Scar from an Extirpation of a Breast Fibroadenoma - Bolivia

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I am 26 years old. 18 months ago I had an...

I am 26 years old. 18 months ago I had an extirpation of a Fibroadenoma from my left breast, in the top right area. I ended with an ugly scar, and I want to have it removed.

I went through a Laser Resurfacing treatment and Stem Cells applied with injections (my blood was sampled, it was centrifuged and a substance was added to be injected to my scar)

The laser was done every 10 days during 1 year, the Stem Cells treatment was every 10 days during 3 months.

The picture shows how my scar looks like now.

I am not happy with the results. IU can´t use a nice dress with this kind of scar. I want to know if this has a solution and can be erased. Please advise me.

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