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Hi RS! It's the night before my surgery and I'm...

Hi RS!

It's the night before my surgery and I'm so excited but a little bit nervous! I just found this site a few days ago after google searches in moments of panic and I'm so grateful!

I've wanted this since my teens. Now seemed like a better time than any - I'm completely settled, decided I don't want kids in the next few years, career on track, spare savings I can't use on travelling because I max out my leave for travelling...

I'm quite petite at 5'1 and my weight fluctuates between 99-110 depending on my workouts. I pole dance which has definitely contributed to this decision as my shoulders are just that little bit broader and my chest is just that little bit smaller, but also, bigger haha! And well, aesthetics!

I'm currently an A/B and I'm looking forward to being a full C/small D. My PS calculated my conservative tissue limit to be 275cc/295cc which should bring me to around that size post op (fingers crossed!) and keeping in mind, it may feel a tiny bit smaller than the sizer once in, submuscular.

Wish me luck!!!!!

Day 1 after surgery!

Made it!!

I wasn't as nervous as I thought I should be which sort of made me worry I was going to have a breakdown last minute (me being crazy). All was fine!

I did walk into the theatre and there were lots of people in the room around the bed.. that was shaped like a crucifix.

While the anaesthetist was putting the cannula in my left arm some guy came in asking if they could take the other arm board but my PS started screaming "absolutely not! Who are these people." Then I started feeling dizzy and asked everyone to sing don't worry baby by the beach boys to me. No one replied. Or I fell asleep.

I woke up really really out of it. I felt a bit nauseas eve y time I had to move around but it subsided when I sat. Everyone else in that room seemed to be able to walk around fine but I was so floppy...

I'm avoiding Endone and that floppy feeling (and a slight hallucinogenic effect it gives me). I feel I tire easily and my chest is tight and with that feeling of pressure. I feel very restricted in movements.

So my chest doesn't seem as big as I imagined or as big as the sizers. Which is fine. Because I wasn't planning on more than Cs - I felt I got boob greed before the op! And wanted to go with D's but that wouldn't be realistic for my lifestyle! Also, I feel they are sitting quite high right now so I just have to be patient like everyone else, let them settle and drop and fluff so everyone can motorboat me.


Day 4

I went back to work yesterday. I'm a design manager at a photography studio so i just retouched photos the last two days. I'm completely off Endone and just taking 2 panadols every 6 hours and have 1 day of antibiotics left. Panadol still makes me feel drunk.

The discomfort changes location day to day - I don't feel a thing sitting up any more but find under and my rib area, particularly the right, the most irritating...

One of the girls had the procedure done a few years ago in brazil- she said they don't move for 15 days and that my boobs will settle wonky because im up and about so i should let everyone carry my bag and open doors for me. I blew my work birthday cake out today and wished for even boobs because i was so paranoid.

Sleeping on my back has been such a struggle! Who does that voluntarily??

Mornings and Nights

A few little things:

Waiting for Frankenboob to leave. Halloween ends in an hour.

I finished my antibiotics and am completely off all painkillers, even panadol.

I drove for the first time today. I'm so weak at tight turns.

I felt a soft little release pop today and read about it this afternoon on RS. Is this common?

I had that dull tight muscle pain from midday Day 6 and was dreading this morning as I usually feel most run down when I first sit up. Surprisingly, this morning was by far the best I had felt. I thought I'd passed the peak! But this afternoon i felt a bit restless and uncomfortable again. But! Every day is an improvement for sure!

I noticed my right nipple and a bit below is slightly numb though slowly and steadily coming back. I get tiny tiny fireworks randomly in random places and I imagine nerves coming back to life.

My belly still looks bloated. Which is better than feeling bloated!

Today I got a bad feeling about the implants dropping out of me when I took my bra off.... so this photo is pretty awkward. And, the line marking underneath the clear dressings and those tan lines really throw off the shape!

Day 12 and up a cup size

Hi RS!

It's funny, sometimes I feel like progress has come so far but other times that there's such a long way to go!! (Both are true!)

I had a follow up consult on day 9. My PS is happy with everything! My incisions are healing well, I'll continue wearing my stabiliser strap until day 14, and (unfortunately) continue to take it easy when it comes to physical activity.

Most of the time I feel like I'm completely back to normal and I forget I had the procedure...
So I'll do silly things when I'm on my own like open my car boot and have to stretch up and pull it down. If anyone owns a TT, you know how heavy those doors are. One spot is a bit sore....

My right side is slightly higher (it was smaller to begin with and has the 295cc bigger implant to compensate) but definitely losing the square shape!

Day 5 was my 30th and I finally tried on some bras and bralettes gifts. My nipples are a bit too sensitive and my boobs are a bit hard overall for me to comfortably tighten up the stiff push up bras! Patience...

And hey, I'm currently wearing an 8C/30C and 10C/30C Berlei sports bra but over the last few days they have started cutting in leaving seam marks. It looks and feels like the cups are strangling them!

I guess they're dropping and that's adding cup volume? Has this happened to anyone? It looks like it happens in lots of progress photos. I'm definitely not complaining!

8C/8D and Incisions!

I was able to take off the steri strips and swap them for sticky silicon strips. But not before freaking out for 5 minutes in between about my implants falling out... haha ??

My skin and nipples are still so hypersensitive. It's insanely distracting and sometimes I mistake it for internal pain.

I get boob greed when I'm covered up because it's hard to notice them! but the second that I see a hint of cleavage (even in my kinda flattening ps recommended berlei sports bra) I'm completely satisfied with the size!!

I'm filling up 8C's, even 10C's (because 8's are so so hard to find!) I wear the 10 on the smallest size and the cups very slightly cut in. I tried on a soft cup wire free 10D over my 10C soft and it was snug but probably a bit big.

RS babes, please point me in the direction of 8Ds! I'll be forever grateful!!


I had another consult yesterday and I'm good to get back into running (thankkkk f !!) any leg and ab work but no chest work and no weights lifted higher than shoulder height. And I still have to wear my sports bra day and night until week 6.

I forgot to ask about swimming and elevated or side sleeping...

My PS is still expecting me to drop a fair bit more, to fill out the lower pole.

Speaking of poles, I can officially start pole dancing at 6 weeks. Looking forward to testing out my strength and flexibility, and improving (quickly)!

This last week has been the most frustrating because I feel completely capable but am still restricted...

Halfway there!! I hope it goes quick!!

Sports Bras

Sports bras are a dead giveaway.


Day 1 to 35

To 10D

Where are the 8D's and 8DD's bras?!
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