Allergan Naturelle MF410 Breastfed 40 years old

Hi there, I've been thinking about this for years...

Hi there,
I've been thinking about this for years. I selected the cohesive gel implant that has only been approved by the FDA since 2013. They're called the 410 made by Allergan in the Naturelle line. These implants have been the number one implant used in Europe and Canada for years. It seems the Europeans are always ahead of the curve when it comes to medicine, etc so I feel fairly confident in my choice. It is very important for me to get a natural look and not a "bolted on grapefruit" look. My Dr said he wouldn't go much larger than 360ccs for me because of my measurements, etc. I have chose the 335cc in the Moderate Hight, Full Projection. (MF335) I am 5'2" and weigh 120lbs. I weigh more than I look due to the large amount of muscle I have. I am quite petite and wear a size 0-4 depending on the brand. Most people don't think I wear more than 110lbs.
I just turned 40 yrs old and have two children age 18 and 15. I breast fed them for 15 months and 22months respectively. I keep my body fat fairly low, anywhere between 8-16% depending on if I'm doing bodybuilding competitions, photo shoots, etc.
I chose Dr Wigod because he has a lot of experience with this implant. He is also know for breast reconstructions for women who have had mastectomies. I figure if he can build a breast out of nothing he can do something with mine!
I'm not looking for porn star boobs. I just want to get mine more perky and more aesthetically pleasing. Because my body fat is so low my poor breasts are just empty sacks. I have more pec muscles than anything which gives them some lift.

2 week Pre Op Decided on a new size

Today was my 2 week prior to surgery appointment. I was worried about going too large. We did some more measurements and Dr. Wigod and I decided on going to 295ccs. The reason being the dimensions of my chest. I measure 12 cm on the width of my breast. If I went to 335ccs I could potentially have "side boob". I don't want breasts coming out of my armpits. The 335cc measurement is based off a 12.5 width. This is all in the "MF family" (Moderate height, Full projection) My Dr. said he doesn't like the MM, due to looks, (Moderate height Moderate projection) and he thought the the MX (Moderate height, Extra Full projection) would be a bit too much of a shelf for me.
So my sizes, based off my measurements, are either 335ccs or 295ccs. I chose the 295ccs. The nurse told me that 150ccs is equal to one cup size. So this should put me at a large B cup or small C cup. This is exactly what I want.
I had the chance the feel the difference between implants again today. I am really confident with my choice to go with the Allergan Naturelle 410 implant as opposed to the Allergan Naturelle Inspira implant. They just feel more natural to me. Nice and squishy. My Dr. told me the reason the 410 implant can feel more "firm" in most women is because they have a bit of body fat and when you squeeze them you can feel the difference between the body fat and the firmness of the implant. I don't have much breast tissue or body fat so the firmness of the 410 will feel the most natural. Plus they have a much less chance of rippling.
I have done lots of research and the 410s are what is now mostly used in LA, Beverly Hills, etc. My small town of Boise has yet to hear about these implants so they're not widely known. They are, like I stated above, the number one implant used in Canada and Europe.
One thing I did find out though, is that I will have to have drains. That is only used in the 410 implant. And surgery does take a bit longer. But I think it will be worth it to get the natural look I am desiring.
Boise Plastic Surgeon

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