Botox Was Great for Years Until This.....

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I'm 39. I've been gettting botox for...

I'm 39. I've been gettting botox for years--started with furrow in my forehead, crept to forehead lines, then crow's feet...then mouth frown (felt my mouth at rest was too downturned, making me look old and giving me an odd expression when not smiling. First of all, I now see a very reputable plastic surgeon for botox--though I did go to some of the well known med spa's in the beginning of my botox days. I realized early on that having semi-trained estheticians or even nurses administer botox is not the way to go. With that said, even a reputable cosmetic surgeon cannot guarantee the results of botox each and every time. I've had botox on one spot on either side on my upper lips and one spot on either side on my jaw to "upturn" my downward lips and give me some volume in my upper lips. First two times resulted fantastically! Loved it! Ten days ago, I went in for a "refill"--two days later I noticed my lower left lip not moving. My smile was slightly crooked.

Ten days into this, my lower left lip is completely immobilized--my once big smile has become cartoonish--like one of these emoticons! I'm in sales--daily contact with people, constant presentation! It has taken its toll in so many ways! Can't speak properly, can't eat normally. I'm fearful that I will have to spend next six months looking like I've had a stroke, or bells palsy. Those closest to me with the courage to ask, have noticed and ask if all is okay. I'm too embarrassed to admit that in the name of vanity, I have deformed one of my better features! What is the sense of having your wrinkles erased for a more youthful look, when you actually deform one of the features (smiles) that reveals the depths of your being, the very feature that defines the underpinnings of all expression and emotion!

Bottom line...botox is great; however, there is no remedy if something goes wrong! Even the most reputable of plastic surgeons can't guarantee results. In my case, my doctor explained that while he targeted the muscle that prevented downward turn of the mouth, there must have been some absorption into the muscle that controls my lower lip. He doesn't know how long it will take to be back to normal but hopes for a couple of weeks! When I first notified him, he said a couple of days! There is no real answer!

Listen...people don't remember you by your wrinkles, and most don't even take notice! I've learned a hard lesson here....I want to be remembered by who I am, what I've accomplished, and if someone says....she lit up a room with her smile...I want everyone to know it was NOT botox induced! I'm not lighting up any rooms with my crooked smile right now!! In fact, as I look like a freak, I hibernate..don't partake in social engagements, and when it comes to work..which is hard, I tell everyone, I just came from dentist! Not worth it!

Botox is great, cures some fine lines for a more youthful look; however beware below the eyes...and remember, no reversal if things go bad, and you won't know if things do go bad til days later. Doesn't matter who administers it! I'd rather have had a lesser potent injection by someone using older botox than where I am right now! At least this would wear off sooner! Just be happy with who you are regardless of wrinkles and slight imperfections! Afterall, most don't even notice either way...unless something goes wrong! Leave your expression defines your internal underpinnings which is so much more beautiful than when altered by some stupid injected poison that could go so very wrong!

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Even an experienced reputable doctor cannot guarantee results.

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