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Wow! Where do I start! Absolutely amazing service...

Wow! Where do I start! Absolutely amazing service and bedside manner. From the moment Dr Kumar introduced himself I felt comfortable and at ease. Very friendly and genuinely honest and open. Answered all my questions and was realistic and no nonsense talk.. Explained all risks and what could/couldn't be achieved. I couldn't be happier! Such a great guy!

Day 6 photos of before and 2 days after

I realised I forgot to add photos.. Before photos and a photo 2 days after my lift with implants from dr rohit Kumar.. Love the outcome so far

8 weeks post op scar looking amazing

Dr K is the master in stitching.. such fine delicate work... after a major anchor lift my scars look amazing after 8 short weeks... if you worried about the scars breast lifts leave... don't stress if you have dr K ... look at how amazing my breast scars are .. so fine and fading so well

Disgusting results and After care

After a few months ofF the site I have returned to inform you all of my factual experience with this doctor. Dr Kumar was provided to give me a breast lift and implants as I had implant in for over 10 years and had feed 2 babies I breast fed with them in so they had stretched . Given the opportunity was available I took the offer considering I have been educated that a FRACS plastic surgeon is the best of the best! Well let me assure you.. my opinion on the words FRACS and credentials now mean absolutely nothing!!! My previous breast surgeon was a cosmetic surgeon (basically a GP) and my results were outstanding!!!! I think experience and volume of experience in something the dr is doing every single day is far more important then an extra 7 years of training in plastics- plastics covers the whole entire body so I now know why the extra 7 years training is needed as the body is huge when looking at all the parts we have. Moving along ... as mentioned prematurely in my post as I was so overwhelmed with gratitude.. Dr Kumar started off with a lovely bedside manner.. looking back given the circumstances that surround my surgery I wasn't given any pre or post information and I was told what I would be getting based on my quote "block of land" .. cutting a long winded story short I had no after care and dr Kumar was not there when I woke up from operation and I did not see him for 4 months after my operation- I am not sure if this is allowed but it happened to me. Dr Kumar was sent multiple message when I was distressed Something wasn't right and he assured me it was normal and wait 12 month for the results - once again my gut said no! But he comforted me into letting me know it was perfectly normal. In January I become increasingly sore and the visuals it become apparent that I had to let it be known to him that his 12 month wait was NOT realistic like I had been continuing to tell him over the previous months . Dr Kumar seemed to dislike my criticism and become very defensive and very hard to deal with. I tried a number of times to communicate and i felt it become personal and I could no longer have a dr patient relationship and to be honest .. given my outcome and the fact my concerns had been ignored for so long I would never be comfortable in letting him touch me in attempt to fix his first surgery. I am devastated to say the least and now suffer physical pain and mental anguish in which he has never helped with . My family have also suffered as a secondary reaction to what I have faced and my daily functioning has been impacted greatly. I wish I had a great surgeon that does multiple breast surgeries a day like dr tavakoli .. it's my plans to have a secondary surgery after My psychologist works with me for a while and can help me with all that surrounds this traumatic experience. I wish everyone the best of luck and will slowly add to my story

Final results before and after

This is my before and after from dr Kumar -

Post Surgery information for all those concerned

Hello everyone ! It's seems a bit of a coincidence that a handful of very positive reviews have appeared in the last few days since I returned to the forum to update my negative experience. I would like to think they are genuine reviews - I am looking forward to seeing photos of these "great results" everyone is speaking of. I just wanted to touch base as it seems all these people reviewing seem to think I may have lifted weights and returned to the gym straight after surgery. I wish to advise I have never been able to return to the gym as I suffer constant pain since surgery. I was involved in a television series which was produced under direction from a surgeon and I was filmed 2 months post op holding 3kg hand weights to "pretend" I was doing a work out for the television show. Since my surgery my gym membership was deactivated as I could not use it anymore. I have plenty of videos post op I will try to upload - these include videos I sent to this dr asking if things were "normal" - I am so greatful for this site so I can speak the truth and show the evidence to support my comments

Video sent to Dr 8th September

Here is the video I sent Dr Kumar on 8th September when I was first worried.. this is just over 1 week post op! I was told everything was fine... happy to upload his reply via screen shot if anyone interested

Video diary not being able to move my arms

I have been looking over my videos and photos and here is one recorded to show how I was unable to even use my arms.. I have plenty of videos .. unfortunately the more informative video files are to big to upload ... I am happy to communicate via inbox if anyone would like more information .. as I've always said.. this is real and a living hell I face daily because of this surgery . I have realised Drs are capable of having REAL negative reviews from other sites so please don't just look at a surgeon based on a few positive reviews ..

Video sent to Dr Kumar 1 week post

I will try upload videos tomorrow

Videos may be to big? I'll try again in the next day or get my husband to help compress it shorter in case the file is big .. but here is the markings placed on me the night before surgery ... I was sent home for the night like this to "save time " as dr Kumar was busy the next day and had to be somewhere else - not sure if the uneven markings are any indication of why I never have had symmetry

The videos are so big so here is snap shots of the video

Unfortunately I can upload the video of me talking and pointing out the problems and pain I am experiencing with my breast just over 1 week post. I am pointing to the flat spots, the way the implant is sitting and the pain . I was reassured this was perfectly normal . I assumed the flat spot was an internal bra that was stiff guauze that needed to settle ..

Screen snaps of video sent to Dr asking about my concerns

Here is some screen snaps of the video sent to the dr just over 1 week post op... I am pointing out all the problems that were evident so early - just over 1 week! I was reassured it was fine and they wouldn't stay like this! Well it's now been almost a year and they still present the exact same way! - So for anyone wanting to make comment that I may have been to "active" through my healing phase, these photos back me, as you can see all the flat spots and problems that I was asking about 1 week post op that still remain ...

Did I lift weights or return to the gym after surgery

The answer is NO! I have had a number of people private message me and inform me this surgeon has tried to justify my outcome by insinuating I went back to the gym to soon after surgery . Now I am unsure if this was said by the surgeon , I am only going by what I have been asked/told.. but let me assure you! Take a look at my screen shots of the video I sent him 1 week post op! Look at the odd shape of the implants!!!! That was the beginning of the unsightly breast appearance! I was instructed by the production company who were paid to produce the tv by the doctors/ medical contributors such as sculpsure etc to get some filming in the gym for the show to "look good" .. we contacted the club manager and he told us we had 5 minutes we could film! So under instructions from the producer I lifted 3kg Dumbbells and did half a dozen bicep curls!!! And jumped on the cross trainer! Don't be fooled and listen to rubbish talk.. I am telling you straight from the horses mouth I have never been able to return to lift weights since surgery ! No way I can ever until this flat spot and what appears to be over dissected removed tissue is fixed I cant even move my arm without it feeling like a tight tug feeling is restricting my arm movement. ... I speak the truth and have the photos to back myself .. I hate reading reviews that support anyone without photos .. it makes me question if they are genuine. At the end of the day follow your gut if if it doesn't feel right then listen to yourself! May I also add my surgery was the 29th August and I revisited the doctor on 16 November ( 3 months later ) just 2 weeks before my wedding and "unveiling" and he told me how great they looked despite me disagreeing to the shape/ size etc... now if he thought their was a problem he would have raised it then .. but no!!! He told me that what I was experiencing was normal and they look great he would see me in another 3-4 months

Today is exactly 12 months post op!

So here I am! Today is an emotional day as it is 12 months today that I underwent the negative life changing experience of have Dr Kumar make a complete mess of my breast. Today marks the day he told me I had to wait till see my final outcome. Throughout this 12 months I have struggled physically and emotionally and had no support from this doctor other then fake support on paper to protect himself legally. Once again I do not recommend this doctor based on my experience and results. I have noticed all reviews that rate this dr 5 stars DONOT have photos to support or back their reviews. Please do your research and don't read reviews alone without any supporting photos as they quiet possibly could not be true. I believe I would be in a far worse position if I wasn't in a long term relationship/ marriage. It makes me sick to think this could have happened to a single lady who would be so ashamed to ever take her top off in front of anybody. I am married and I am still ashamed to take my top off in front of my very supportive and protective husband.. what this surgery has done to me is beyond words.

Smoke and Mirrors with the support of your blog friends

Wow the cover up just get more and more "unique" . I won't stop protecting the public just as some won't stop trying to cover up and protect themselves with the help of "others" I am Absolutely disgusted and I am not at all surprised . I would like to highlight the importance of patients to wait out time before prematurely posting 5 star reviews because they are so overjoyed to have had their surgery . In my case I was blown away by getting surgery completely free of charge and I was so full of gratitude. I was also on endone and other painkillers when I posted my original review , the day after surgery ( surgery was 29th August ) . If you see a dr has a handful of reviews just "appear" and they are very positive with no supporting photos and appear within days or a week or 2 apart you should probably be very cautious as they more then likely aren't genuine. I am passionate about this not happening to anybody else so I won't stop ! Not out of spite but because I wouldn't wish the nightmare surgery outcome on my worst enemy. I am as real as you get! I think that's shown it the television show I appeared on to get this free surgery. I would never say this surgery was "free" as i have paid by suffering ! Along with my husband and children suffering from the ripple effect! I have all my medical reports associated with this surgeon and surgery along with SMS messages I am happy to make public for all to see the TRUTH... I think the most disgusting part of this story is the fact this surgeon thinks this outcome is acceptable and when I asked him if he would be happy for me to post my outcome on social media he felt threatened by this... Why would you feel threatened by these pictures unless you know damn well my outcome is an embarrassment and could potentially have patients not want to RISK an outcome like I was given . I have plenty of correspondence from this dr and conversations between this Dr, myself and my husband I am more then happy to go through with anyone who would like to see my proof... I see nothing but smoke and mirrors from this surgeon and his "supporters " . I think ethics shine bright in the attached documents

SMS from the start to SUPPORT my review

Attached are messages between dr, myself and husband - 1 week after surgery I was concerned as seen in messages and even a VIDEO I sent him to ask if it was normal to look the way I did

Oops here is his reply etc

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