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I have been unhappy with my teeth for my entire...

I have been unhappy with my teeth for my entire life. I got a new job about a year ago where I have to be in court and speak in public a lot, so I really needed to fix my smile. I feel like people don't take me seriously because of my bad teeth. Since I am now making more money, I went to several orthodontists and decided to get damon braces. I have clear on top and metal on bottom. I really wish I had clear on both, but my ortho didn't do both. The sad part is that I had to have 2 upper first bicuspids removed for treatment because of my 8 mm overbite & overjet. After hearing multiple ortho's and the oral surgeon tell me it had to be done for the best treatment, I decided to do it. On Sept 29 I had upper and lower braces placed and those teeth pulled the same day! It was a lot of pain for the first 2 days, but then subsided. Tomorrow will make week 7 for me and I am seeing results, although small. I can't wait to go back to the ortho on December 1st and have power chains put on to start closing these ugly extraction gaps, though!

First Wire Change

Today I had my first wire change. I received 1/8 mm wires (I think that's what she said) that go all the way to my back molars- before they only went to the second to last one. The orthodontist told the assistant to "lace wire" teeth 2-4 and 13-15 and place a power chain between my canines and second premolars. I will attach a photo. It does not really hurt, just feels like a little pressure is there. I go back on January 26 and she said she will give me an even thicker wire and really start to pull together those gaps then. I have to wear rubber bands all the time now, instead of the 12 hours I was doing before. I really hope these nasty gaps close soon! I'm so self conscious about them.

3 Months In

So I have officially had braces for a little over 3 months. My teeth look awful! I know it's an "in between" stage, but my teeth looked better before. There are many huge gaps and the flaring of my teeth has gotten worse. I actually had someone ask me why my teeth stick out so much. :( I go to the ortho again on Jan 26 and hope I can start seeing improvements!

4 Months

I went to the ortho yesterday. I am now on rectangular wires on both top & bottom. They're a LOT thicker and quite painful right now, but that just means they're working! I also got a power chain across all of my top teeth. Call me crazy, but I swear some of my gaps are already closing! I also got 2 wire loops beside my lateral incisors and wear "penguin" rubber bands from those to my molars, 24/7. They're a lot thicker than my others, but I don't really notice the pain from those. I'll attach a couple of pics.

I also got a cleaning at my dentist yesterday and had no cavities- yes! I also got a little bonding on one of my front teeth. The dentist said it was curved a little & she made it straight so that when the gaps close, they will line up together nicely. I go back March 24.

6 Months!

I have officially been a brace face for 6 months today. I'm glad it is going by quickly! Today I got new thicker wires and a new power chain. I told the ortho that I did not like the dark gray one they used before (see last pics) so she let me "test" several ones before I decided on light silver. She said it will not stain like the clear one and the clear one also isn't as strong since it's made from a different material. I can barely see it! So I will continue to get this color.

I also moved up to "moose" elastics that are pretty thick compared to my last "penguins". They also took new X-rays and polished some of the rough edges on my teeth. I feel like it was a very productive appointment!

I will attach some updated pics. I also took a quick selfie when the ortho took out my wires, it's exciting to see the changes!

8 Months

Today I was told I would be getting my final wires. That made be excited because I thought that the end was near! But, I knew better because my teeth still need to do a lot of moving!

Basically that meant I wear these wires until the end of my treatment. Now each time I go, the ortho will just tweak the wire to make them move in a certain position. I got a new power chain, which is the tightest they have. I can feel the pressure but no pain (yet). I am still wearing moose elastics too. However, my right side stayed the same but I now wear a "box" on my left side. The left side is coming along great but my right side spaces don't want to close :(. That's why those elastics didn't change.

I go back July 15. I hope these spaces close soon!

Month 10

Well it's been 10 months and things look... Pretty much the same! My bite is improving but those dang spaces do not want to close! I have been wearing moose elastics 24/7 and still have to wear them all day every day... I've had elastics since day 1 so I'm a little sick of them!

Today they tweaked my wires and put them back in. The way the ortho bent the bottom wire made it difficult to close those doors on the brackets and I was sure the assistant was going to break my tooth! But, it didn't and I'm sure it'll make a major change.

Up top I got a new power chain, then on my left side I have another chain (yes 2) and then on top of that they added a small chain between my back teeth and the hook on my braces! I'll try to show in the pics, but it's so light I'm not sure it will show up.

I go back in September and that will be the year mark. The ortho said that I might need bonding on my lateral incisors because they're kinda small and that will give me a broader smile. That's the look I'm going for so I'm all for it. Hope time keeps going by quickly!

One year!

It's my 1 year anniversary! Well, really like 2 weeks shy but close enough :)

I went to the ortho today and was there for 1.5 hours! I had an older lady who was a new assistant and still learning, as it was her second day. She had never seen clear damon brackets before and really struggled with getting double power chains on top and closing the doors. I also got a chain on the bottom this time. It is silver since my brackets are silver on bottom, so you can't really see it. I am now wearing triangle rubber bands to bring my teeth up on the bottom. My spaces have also completely closed! Yay finally!!

I return in 6 weeks this tkme instead of 8. She said if I wear my rubber bands 24/7 (and I always do), I will get my braces off soon because I'm in the home stretch! My bite has completely changed and is almost there. The ortho was so surprised at how fast my teeth moved since my last appointment, but I guess those pesky rubber bands are paying off. That made my day!

I'll update again at my next appointment on Oct 21. Stay tuned!

13 Months

I went to the ortho on Wednesday. The dr tweaked my wires to pull down the teeth on my right side. I got chains on the top and bottom again and new box elastics, which I was hoping to be finished with since I've had elastics since day 1! I also got springs on the sides of my lateral incisors. She opened a space on each side so I can have those bonded and made bigger. I have really small teeth there so that will make it look better. She also said at my next appointment on December 3, she will schedule my de-banding! I was so excited to hear those words. The only thing that stinks is even when I get my braces off, I will have a small space beside those laterals. I will have to wait 5 weeks to get those teeth bonded- 3 to whiten & 2 to settle into a "normal" color so the bonding will match. I will then have to go back for a new retainer. I'm very pleased with my teeth and I can't wait for my next appointment!

14 Months

I excitedly went to the ortho today expecting to get my removal date, as stated during my last appt. However when I got there, I was told that I would be seeing the other ortho in the office who I have never seen before. After examining my teeth, he stated that my left canine still needs to rotate more. They added an extra loop on top of that tooth to change the torque and adjusted the wires again. He told me I would be in "a little extra pain" tonight and trust me, he was right. After all that, I didn't get a removal date and they said maybe next time I come they can set that. I don't go back until Jan 11, though. Also, in the short amount of time that I've had this adjustment I have developed a gap in my front teeth! It's weird to see and also strange that it is now appearing at the end of my treatment. Oh well!

They're Off!

I have been meaning to update but keep forgetting! I got my braces off on February 29. It was the best day ever! It is such a strange feeling to look in the mirror and see straight teeth! I'm going on a week with them off tomorrow, and it's still weird... But in a good way! :) I have clear plastic retainers right now that were given to me on the day I got them off. I also got bleaching retainers made, which are basically the same as the plastic ones, just more rubbery. They gave Opalescence 35% whitening gel to use until I get the whitest I like. Then, I will have my lateral incisors bonded. You cannot see the gaps like I thought you would. I'm very happy. I go back on March 21 to get an upper wire retainer. I will continue the plastic one on bottom. Also, I received a permanent retainer on upper & lower!

New Retainer

I got a new retainer on Monday. It's the Hawley retainer, the kind with the wire across the front. They said they gave me this type of retainer because I will have bonding on my lateral incisors. I have to be honest and say I'm afraid that the Hawley won't do as well keeping my teeth as straight as the Essix. At least I knew with the Essix that my teeth couldn't move. My teeth feel like they can move with the Hawley. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, though. I just really don't want to have paid all this time & money just for my teeth to go back! I didn't get to pick a color, either- it's just light pink. I'll post a picture later, I forgot to take a pic before! I still wear them only at night & I go back in 3 months for a retainer check.
Boone Orthodontist

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