Mommy Makeover in Bolivia

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Well have a mommy makeover in Oct, having B/A and...

Well have a mommy makeover in Oct, having B/A and lipo and TT done, waited for this a long time as most of you on this site. I have 3 children all adults now and all were c-sections and a partial hysterectomy and ready to have this done. I have such a long time to wait but from what I have read it sounds like it will be worth it. Each time I went under the knife before I came out with something beautiful this time it could be me! Like everything I have read the good and the bad reviews. I

Waiting game

I am waiting for the confirmation of date for surgery and doing as much research I can while I wait. Dont have the courage yet to post pre op pictures, but I will get there.

First purchase

I made my first purchase a couple of days ago for my my mommy makeover. I bought Maxi pads, I have not used them in 13 years or so due to a hysterectomy, it felt so weird buying them. LOL.!!!

On the flat side!!!! Not in Bolivia but at home instead

Well things did not got to my original plan. I had my 2 travelling companions back out on me. Even though plane tickets and hotel was booked. I had 2surgeons picked out that I found that were not with makeover travel. While doing research for surgery away simultaneously I was working on information for surgery at home.

The end result being surgery done in my own country instead of away and fat transfer to breasts instead of implants. Other than that I still had lipo of inner thighs and upper and lower back and waist and tummy tuck. There was no need to any muscle repair but the morning of my surgery while my surgeon was marking me up said that when I was sewn up before ( not sure whic one of my c-sections or hysterectomy) that I was sewn up crooked and my vagina did not line up either. So have no clarification on that yet, however asked if he could fix it and he said yes.

One thing I know a lot of the information that I read from others on this site is so true and it is so nice to come to this site and watch others help each other and gain valuable information for myself.

I am not sure if my info will be helpful to anyone but I will put it out there anyways.

Moved my surgery date from October 6 to Aug 25/14. The preparation was a lot like preparing for a baby but different. Emotionally and physically they are similar.

Not where to start but will start the morning of surgery. Woke up and headed off to the clinic , I was not nervous but could tell my hubby was. Filled out paperwork got undressed. We arrived at 9:20 and by 11 I was taken into surgery my surgery was scheduled for 10:45. Went to bathroom put on a bandage like a mini skirt and went into the OR and got on the table and then the IV was started. ( the only thing that I had wished I would have done is put deodorant on!!) I apologized to the nurse but I was not sure if I was allowed to wear any. Then I was given something to make me sleepy then a mask and the woke up at 5pm then fell back to sleep till 7:30pm. Woke up with no pain at all!! A little bit of nausea. So I was given ginger ale to drink because that is what I asked for. Then got up n dressed and saw my hubby waiting for me and we sat n chatted with the nurse not sure for how long . Most of the time my nurse kept saying to me" you have thought of everything" , in my head I was saying "thank you real self people!" . Then they helped me into our truck and my hubby brought out the foldable stool that I bought to help me in. The nurse said " ok, you did think of everything" . The drive home was 20-30 min , it was not painful or uncomfortable. Had seat reclined and pillow under seat belt. Hubby helped me into the house and got me settled on recliner and set himself up on the couch across to stay with me during the night. The night I call "the night from Hell"

Day of operation continued

The night from Hell.
The nausea hit and the vomiting began. I had been taking my narcs as prescribed and when it came time to go to the bathroom I only made it half way n the vomiting would start and it was like having 20 or more knives stab you at the same time. The good thing that was the pain would subside quickly. I was not sure what was causing the vomiting, it could have been anesthesia or the narcs or the movement or a combo of all. I just knew I needed it to stop . I didn't want to dehydrate and was tossing up my meds etc.. So I decided to wean off narcs ASAP n add them when needed for pain . Then the vomiting slowly stopped. My hubby would carry a pail "my friend" with us every trip to the bathroom. Once we forgot it and he said "should I go get it?" " I said do u like cleaning up vomit?" , his response" going to get the pail!" . We were basically up and down all night so not sure when post op day one started lol.

Post op day 1

I noticed I would just fall asleep without warning, worse when I was taking narcs. My son would tease me. Fall asleep in one conversation and wake up in another, lol. Hubby helped me in and out of the recliner and made my meals and helped me to the bathroom, every time. During my prep time I wracked my brain . Should I buy a portable toilet, or seat riser, or female urinal? . I chose no for all , do I think any one of them would have helped? My answer is yes. Am I sorry I didn't purchase them , my answer is no. With the lipo it is painful to sit on toilet and I was very weak to squat and I did end up peeing on my garment once. My hubby took garment off when it was time and washed it. Day 1 mostly sleep eat liquid diet , not very hungry n go to bathroom.

Post op days 2-5

Well pain wise not bad. Using T3's . I thought to myself this is my 5th abdominal surgery and i am so done with this!! ( so I thought ). Went to by post op appt on post op day 3. PS said things were good but if my drains did not stop draining thick blood to call him on post op day 5. Called PS and told him about my drains and told up me to meet him at the hospital . Called him around 10 am and was on OR table 11:59. PS told me that it what stopped bleeding during my surgery had likely started up again. He said it is a1% chance this happens and the last patient of his that it happened to was 4 years ago. " guess i am a special case lol"

Hospital staff was great to us, one my nurses was so awesome , she let me in control of my pain meds. I told her about the vomiting and I was not wanting to go back. I was willing to deal with pain first before vomiting. So I started off with T3s and 1mg morphine and in the end I could have done without the morphine but just made me a little more comfortable for the ride home. My PS told my hubby the bleeding was not as bad as he thought and now he said to my hubby that I was back to day 3. I felt weak n sickly before 2nd surgery but after I woke up and started to get moving I felt better. Drains we're putting out what they we're suppose to. As far as my garment is concerned , I call it the full meal deal . The binder and the garment are one piece. It has hooks n eyes n zippers down the sides. It is uncomfortable to wear but I accept to be part of the process . I have it 20 hours out of 24 and will be like that for almost 3 weeks because of the second surgery backtracked me.

My results so far was I saw my belly button on my post op appt for the first time. I was so happy and if healing goes well it will be beautiful. " I had a belly button that looked like a anus for 25 years, this is going to take some time to get used to, nevermind the rest if the package I got lol."
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