Vi Peel Was Swapped out with a 20% TCA Without my Consent - Boise, ID

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I booked an appt for a Vi Peel at at Board...

I booked an appt for a Vi Peel at at Board Certified Plastic Surgeon's office. They knew what I wanted and I expected that procedure. After I left I called to ask a question about the follow up care and came to find out she decided to do a 20% TCA peel on me instead of the Vi. She never asked me or mentioned to me this TCA. In fact, during the procedure she lead me to believe it was the Vi. I am so upset and scared. I have never had a chemical peel before. What if it was too strong for my skin.

The overall procedure was fine. She put on 3 layers and stopped when the pain was at about a 7. I am just concerned with the ethics of preforming a procedure without my consent. I specifically went in for the Vi.

Which is a stronger peel, the Vi Peel or a TCA Ultra Peel I? I went in for a Vi and the Esthetician took it upon herself to give me a TCA Peel. I found this out after the fact Was I duped? Will I get the same sort of results? Should I contact the Physician in charge?

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