that I learned is the CC is relative to your weight, so if you want the appearance of a butt that has a 100ccs let's say, it doesn't mean that you will also need 1000cc, you may need more or less depending on your weight and what is taken out your body. I am now planning to schedule a date for the surgery and hope that the rest of this process will be a pleasurable experience.


When booking with Del Vecchio, you have to pay a downpayment $500 for his Boston office and $1000 for his NY office. I am booked for the December in NY. I am excited and scared at the same time! One of these days I'll upload before pics. I just do a lot of my reading and updates at work or on my phone, and I don't need any of these pictures on these devices.

Before Photos- (Finally got to it) EEK EEK EEK :(

Just thought I'd add a couple before photos, won't be anymore because eek eeek and more eek, so embarrassing.

Pre Op Today Surgery in 6 days wowza

Went in for my pre-op today, besides a really long wait (his office was super busy) it was great!. He was super friendly but honest. I went in with so much nerves not to mention to consent sheets make you soooooooo scared, because they have to list everything that could go wrong. I also got pretty scared because you're not supposed to take Advil or aspirins 2 weeks prior to surgery and I had taken Advil recently, but it shouldn't be a huge deal. He also praised me and made me even more excited because he thinks we should get a very good result.

I have the surgery in NY ( that's where fam and friends live) so I was told to be on time. So now it's the waiting game. Everything is paid off! and Im pretty ready albeit a little nervous and anxious. I didn't buy a ton of supplies, just garments, arnica, a boppy pillow and I have to fill prescriptions. Im not too pressed to get much else because I'll have my mom and if necessary she can help me with anything else.

So the countdown to a BOOTAY begins!

Had Surgery today...Im so happywith initial results!

Hey guys, so Im still a bit groggy. I did the surgery in NY and everyone of his staff was so friendly and wonderful. I am still in shock at what anesthesia can do, I got it then woke up in a recovery room in my garments and everything, didn't feel a thing! I know you're not supposed to but it's still a bit insane. As for pain, I am just really sore everywhere, the pain isn't unbearable. I will say that the tingly feeling I get sometimes when I lay down is very annoying. I have been trying to walk around and my mom who has some medical background has been massaging and moving my legs to get the circulation going. When I stand for too long though my lower back hurts and I just wanna lay down. I weighed myself and I'm 17 lbs heavier than I was before the surgery! Thats how swollen you can get. Overall though I love the appearance of my butt. I know it's not a true reflection though because Im so swollen. I've eaten crackers and some peanut butter, and have drank tons of gatorade and water, you will feel so thirsty. I'm so thankful for my mom and best friend they have been absolutely wonderful. Dr D and my mom hit it off so well and my mom loves him and wants to tell every one about him, he is really great and personable! He was also very attentive and his entire staff was also very attentive. The garment is tight as hell though like really tight geez louise, that is also another uncomfortable aspect, but it's not completely unbearable. If you have questions ask, I'll answer whenever I have time and don't feel super sleepy.


More photos

Day 2 Post Op

GUYS Im going to be very honest! today was rough! the garment was extremely tight and I was struggling with needing to poop. I called Dr D though and he suggested getting a garment a size a little bit bigger and buying some stool softener. I eventually pooped and I took off one of the wraps he gave me, I didnt end up actually taking the garment off. Getting up off the bed to pee is also a bit painful. I upped the amount of Percocet today too. I was taking on ever 4 hours or so yesterday and today Dr D advised me that I could take 2. I literally cannot wait to start enjoying my body, because waddling and being in pain is already a little much. Again it isn't anything that you can't get through but I want to be honest about how I was feeling on day 2. Again feel free to ask me any questions. I have been laying on a pillow under my hip and that has been helpful, sometimes I get neck and back pain, but it usually eventually wears off. In short I am a whiny and miserable today. Hopefully day 3 brings some more relief.

Day 3

I finally changed my initial garment today! Felt so good to have it off! I was feeling a little nauseous today and very sleepy! I also have had cravings today but none that I've fulfilled. I added two photos um I can't stand straight so please don't dwell on my nakedness but I'm also still very swollen and bruised but feeling a bit better overall

7 Days Post

So Last week today I was undergoing the surgery. This week has been filled with Highs and lows. I should say that I absolutely love the shape of my stomach and butt. I also got lipo in my legs bit and my legs have been the sore sight for me, Im hoping they will look better soon. Still bruised and swollen and my butt is hard hard hard! The sensations you get from feeling like someone is cutting you, to numbness to sharp pains ( I believe all related to getting your feeling back) I have cut down on the pain killers and have kind of gone to taking extra strength tylenol. Still using arnica gel and pills. I have been a little lax on the garment. I still wear the compression stockings and the one around my waist, but the full garment was SOOOOOOOO uncomfortable and I gave up on it on Saturday. I will try a bigger garment soon. Overall though the discomfort is getting tired. I just want to me better already!!!. My knees hurt sooooo bad the past few nights so I finally iced it this morning and it felt SOOOOO good! will definitely trying icing more. I dont have any really new pics lately and I haven't tried real clothes yet, just been wearing dresses with the compression stockings and the foam wrap.

photos--Not the greatest

These are all from a few days maybe 4/5 days post op, I haven't been diligent with taking pictures unfortunately because I have been grumpier than normal lol. But I have shared some of my bruising because geez louise it's the part i hate the most. I know a few ladies care about more post pictures and so hopefully this can give you a little clue. Loving my stomach though. My fear of getting an ugly belly button is gone...lol cuz it looks fine.


About 25 Days Post Op

Sigh, Im back to work. Had my post op visit and was told to not sit for another 2 weeks or avoid sitting. It's very hard to do with a sendentary 9-5. Im getting VERY nervous that my results won't stay. Still very swollen and raw some days. My diet has been pretty bad lately too. I'm a little down in the dumps in general and I was told you'll have days where you have regrets. I guess today is one of them. Im tired of not being normal AND stressing about whether I'll lose any more fat. I look great for now but the anxiety is killing me. Any suggestions on sitting, diet and other kind words would be appreciated.

A photo from the post op visit

About 5 weeks Post Op. w/ pics

So I actually feel pretty good today. I recently started taking my Arnica pills again and swelling has improved so much! My stomach is still hard, but my butt is getting a bit softer, even my bf told me that. Still a pain sitting and sleeping on my stomach but Im getting a little more used to it. I still don't know if I've mastered the art of sitting at work, but sometimes I just stand ( I propped my computer up with some books) lol. In any case I really want to start exercising so Im thinking of starting to put some low impact stuff back into my life, like just weights and maybe the elliptical or something that doesn't require too much bending, jumping and jiggling.

I was trying to think of things I wish I had known prior to surgery I've compiled a few.

1) The discomfort- from itching to plain old just being uncomfortable from not being able to sit every day can become taxing on the body and frustrating (do not underestimate how uncomfortable you will feel)
2) The body fluctuations and the anxieties you get from them - some days you will feel fat, some days you will feel slim, don't be discouraged swelling persists for weeks I've heard
3) Did I say the itching-- OmG the itching is a bitch!
4)Clothes- I literally do not know what to wear and I am afraid of buying anything since I don't know what my final results will be
5)Garments & Peeing-- peeing through a hole in a garment can be hit or miss (pun intended) I probably should have bought a female urinal- take my advice- get something like a funnel or another thing like that
6) The feelings of regret- These mainly happen when you get anxious and the discomfort overwhelms you. thankfully I love my new shape and it helps to suppress these feelings but it's very real.
7) The accidental ass slaps or grabs-- my friends are touchy feel and sometimes I wanna kill em lol and my bf forgot last night about it and slapped me on the ass i wanted to break up with him…lol

Other questions I've seen around real self- Dr D gives you a garment at surgery, he cuts out holes in it, he also gives you a foam in your back and a foam wrap. He gives you percocets as pain killers, he does not use drains, consultations are easy if you call during office hours, he also does email consultations but check out his website a lot of your answers are there, if you send him a message through real self he will answer! he answered mine! I've never gotten massages or anything like that, and I am pretty lax on wearing my garments but I am pretty religious about at least wearing the foam wrap to work and to bed.

Finally I don't know if I'm the model patient because I can be a little bit of a rebel, when it comes to following Dr's orders, I eat what I want these days but I am trying to be a little better, and I do the best I can with avoiding sitting. Some women take the eating and sitting stuff very seriously and unfortunately Im not as hard on myself--i need some form of happiness in my life lol this surgery is tough.

photos are all from today :)

The pics didn't go through from last review-real self can be a pain

9.5 weeks post op!

Hey guys,

Doing so much better these days. Still not 100 percent, as sometimes sitting on the butt aches after a while. I cant sit directly down for too long.

The lipoed stomach is still a sore spot for me. It aches it gets lumpy, it's still hard sometimes. when will this feeling end? Sheesh I wanna know!

I have started working out pretty consistently, I still cant jump and run on the treadmill though without feeling like my ass will drop off lol. So I avoid any kind of sudden movements, and still to spinning, the elliptical and the stair-master.

I hate my arms, they are so much fatter than the rest of my body, hence the working out and watching what I eat.

Either way my size has been pretty much the same since 5 weeks ago about a 29 -30 waist depending on the day and about 42.2 -43.5 in the waist depending on the day.

I haven't contacted Dr D at all, although I know I have a follow up sometime in March. Any questions ask.
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