37 yo, two sets of twins and 80 pounds lost - Boise, ID

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OK, I made my consult appointment yesterday! I've...

OK, I made my consult appointment yesterday! I've already chosen my surgeon--we vetted PS when my son had a frenuloplasty several years ago, and I was beyond thrilled with Dr. Griffiths. He's also done some cosmetic work on people I know (including a TT), so I know he'll do a fabulous job. I'm excited, but nervous. I've had two sets of twins--they're 11 and 4--and at 5'3", they did a crazy number on my body. I gained 40 and 60 pounds with the pregnancies. I lost the weight from the second, but not the first, and had put on some weight in between. In all, I was up 100 pounds after having my second set of babies. I started working out and managed to lose 60 total, but I'm still up about 40 pounds from my starting weight, and have been stuck there for about a year. I've never expected to get down all the way--maybe to +20 pounds? At this point, having read other reviews, I fully expect that 10 of it is in my belly. Nervous about what the doc will say about my weight (195) and what kind of result we can get, but I'm so ready to be done with this tummy. The skin falls all over and gets in the way when I do yoga at home, and I don't dare go to a yoga class and have my shirt fall up, or take up ballet again--me in a leotard?! I feel it flapping when I go running and it makes me crazy. I'm just so done.

Adding some photos. :)

...apparently I hit refresh. Oops!

Gotta love that that torn-up tattoo will be gone. It's pretty ugly. :)

Oh, fer--pics were too big.

Frustrating news

So, Dr. Griffiths says he can definitely help me, but he would like to see me lose 15 pounds first so that I don't have problems with fat necrosis/wound healing after the surgery. It doesn't sound like that big a deal, but when you consider I've been stuck at this weight for a year and I've been working really hard, it was all I could do not to burst into tears right there. Poor guy. I asked him what I might do, since I'm so stuck, and he suggested I could check with my endocrinologist re: my thyroid (which I'm being treated for) and might try having a dietitian review my intake or even a personal trainer for a few weeks. I'm feeling a little helpless--I know I'm killing it w/ the exercise, but a dietitian might be worthwhile. I log all my food, but maybe I'm missing something.

I do have PCOS, so I've always struggled. Friends can do the same things I can and drop weight in a heartbeat, while I'm killing myself for almost no losses. I'm really feeling defeated right now. :(

Dropped a bunch of weight--getting ready to go back in for another consult!

So, last time I saw him, Dr. Griffiths wanted me to lose 15 pounds and come back in. I worked my butt off, heavy lifting and running a little bit for months, and lost ...THREE POUNDS. I was really frustrated, until I took progress pics. Omgosh, can you guys see the difference?!

Anyway, then some stuff happened that totally stressed me out, and I basically stopped eating for a while. My weight dropped about 10 more pounds, though my measurements haven't changed at all from those pics. So I managed to lose about 15, and make a huge dent in the physical weight. The thing that kills me is that the major change in body fat, which is what he wanted to see, equaled no difference at all on the scale.

I'm scheduled! Pre-op appointment in 10 days!

I'm so excited I can hardly wait. :) Dr. Griffiths took one look at the number on the scale and said we could go for it and scheduled me--Feb 16th is the big day. :) I can't believe how much difference that 15 pounds made in my body, and now that I've dropped another 5, I'm sure I'm going to be even more thrilled with my surgery. The change in my body between June, when I went in the first time, and now, is kind of crazy to me. The difference 20 pounds can make!

Anyway. I'll get all my surgery-day questions answered in a week or so, and then this skin will be GONE in just a couple more. I can't wait to do yoga without having to look at it. :D

One day post op and doing great!

Surgery was bright and early yesterday am. :) Convinced the anesthesiologist that I have a terrible time with vomiting after general anesthesia, regardless of meds, so they did what he called a TIVA--if I understood him correctly, that means they administered all the anesthesia meds via my IV instead of using gases. They also put on some kind of anti-nausea patch behind my ear. It worked so well, and I woke up feeling great! I've never done general anesthesia w/o puking my guts out before, and that would have been horrifying post-abdominal-surgery.

Dr. Griffiths ended up taking "a lot more than he'd anticipated," and did take a section of the skin over my pubic area, which we'd discussed as a possibility. I was stretched out and riddled with stretch marks there. Also, after my second c-section, my scar that was creating kind of a lumpy roll I didn't have after my first CS. I'm not sure why it looked that way, but because Dr. Griffiths took an inverted triangle of skin from me rather than the usual "smile" shape, that weird problem is gone, too. It does mean I have a T-shaped scar--the usual smile scar, with a short vertical scar down to my pubic bone--but I knew that was a possibility and don't mind. I just wanted the best and tightest result!

I'm feeling much better than I'd anticipated, really. I'm quite comfortable as long as I'm sitting or lying down, and even walking isn't so bad. Actually *getting* up and down is kind of a beast, but it's manageable pain. I did give up on pants completely, though, since trying to balance my weight while I pulled them up after using the bathroom was more work for my abs than I wanted. I'm running around commando in a nightshirt. :)

Pics aren't much to see, yet, with the binder on, but when I looked in the mirror from the side I about cried! Even with the binder and swelling, I'm as flat right now as I realistically hoped to be. And when all that goes away, it should be better! I cannot WAIT to see the finished product!

Bandages off tomorrow!

1 week post op. Drains still in.

I just wrote a long update and my phone ate it. :)

Short story: feeling pretty good, but still in some pain. Dr. Griffiths said he wants my drains to stay in--they're still producing, and my surgery was pretty extensive. I guess he was surprised by how much skin was really there once he got going. I asked him how much, and while he didn't have my chart to give me a weight, he showed me dimensions with his hands: about 8" tall by 2' wide. My incision is very long, and considering how much that skin had stretched with pregnancies and weight I used to carry, I can see how it might drape that wide. So crazy.

I'm still swollen a fair amount and can't quite stand up straight, but the difference is amazing to me, especially in clothes. I'm so flat! Can't wait to see what it all looks like when everything calms down!

Pics from week 2

I'm definitely getting flatter every day! :D Today I woke up and was truly FLAT. No photo, since I was in the buff, but I'm so so happy. :) Still a little swelling left, out by my hips, but it's nothing compared to what I had initially. Down 8 pounds total, so far. Nice side benefit. :) But I went lingerie shopping yesterday, and it sure was fun trying all those things on my flat tummy once I got home!

Before & After

Adding a little before & after comparison. :)

4 wks - binder off and back to normal activity

I'm still not able to go back to heavy lifting and running yet, but everything else is OK! Loving having the binder off. Noticing a little swelling if I'm really active, but otherwise no complaints. I feel great, and I'm still shocked every time I get dressed. I'm down a pants size and two shirt sizes. 14 pounds total, and I seem to have settled there.
Boise Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Griffiths is *amazing.* He can seem very clinical (almost to the point of being a little standoffish) on office visits pre-surgery, but having used him for a surgery for my son, I knew how fabulous his work was and how absolutely I wanted him to do my surgery. He clearly loves the surgical part of his practice, and the closer it gets to surgery day, the warmer and more excited he gets. He's been amazingly supportive through aftercare, and accessible for all my questions via text message/cell. I'm always able to walk right back for my appointments, and I feel like he's really listening to me and answering any questions I might have. But most importantly, my surgery went smoothly and my results are beautiful. I could not recommend him more highly!

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