Septorhinoplasty and Chin augmentation

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I have been longing a nose job for 10+ years. The...

I have been longing a nose job for 10+ years. The doctors in the US are way to expensive for me so I have been doing extensive research and decided I will be going to Colombia to get it done. I sent him my photos and he will be sending me a stimulation so that I can see how I will look after surgery.


So I have been receiving lots of emails! Today I got an email from
another excellent surgeon in Colombia named Rito A. MariƱo Diaz . He also specializes in Rhinoplasty and quoted me 7millones in US dollars that's about $3600!! So now I am stuck between Escobar and him..

On another note dr escobar sent me my simulation photos and also told me I would benefit from chin lipo and chin augmentation to better my profile and in total with the Rhinoplasty that would be $5500 US Dollars. I will post my simulation pictures.. Honest opinions are welcomed!

New Quote different surgeon

Today I received a quote from a plastic surgeon who specializes in facial surgeries his name is Dr. Alfredo Mendoza in cartagena Colombia. Loved what he told me and he didn't seem money hungry. He quoted me $6.520.000 million in Colombian pesos for Rhinoplasty, chin aug and chin lipo which is about $3500 us dollars. His price includes all cost associated with the surgery, medications, medical exams etc., was on his website and his work looks very good too.

Yet another quote but..

Received another quote today from Dr. Victor Manuel Agudelo in Cali Colombia. He suggested the Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation gave me a quote of 4.900.000 millones for both surgeries which is about $2550 US dollars. But he sent me a simation photo and although I like the profile results... I DONOT like the front results!!! That is worst than the nose I have now in my opinion.

Another surgeon response and simulation

Received another Simulation email this time from a surgeon named Daniel Manrique. By far the worst simulation I have received! No thank you moving on.


So.. I have received a lot of replies from a lot of Surgeons that specialize in facial surgery specifically in Rhinoplasty. Many of them have told me that due to thickness and the ethnic background of my nose my surgery will be difficult and needs to be done by a well trained surgeon. And although they have given me a cheaper price, their idea of a cute nose on me is ridiculous in my opinion LOL!! The best simulation of my possible results that I like is Doctor Escobar's, therefore even though I will be paying more with him I feel like it's my face and I can't risk paying cheap and gettin crappy results so my decision is made and J an staying with doctor escobar. He even discounted $360 from my initial quote. That includes all surgery related costs and a 5 year warranty in case I need a revision and also 5 years post op visits for free.

I will attach a simulation done by doctor Alfredo Alvear which I didn't like at all.

Hate my nose!

I wish I could speed up time.. Can't wait to fix my ugly nose! It annoys when I tell people how I hate my nose and they are like.. I don't see what's wrong with it your crazy blabla! So please I advice everyone donot listen to others, we all know what looks good on ourselves and what doesn't. I am so tires of posing in different angles so that ugly nose won't mess up the picture :(

The long waiting game sucks

The long waiting game sucks! I still have a year left :( . I went out a few days ago and my photos came out hideous due to this ugly nose of mine!

Im torn ...

Im torn between going for surgery in January or June.. I will be using some of my student loan money for it. If I go in January during the cold season it would be better for healing vs June when it's super hot and swelling will be a B^#^H . Plus I can't wait to get this surgery done, June 2014 is so far away! What to do....

Changed Surgeon + bought flight ticket!!!

It's official!!! I changed my surgeon last minute decided to go to Tijuana, Mexico. Surgeons name is Dr. Arturo Blancas Ruiz he has been an facial plastic surgeon for more than 20 years. I have talked to some of his patients and seen their results their results look amazing and natural. The doc has been very helpful and professional . I bought my flight ticket today and confirmed my surgery date for January 6th!! Super nervous but excited at the same time.

Just hope and pray I don't come out with an MJ nose and I will be happy. I can't believe it is going to finally happen!!!!!! I am getting opened rhinoplasty and a chin augmentation that I so desperately need to define my profile.

I can't wait!!!!!

Ever since I confirmed my surgery date and bought my ticket all I do is look through realself and go on youtube searching through people's rhinoplasty journeys. I am nervous because I hope I get natural but excellen results. I really trust the doctor I picked because so far he has really listened to what I wanted and has been honest with me on my possible results. The pics I have attached are of some of his patients. Love how natural their results look!!

Made my deposit today!!

Omg!!! It's real and I can't believe it. Today I made my deposit for my surgery and a rush of feelings came over me. My main concern is about people noticing I had the surgery like my coworkers :( ... I will be away for 2 weeks and will go straight to work. It's really consuming me even though most people do say usually nobody notices what has changed, I feel some nosey person will and will embarrass me. Also of course the outcome, I have very thick skin and some surgeons I consulted had told me this will hinder good results :( . I don't want the obvious nose job look, I want natural and beautiful results. I am super excited about the chin implant because I do feel my face will look so much better with it. Funny thing is I always hated my profile and always thought my nose was what ruined it not noticing that my chin was also off balance. But... What if the implant is too big and I end up looking like Jay Leno??? Lol I am so silly I know!! Point blank I am nervous I have wanted my nose done for so long can't believe it's finally going to happen. I am putting all my faith in the hands of my surgeon!!

Is it a sign???

2 more months for my surgery!!! So I had been super worried about coming back and having nosey people know that I had a nose job.. So I have a nose ring that I've had for 7years and so today and a 2 days ago two different people I work with for years just noticed I had the ring! Meaning they never noticed my nose!! Whooop whoop hurray lol!! I hope it stays that way. So I guess it is true that people don't really pay attention to peoples faces in detail :)
I was so relieved

Surgery Date has been moved to February 10th UGHHH

So due to some issues at my job, I had to change my surgery date to February 10th, plus had to pay $260 to change my flight ticket. I am so bummed, I was really hoping and getting excited about my surgery in 2 weeks . Now I have to wait for one more month :(

2 more weeks!

The anxiety is starting to kick in, I couldn't sleep last night just thinking about my rhinoplasty. Am I making the right decision, will I have good results ....

One more week!!

My surgeon just emailed me! I have to be in the clinic between 7:00-7:15 am, will get blood work done and if everything is ok my surgery will begin at 8:45am tijuana time. He assured me that I will be in great hands and they will take care of me :)

Packing!!! New nose coming soon

Packing!!! Im so excited.... Still can't believe in less than a week I will have a new nose :)

Stupid snow!!

It's been snowing like crazy here in NYC and it's suppose to get worst on sunday the day im "suppose" to leave to tijuana! Im so pissssed if that happens I will have to change my flight to the following day and also change my surgery day to the 11th!!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhhhh

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Getting ready and heading to the airport for San Diego in about an hour!! This is so surreal, I can't believe it is finally goin to happen.

A few more hours to go!

Just arrived to my hotel room in Tijuana and everything is perfect so far. Will be heading to the clinic at around 6:45am and surgery is programmed for 8:45am. Super nervous but excited at the same time. If I am not too drugged up I will update after surgery.

It's done!! Yay

Hello everyone!!

Surgery was a success, I am finally at the hotel resting. No pain at all, I just feel like I have a light cold. My chin doesn't even hurt either. The only thing that does hurt are my four upper teeth, probably from the breathing tube. I got to the clinic around 7:20, got my blood work done then was hooked on to the IV. Doc was very professional took photos of me and his staff is really sweet. The anesthesiologist made me feel very relaxed and next thing I knew almost towards the end I guess it was wearing off and I can remember the doc telling me we are almost done then they probably added a little more anesthesia.

When it was all done I coughed up all the mucus and blood out YUCK!! The nurses gave me a tissue and instructed me to keep coughing it up till I felt I had no more. I then slept for hours, nurse then gave me some jello and apple juice when I woke up and changed my drip pad. I don't have any packing thank god but I do have some silicone strips inside that will be removed this friday. Still have to breathe through my mouth because drip pad is in the way. My bottom lip is very swollen probably because of the chin implant (not sure) but its no biggy.

Word of advice for anybody scared of heading down to Tijuana for cosmetic or functional surgery, it is safe down here! I heard it from lots of people here and they all told me 5 years ago was when it was extremely bad but that now everything is very calm. I do believe them because driving around last night from San Diego airport was a breeze and even this morning on my way to clinic you see people jogging and exercising. Of course your not going to wonder around at 12 midnight but other than that all is good here.

I would love to thank everyone for all the support!! Especially my good friend Natalia (who I became friends with through realself) thank you for being there for me from day one and always giving me advice. Everyone else has been so caring, without this board and all the support I have received I would have been so lost lol. Love you all and wish everyone in recovery as well as the ladies/gents whose surgery is coming up lots of luck and a fast and speedy recovery.

Forgot photo!

Silly me forgot the photos

Feeling like crap

I couldn't really sleep last night it was very uncomfortable for me because I have to sleep face up and I am use to sleeping on my side. Also kept waking up because I was choking due to my mouth closing lol. I don't have any swelling underneath my eyes but my bottom lip is super swollen still. Lots of bleeding have been changing my drip pad constantly and did get some sleep during the day today. Thank you everyone for the support!

A little sad today

Had a little bit of a melt down today but spoke to some good friends who assured me I will be okay. I love my profile but so far am not to fond of my frontal view because I feel my nose is too upturned. I can see my nostrils :( I am hoping this will go down before I leave TJ in the next 10 days. I didn't want people noticing I had a nose job but with this upturned piggish look its quiet obvious. I think my cast will come off this friday, I have an appointment with my doc and know he will remove my silicone strips. I have been on liquids only due to chin implant which also sucks because I can't eat any good food :( . I can't wait for this to be over


So here are some pics I took today. I like the side but like I said the front is to piggy looking for me or maybe I am exaggerating I dunno but its make me sad :( . I want a thinner nose and a little lift not a pig nose.

Pics didn't upload!

Appointment tomorrow

So tomorrow I have my first appointment after surgery and wi be getting the silicone tampons taken out of my nose. Will tell the doc about the piggy nose and after talking to my dear friend natalia she told me it's just probably the tape that's holding it up and giving me the piggy effect. I sure hope that it will settle down that's really the only thing that is bothering me right now because I don't want to return back home and have friends, family and especially my coworkers notice I had an "obvious" nose job. Any advice would be great!

Cast removed today!

Today had my cast removed and silicone tampons. The removal of the cast wasn't a big deal but the tampons OMG! Those hurt like helll I teared during the whole ordeal. Then doc went up each nostril with some solutions to clean up my nose and all the blood and mocus went down my throat and I has to spit it out YUCK.Glad it's over!! Doc taped up my nose and got to see it in the mirror. I loveee my profile! My front I am not too crazy about but its only day 4 doc said I am still swollen. He gave me a full face facial which felt great since I wa unable to clean my face for all these days since surgery. My chin is still numb but finally today I had some grilled chicken with some rice yum yum delicious. Have to go back on monday to get my stitches removed and get rid of the tape for good as well. My nose is still leaking so will still wear drip pad.

Less piggy!!

The first few days of surgery are the worst!! Major depression , regret, tears lol. But I am a week post-op today will get tape and stitches removed. My nose has gone and the piggy look is slowly diminishing.

Curious ME lol

Had a full facial today and my face feels soooo much better! My nose was re-taped but... When I got to my hotel room I really wanted to view my nose and analyse it for myself. I took the tapes of carefully so that I can retape and wow! Swelling sucks but I my nose
Looks good! I was over analysing and stressing when I am only 10 days post-op! I took some pictures of course.

One more

Leaving tomorrow

Tape has officially been removed for good! I feel so weird with my new nose in a way I miss my old one :( . Anywho I leave tomorrow to NY and go back to work on monday. I am so nervous and have a feeling my coworkers will notice my nose job!! I really hope they don't but the change is very obvious, plus I still can't talk properly because of the chin implant. I put some make up on today and I am trying to think of ways of distracting people off of my nose when I return back home.

Back to NY

I landed in NY safely thank god!!! I went home showered, my dad was home and he didnt even look at me lol (yay!) . Luckily my mom was working so she wasn't home. I called up my hair dresser told her I wanted a new look lol. I must confess I was so afraid to step out of my house I went and got me some cute glasses to try and distract incase anyone who knew me was around. She had no idea I went away to get surgery and when I arrived at the salon she didnt recognize me!!!! She took a double take and immediately said "wow you look different do you have a tan?? Your face looks more refined" lol I literally laughed inside and since she and I are close I revealed the secret. Her mouth dropped she told me "had you not told me I would have never guessed, you look so beautiful!!" I was so delighted even a guy that is always in the salon said the samething, he said my eyes stand out and that I look awesome. My hair dresser put in some long clip in extensions which I will wear back to work on monday... Im so scared to go back.

So after I had my hair done, I met up with my sister for lunch during her work break and my cousin tagged along since they were the only two people I told about my surgery. They both agreed I looked like a complete different person but in a good way. My cousin (male) said I looked more refined and classy lol. My sister said she will have to get used to my new face but that I really look good and if I didn't she would have told me lol. She also said that people will notice cause I look really different.... But I told her of course she notices what it is because she knew I was getting it done. But those who don't know (aka my parents and coworkers) will just see I look different but not know exactly why lol.

Stupid chin implant is still stiff uhhhh I have a concert that I need to go to next week. I need this implant to settle in and get softer right now it just looks all stiff and gives me a freshly botox stiff appearance when I talk damnit lol recovery sucks.

Anywho I kept looking at myself in every mirror, I really love my profile :) the front..... Is alright still have to wait for the tip to be less swollen.... Also notice one side of my tip is a bit more defined than the other. :/

Dreading going back to work tomorrow :(

I have felt so down today... I woke up this morning and just looking at myself in the mirror all I see is a complete different person :( I have been wanting this surgery but wanted a small change and still look like myself. The change is quiet obvious and I have a feeling everyone at work will notice. My coworkers are very judgemental and I know they will gossip about it.

What makes the change obvious is the front I guess the tip work. I am still not too happy about the front, my profile is what I really love. I have an exfoliating mask since this morning and haven't removed it because I can't bear to look at myself in the mirror :(

Just took some pics ....

Old vs New

Comparison picture

Finally liking my new nose

Wow what a rollercoaster!! But My swelling has gone down not 100% but to the point where I am finally starting to like my new nose in all angles. It is definitely a waiting game when it comes to rhinoplasty, especially for those that have thick skin. The swelling takes a lot longer to go away so it is very frustrating. When I went back to work at 2 weeks post everyone noticed I looked completely different they couldnt put a finger on what it was... I told them and to my surprise they were all very supportive and even loved my new nose. So yesterday I went out to a bar where most of my friends hang out that haven't seen me in maybe a month and nobody noticed my nose job!! They just kept saying how pretty I looked lol!! Haha I was so paranoid about people noticing and in reality it was all in my head. My chin is still very swollen and I still can't talk properly.

One month update

Time flys! It's been a month since my surgery today!


This dent on my nose is driving me nuts!!!!!!

8 months Post-Op

Just a quick update! Time flies I can't believe I am already 8 months post-op and couldn't be happier. My nose has definitely changed for the better. Dr. Blancas is amazing and his secretary still keeps in touch with me here and there.

Just another pic

Just so amazed at how much my nose has changed in these past months. Swelling is GONE on my nose but the only thing I still feel is a little numbing on the left side of my lip I guess due to the chin implant. I catch myself constantly checking my face and I must say I am in love with every angle finally!!!! No more having to pose on my best side for pictures lol. Every day I thank god that I did my research and found this excellent surgeon and of course the wonderful people that I have met on realself.

Going back for small revision

Hello everyone so it's been a year and a half since my rhinoplasty and those of you have that have taken the time to actually read through my journey, know about a dent on the left side of my nose that had been driving me insane lol. I still have it and finally decided to email my surgeon and he being the awesome surgeon that he is agreed to fix it and even the surgeons on realself agreed it is something that can be easily corrected. So my surgeon will be taking cartilage from my ear to fill in the dent. I am planning on going to TJ September 6th, getting the surgery on the 7th and returning back home on the 8th. I will have internal stitches inside of my nose that will dissolve and doctor said he will instruct me on how to remove the small stitches from my ear.
Dr. Arturo Blancas Ruiz

Doc has been great from beginning to end. Very professional both him and his patient coordinator Zujey have been wonderful.

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