21 Years Young, 350cc Saline Implants Since 18, explant complete, loving life - Boise, ID

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Aloha! I have joined this website so that i can...

Aloha! I have joined this website so that i can connect with women that are experiencing the same situations as I am.

I made the decision when i was 18 to get a breast augmentation. In middle school, i always envied the girls that had big boobs, i was an A cup and was always insecure. (And stuffing my bra) ha haha...yeah didn't work out real well when i started having boyfriends.

I was still a senior in high school when i got my initial surgery.
I enjoyed them for almost 2 years, and then a conscious shift happened in my life.
I realized i was ruining my body. Examples: bleaching my hair, tanning, eating junk, breast augmentation, fake nails, fake eyelashes, hair extensions.

WOW! that all seems like a lot when i type it all out. I am so glad i have strayed away from all of that superficial BS.

about a year ago was when i first started getting the idea in my head that they needed to be removed. I talked to my loved ones, friends, my mom, and all of them gave me the same advice: TO Love myself unconditionally and honor the mistakes that i have made along the way.
Yes, this stuck with me. For a good year or so, i started accepting them again.

Now i have gotten to the point that they are interfering with my spiritual practice.
Yoga is difficult.
Breathing during meditation is very heavy and feels unnatural.
I feel like i have to breathe in harder, longer breaths to intake the sufficient amount of oxygen that I need.
Now i look at girls with little boobs , how they wear their cute crop tops and their little nippples are sticking out, and i am like OH MY GOSH, that seriously could have been me.
I am 5'2, 120 lbs (i gained 10 lbs after i got my BA, weird right?), nonetheless i am built to be little.

TWO things that i am very confident about:
#1: I have my age on my side. I am 21 years young and my collagen and elastin is very much still producing
#2: I have only had these balloons for 3 years. I think i will bounce back just fine.

my pre-op is tomorrow afternoon
I am hoping to discuss further with my surgeon and feel even more confident about this surgery.
My scheduled procedure date is April 21st.



Today went wonderfully, I am fully paid and ready to go!

--now if april 21st could come faster--
**jumping up and down**

Had my first explant dream

Last night I had my first dream about the surgery. The only significant part I remember was that I showed up late.

My surgeon looked like my dermatologist in real life.
I was so nervous but excited in my dream.
I am currently practicing a manifestation method in which I
Envision myself looking in the mirror post-surgery and jumping up and down because of how happy I am with my little boobies and how well they look and bounced back into my skin.

The mind is powerful, through manifestation I am certain I can achieve this scenario in real life.
EXACTLY 2 weeks from now, it's happening!!

More pre surgery pics

I will not miss these tatas one bit!
I Cannot wait to have my little physique back :) and to be able to wear cute shirts!


We've made it this far.. tomorrow is my surgery.
I've prepped some food for this week, purchased my favorite tea, and have a lot of youtube vids bookmarked for the next few days of my recovery.
My mother is going to pick me up tomorrow afternoon and take me to the local hospital.
Right now i am just feeling a bit tired. I am not anxious or scared. I determine the outcome of all of this- and i know i will recover fantastically. I will rely on my fruit and vegetable friends to help me heal along the way.
I do not want to take any pain medication after surgery, but if i am in a lot of pain then i can make my own rational decision of what i should do.
My partner and my best friend are so sweet and they will be coming by to keep me company and help me out with things :)

I feel like a caterpillar, on the verge of breaking out of her cacoon. ready to take on this world, ready to fly with new wings. My heart is full of love. This love is whats going to heal me from within.

Implants are OUT. Blissed out <333

i cannot stop smiling.
i absolutely cannot stop smiling

my boobies
my cute little boobies are Back!!!
this feeling is ethereal.
words cannot even described how grateful i am that i have had all of the support from all of you beautiful women.
If you are debating getting them taken out, my advice to you- DO IT. just do it.
I feel weightless
I feel petite, and small
I feel like i can BREATHE again
my little bra is so darn cute.
i am not even tired,a nd i got them out today
I will probably go through some pain tomorrow, but the pain is so worth it. so so worth it.
the procedure went fantastic, my doctor was an angel.
I will update more about how i am feeling in the morning, but as for now, all i can say is YES. YES YES YES YES YES YES. MY LIFE.
I am a free bird, a free bird that cannot finally spread her wings and fly.
can you tell in my pictures that i literally can't stop smiling???

:D :D :D :D
blissed out.
my boobies look like this and this is the DAY OF SURGERY.
they will only get better from here

Day 2 after explant

This recovery is such a cakewalk!
I am in little to no pain and have not even taken 1 of my norcos that were prescribed to me.

Today I feel wonderful, I can finally shower so I took off my compression bra to show you ladies how my tatas are looking


Still the best decision I have ever made.
Tonight I will hop back on and describe my procedure that I had under local anesthesia. Stay tuned lovely women

Details on the actual procedure

I thought i would hop back on here and elaborate on the actual details of the surgery.
I first was in the waiting room, when the nurse called my name i changed into a robe that covered my body and little foot slips, and a hair net.

I walked into the surgery waiting room until my doctor came in to talk with me about how i am feeling and if i wanted to take something to ease my nerves.

I am a naturalist, i do not like to take medication, but in this case i was a little jittery and a valium really helped me relax and keep it together. (after all, I was getting cut open while i was awake)
They wheeled me into the operating room, where all of the nurses greeted me and got to know me.
They started covering me and made it so that my breasts were the only part of my body was exposed on the table (yes my face was covered as well) one of the nurses would peep her head in and talk with me under the cloth and casually conversate to alleviate any nerves.
The ONLY thing that hurt on this operating table was when he administered the local anesthesia.
I could feel the needle enter my lower breast, then feel the anesthesia spread to the skin around it- after that.. it was CAKE. SOo soo easy. infact, i giggled a little bit when he popped the saline out. (IT is a very interesting sensation)
then he cleans out the area with water (I believe?) and you can totally feel all of the pressure of that going inside your skin. I giggled some more.

As soon as i knew it, both breasts were finished and my explant was complete.
They wheeled me out, let me change into my loose clothes, and called my mother to come pick me up.

I did this procedure fully awake and aware of my surroundings. I still am very happy of my decision. My posture has already improved so much, my back feels aligned, my energy already feels so high! I cannot wait until I have fully recovered because i am going to go to the gym and run my little heart out on the treadmill without two blow up balloons chafing the inside of my skin and leaving me with rashes!

I cannot wait to do yoga too! AHH! THERE is just so much! So much of this life waiting to be unraveled!
..oh and today i totally went and bought a size small shirt. and i totally fit in it. I look 10 lbs lighter, it's nuts guys.

Thank you all for reading!
Thank you all for supporting!
If you need any advice or any guidance along your explant journeys- please do not hesitate to message me! I want to help all of you ladies just like you have helped me!

~~Warm regards~~

flowing with the wind

This bird is still flying:) I thought I would hop back on and update with a progress pic! It has been a little over 3 weeks now since surgery, my incisions are healing very well (I have been applying coconut oil)
Does anyone have any questions still? I feel so inspired to help women out there that are hesitating or need any extra support. Please message me if that is the case, this decision changed my life in unimaginable ways. On my journey, these simply did not serve a purpose to me anymore. Removal of foreign objects that do not serve you is natural and healthy. Listen to yourself and your body, if you eliminated making anyone happy but yourself, what would YOU really want??

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