23Yr Old No Kids 330cc Mentor Dual Plane Mod Plus Bondi Junction, AU

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I wanted to document this journey for all the...

I wanted to document this journey for all the women who are looking forward to having bigger boobies! I am 23yrs old - no kids - 10AA cup wanting to enhance her look to compensate her wide hips.

Post Op
I had my post op appointment in August. I was welcomed into Dr M's office with his warm and welcoming smile. Straight off the bat he wanted to know what I wanted. I advised him I wanted a natural look that would match my wide hips (I am a size 6 on top - Size 8-9 bottoms AUS).

He recommended Mentor Silicon Implants - Dual Placement - Under Muscle -Tear drop Implant - Mod Plus Profile either 295cc or 330cc.

It was very hard to decide on either sizes. Dr M advised that 330cc will be the biggest I go without looking 'too fake'. So I decided 295cc. I signed all my papers then and there and locked in 13th October 2015 as my procedure that. The whole interaction seems rushed now but due to work commitments I was unable to attend another post op appointment in person - Rather I arranged a final phone pre op appointment for early October. The appointment was simple and easy. Of course I walked out with more questions but I was glad I could speak to Dr M before surgery on the phone.

Phone Pre Op Appointment
I was surprised to speak to Dr M himself on my final pre op appointment. He asked routine questions such as implant size - my current weight being stable - if i had been sick or on any meds I shouldn't be on. At this opportunity I advised Dr M I was still not comfortable about my size 295cc - Dr M said it was easy as ordering 330cc so we can make final decisions in the operating day. I was so happy and couldn't wait for my looming surgery. I was lucky enough to not fall sick before my surgery date - and maintained my weight at 54KG. It was a mind over matter about sizing - I didn't want to look like a over the top boobs girl but I still wanted the most 'bang for my buck' - I didn't wanna go through all this trouble to not get compliments on my boobs ;).

Pre op photos

I think one of the most important aspects of these forums is the pre op photos. Im not too sure how big the photos will be as I took the on my iPad - but here goes !

Day 1 - Post Op

So this is a photo around 10 at night after surgery- my surgery was at Sydney East Private Hospital. I was admitted by 10 and left the hospital around 4.
I don't remember much of this day because I was so drugged up (which I'm more than happy about). They don't look big in these photos but it's all a matter of time by the looks over everyone else's progress photos.

Day 2 Post Op

Maybe a better photo than Day 1 to see the shape and size of them.

Day 3 Post Op

I've uploaded photos only for days 1-3. Not much progress in the boobie size- still swollen and sore - I spent the first few days just in bed sleeping 45degrees up right. Not too much walking as my chest feels so heavy. Another reviewer said it feels like a elephant has sat on your chest - I completely agree 100% and it's difficult to breathe at this point. Short deep breathing. Ice pack is essential at this time to ease the pain. Like clockwork I woke up every morning at 3-4 when the drugs wore off in absolute pain that prompted me to change my ice pack and take more pills.
By day 3 I was able to bring myself out of bed and start walking without being too dizzy from the pain killers.
I am glad to say despite what everyone has reviewed about heavy pain killers and being constipated - I had no problems going to the bathroom - I did ensure I ate all 3 meals (which on a normal working day I wouldn't do, I usually skip brekkie) and keep the hydro levels up ! That's essential !
Body aches - I have never felt so much back aches. I highly recommend a maternity pillow to prop yourself up and physio heat packs to ease muscle aches and spasms ( this can be found at the chemist). God my tail bone aches. Luckily enough I have a donut pillow which has served very useful ! Hahaha

Day 4 - 5 Post Op

Dr M recommends that you don't drive for at least a week after surgery. I am guilty of driving from day 4-5. I couldn't stand being stuck in my room any longer ( there's only so much Friends episodes to ease the pain) I was able to have full use of both arms - raising them and driving with them. Shop assistants who had a boob job were so surprised I was so active only bring 5 days post op. The mistake I made was the continuous walking. After about an hour at the stores my chest felt so heavy and I was breathing like I was suffering from severe asthma. I had to leave and come home after this.
Rule of thumb ladies - TAKE IT EASY !

One week Post Op

Day 5-6 I was in so much pain. The brusing and swelling had travelled down my torso making it difficult to move or even sleep. The pain killers were doing wonders at this stage - but it feels as though my body is disagreeing to the boobs and rejecting them. The ice packs work for initial pain but I could feel the muscles not wanting to give way to my new boobs.

But funny enough exactly a week later I felt human again. The muscle aches were manageable and sleeping upright became a life saver. Dr M permits you to sleep on your back after a week post op - but it felt as though I was going to get suffocated by my boobs in my sleep. Plus it kept the sweeping away from my face.

Day 10 Post Op

I am now completely off pain meds and antibiotics. The only pain relief I'm taking in Panadol. The bruises have all gone down now - the actual pain from surgery has subsided but now comes the tension of my skin stretching.
This was expected coming from a AA to a full C cup (I hope) but you can actually feel you skin wanting to stretch that I couldn't walk with a straight back. Every time I wanted to pull my shoulders apart for a deep breather either the tension from my limited skin around my boobs or my stitches would stop me and put me in slot of pain.

I can still notice huge differences in sizes from my left and right. I'm getting more pain from my right - especially when I wake up every morning - the stretching around the inner part of my boobs sometimes deters me from leaving my bed. I can feel my chest coming together and creating a cleavage every morning - weird feeling but I'm sure you ladies out there understand ;).
Is this normal ? My right dominate side seeing difference recovery stages than my left ?
My torso hasn't completed deflated as yet - maybe because I haven't been doing my usual exercises? I have gained nearly 2kg after surgery.

Numb nipples and tender boobs

Anyone suffering weird numb nipples? And nipples pointing in odd directions?
To the point that they seem to be rubbing on my surgical bra and becoming flakey?
Ladies one way to stop the feeling of tension of skin pulling apart - MOISTURIZE !

I've been moisturizing with intense body cream on my boob ( not surgical area) and this seems to ease the pain significantly,

Two Week Update

Man ... It's been a crazy 2 weeks.
My boobs feel like Apart of my body now - just the morning boob pain is the only thing to complain about - oh actually the damn surgical bras digging into your skin is a killer. Around the arm pit and on top of you boobs.

The cleavage area is still a work in progress but I can notice a difference everyday :) I am still keeping up with my moisturizing routine to ease the tension of my skin.
The boobies have yet to drop fully - but I wonder if the surgical tape is hindering that as they are so tough ?
I am looking at my 2 week progress shot and thinking difference in size and nipple placement is getting better ? Am I alone in this with the difference is nipple placement and boob size ? Help ??

How much time off?

I was allowed to have 3 weeks off for my elective surgery. Dr M request at least a week off from work and ideally 2. I was extremely lucky to get 3 weeks and if you can ladies .. I highly recommend it! I work in a high paced work environment - nothing too physical but I can't imagine going back to work under 2 weeks. Consider this whole experience like a mini holiday ... Just in your own bed ;) haha

7 week up date

My 7 week update

They look a lot better now - they seemed uneven earlier on. They have dropped more and feel/ bigger.

I get the odd zinging spasms - I have started to switch bras now too.

Professional - fantastic - warm and welcoming - Highly recommend

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