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Hi. I finally decided to sit down and write my...

Hi. I finally decided to sit down and write my review... I am 39 I have 4 kids and breast fed them all! I can definitely say it took a toll on my breast! After having my 4th 3 years ago I have been talking more and more with my husband about wanting to get this procedure done. He is very supportive on what ever I choose. I decided to meet with a Dr after I did my research. In August I met with my surgeon and had my consult. He did measurements and recommended what would best fit my body frame. I am going with 430 UHP silicone gel implants. I am narrow chested so he says that will give me the best "natural" look for my body frame. I am 5' 4" and weigh 125. I don't want anything that looks extremely unnatural so I am hoping for the best outcome :) I am super excited about my upcoming surgery, however very nervous about the anesthesia portion of it. Thankfully my husband took some time off work to help around the house so I can recover. I will post a few pics of what I currently have and with sizers in.

pics from my preop last week.

Super nervous...Today I am making my payments for my procedure next week. I have picked up my prescriptions and wish I could fast forward to after surgery. I'm nervous about the anesthesia...well going to finally post pics of my current self and my sizers..Hope they look good after...

Tomorrow's the day!

Tomorrow is my surgery date! So excited and nervous at the same time. I have to be there by 6:15am surgery is suppose to only last 1 1/2 hrs...and recovery 1-2 hours depending on how long it takes me to come out of the anesthesia and be able to do certain things they require before being discharged...I just pray it all goes well!! ????

Follow up since surgery.

Last Tuesday I had my surgery...arrived at 6am was taken back to have IV started by 6:30 ...had to complete paperwork and prego test first. Met with the attending nurse and anesthesiologist who went over everything in detail...calmed my nerves. Dr came in and did his marks for placement..Took a mild sedative..was transferred back for surgery by 7:30am. I remember helping scoot myself over to the operating bed...then I woke up in recovery..slightly nauseous but in no pain...I was given something to help with that...and then was able to use the restroom and get dressed..I then sat in a comfortable chair while waiting for my husband to arrive..I did get a lil car sick on the way home. But was home resting by 11am. Never had any pain or weight feeling..????
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