Fraxel Re:pair - Boise, ID

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I had Fraxel Re:Pair almost three weeks ago. I...

I had Fraxel Re:Pair almost three weeks ago. I carefully researched my doctor and the procedure. Most of what I read is true about this procedure, in my experience. Its quite expensive, but included general anesthesia. If I'd had my whole face and neck done, it would have been $6000, the $2300 was for my neck and my eyes.

The first two days were intense, getting up every 2 - 3 hours to use the water/vinegar solution and Aquaphore, although it was not painful. My neck and eyes were deep red and I had small wound spots on my neck. I did everything exactly as my doctor instructed, took antibiotics, no make-up, slept sitting up for two nights, did all the maintenance. My doctor and his technician and anesthesiologist were all excellent, they could not have been more professional or done a better job.

At thee weeks out, my neck is still red and my eyes are even redder than my neck. They have faded quite a bit, but very slowly. I bought Obagi Clear and Action, which I use at night (on the technician's recommendation, although only when I asked, the products were not pushed). The Clear is to help with hyperpigmentation issues, should they arise. The Action I'm not impressed with, its just a plain old moisturizer that was very expensive. At night I'm still using Aquaphore on my neck, its very soothing and my neck feels dry. Living in sunscreen, high spf, and not going out much when the sun is up. There isn't any hiding this procedure, you look burnt, plain and simple. I kept a low profile for a week, but its not realistic to stay low much longer than that and its obvious you've had something "done". I think I'll be red for many more weeks. There is definitely skin tightening, my neck and eyes look much better.

I did this for myself, I didn't like the way my eyes and neck look, so I decided to try this rather than surgery. I don't know that surgery is all that successful on thin women. You need a bit to plump you up so you don't look stretched. Unless I get hyperpigmentation issues, I'll consider myself pleased with this procedure, but I won't be doing the rest of my face. I'm glad I only did what I did, doing the face and neck both would have been too much redness, you'd look like you stuck your head in a fire.

6 months later, the skin on my neck is nice, but I...

6 months later, the skin on my neck is nice, but I had almost no tightening. That's nothing to do with the procedure or the doctor, for some people there is good tightening and for others there is not. I'm one of the unlucky ones. Its just your skin and perhaps your age that help with results.

The Dr.'s office is very professional from the doctor to the receptionist. He sees you himself, checks on you himself, is there during the surgery. They don't push you to have more done, don't try to make you think you need expensive products, just listen to you and help you make your decision. Follow-up is thorough.

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