33 Years Old- Breastfed 4 Kids

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I'm looking for fuller breasts. I definitely want...

I'm looking for fuller breasts. I definitely want a D cup. After breast-feeding my 4 kids my breasts are saggy and deflated. I am not looking for perfection but just wanting confidence in a swimsuit, lingerie, clothes, etc.
I just want to make sure I am making the right choices with the cc and whether I should get textured or smooth. The doctor says 375cc is as large as he thinks I can go. I am hoping for at least 400cc. I will probably get textured because I don't want them to be saggy but I also don't want them under my chin. Final decision to be made on Monday. Gulp!

Sept 12th is the day!!

I've decided to go with the 400cc high-profile silicone implant. It will be placed under the muscle. I'm not so much nervous about the pain or the procedure it's more just the general anesthesia and not knowing what's going on. It's my first time!!
Here's some pics with 400 sizers on...
What do you think?

Today was the day!

Went in this morning and they put in 400cc smooth silicone implants. I feel good, just relaxing and enjoying some R and R.
They are 2 different sizes. I like the bigger one. I hope I went big enough.

1 day post op

These pics are 1 day post op. I'm sore, ready for my tubes to come out so I can wear normal clothes. I will go see the doctor today (2dp).
I know a lot can change over the next few weeks but so far they are great. They are kind of tight but they feel like they're getting a little looser.

Drains are out!

Feeling great, not a lot pain. Just kind of sore. Life is back to normal as far as dropping kids off at school, cleaning, cooking, etc. The doctor took the drains out yesterday and said that everything looks good. I was able to take a shower!! Yay!!
So far, I'm really happy with the results!! :)

Pics 4dp-op.

This was the first morning I woke up and wasn't sore. I tried so hard sleeping upright again last night, but by 6am I had to turn a little sideways.
I was wondering if I went big enough when I first got them done, but when I got dressed and went over to see my mom and grandma, they re-assured me that they are plenty big enough when their jaws hit the floor. I think it makes a big difference if you're just looking at them when you're naked or if you actually get dressed and show someone who hasn't seen them before. I think they are perfect now. I love that I can put them up and out when I need to but I can also tuck them away if I'm volunteering in my children's school or something. I lean more to wallflower anyways, so I'm thankful I won't be too large.
I guess I have to wear this ugly surgical bra for 2 more weeks. Nothing says feeling sexy like a beige bra. ????

Ready to start being able to "use" them.

Everything is going great healing wise. I'm just ready to not have them be so new and start wearing new bras, letting hubby feel them, sleeping on my sides, picking up my kids, etc. Everything seems so "oh, careful with the boobs!"
I'm hoping after I can wear a new bra, I can lift and squish them together. I have like an XL sternum and small breast measurements for implants, so the bigger the implant, the more they would just go in my armpit. Unless, I went UHP, but I was too scared I would look like a pornstar. Knowing now, I would have probably went for a 450cc UHP. A little bigger and more projection. I'm definitely feeling the "boob greed". But, then again, I haven't had a chance to put them in a decent bra either....
Im sure more will change as time goes on. I am just wanting that big squishy feel that I had when I tried on the sizers at the DR office. Time will tell!!
The doctor did an amazing job though!!! HUGE improvement from what I had. I can't forget to count my blessings! :)

Went bra shopping...wth!?

So, I am finally able to wear regular bras and ditched the surgical bra. Much to my surprise I am a 32DD. I was trying on bras at Kohl's. I found ONE 34DD. I can tell I'm not going to be able to go to just any store and grab a bra off the rack like I used to. Now that I will be able to work out in a few days I also went and bought a sports bra. I finally got the girls strapped in and it felt great. It is an adjustment having to get used to the bigger breasts. Going from and A cup to a double D is a huge change. I am thankful that I did not go any bigger than what I have. I almost wonder if I should've went a little bit smaller just because they seem to get in the way but hopefully that will change as I get used to having them. Right now my nipples are raw and I am still kind of sore so I can't enjoy them 100%. Anyways, those are my thoughts and my latest update. Lol

Dr. Kramer works miracles!!

My boobs are getting better and better every day. I forgot how bad they were. Yuck!
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So far, it's been excellent!

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