My Butt Looks Deformed

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As u can see my before and after and my wish pic...

As u can see my before and after and my wish pic my butt is not round at the bottom only at the top and my hips are wider but my but is flat and narrow on the bottom and full on top like some retard heart shape shit it looks ridiculous it's been almost 2 weeks and I cannot stand it I'm starting to regret it. I look nothing like my wish pic I demonstrated to doctor

Post op pic

The implant was placed way too high am to the side not where my actual butt cheek is

I had a cute butt before

Now it looks like a wide flat grand ma ass that been sitting too long an I hate it . My boyfriend told me I fucked myself up an I should've never done it trying to pursue this Instagram Thot look. My no my friends have looked at it she agrees I need it Removed cause of course they won't fix it without me coughing up all my money again which I don't have Ima 20 year old girl for Christ sake not a old widows with a fortune. I ca t believe they botched me to be so ugly I'll never be the same again and my boyfriend probably won't stick around for me after this heals either he won't wanna be seen with the girl with the ffreakish disfigured behind I'm so sad but I will pay my doc a surprise visit today

This can't be life

Ughh hell nah this is terrible just wtf to the hundredth degree man what kinda sh*t is this this ain't the ass I wanted or that anyone would

Impatient cry baby

Ok y'all was right I had to let swelling go down an wait. They did definitely change position and my butt looks normal and natural for my size. I cant stop checking my self out. its not the butt I originally imagined but I am happy with it after all. I wanted more cheek projection but that's ok i was super flat before (pics soon)


This what it looks Ike's now I'm happy with it .
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