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Hello! I am a 31 yr old wife and mother. I have...

Hello! I am a 31 yr old wife and mother. I have three amazing children ages: 14 (boy), 12 (girl) and 9 (boy). All three C-section births. So that should say enough right? Well nope! I am a whopping 5 feet tall and after having three kids I got up to 267 lbs!

In Nov of 2005 I ended up having Gastric Bypass surgery and it was something I will NEVER regret! I got down to only 97 lbs and looked like a walking corpse! Hahahah! Over the years I put some of the weight back on and right now am 150. I am happy with this weight but am working out and eating healthier then I ever have :).

Last year I went through another abdominal surgery...making it 5 total. Hysterectomy. So you can only guess how AMAZING my belly looks! NOT! Saggy, stretched and scars all over. Hot right?!

A few months ago, on Mother's Day, my wonderful husband surprised me with letting me know I was getting a tummy tuck! I was thrilled!

Now I found a doctor and have my Pre-op apt next Thursday and my surgery is all scheduled for noon on August 15th!! I am so excited, but VERY nervous as well.

I have my best friend staying the night and keeping watch on our kids while I am in surgery so my husband can be with me and thankfully my husband is taking 2 weeks off of work to help after.

Now it's just trying to ready myself emotionally and get everything in order around the house and supplies I will need for after.

Any suggestions about what to make sure to have on hand?

Posting a couple pics of me now and can't wait to post after pics!

Sadly I have to postpone my tummy tuck!

Well, as excited as I was...I now have to postpone my surgery for now. We had other medical bills arise and so now I have to save up again. Thankfully everyone is healthy. Just a super bummer. It was so close! On the bright side I can have one more consult with a doctor that my GYNO highly recommended to me. Maybe it was meant to be :). Will keep you all updated.
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