35 Male VASER 4d with Dr. Hoyos; Bogota. Colombia

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After interviewing several doctors in the United...

After interviewing several doctors in the United States and abroad, I have decided to have surgery tomorrow (after much consideration and prayer). I flew to the megaopolis of Bogota last month for consult and i am now back again. Flying from Ohio to Colombia is easy and smooth. Today is my anesthesiology appointment. I'm having upper/lower abs, lower back, and pecs. I'm genetically gifted with a nice build from my beautiful mother (who joined me with her husband, and my girlfriend.) and my father , who couldn't make the trip due to his ongoing serious health problems.
I workout almost daily, and have the ability to get my body fat down with intense dedication to diet. Always remember, diet is more inportant than anything when it comes to physical appearance and boda mass. "Abs start in the kitchen and are perfected by Dr. Hoyos.". I will admit for the past few weeks( OK..month) my diet has be slack and it felt great!
I have been through the battery of lab work, xrays, EKG, ect. All is ready to go.
My expectations are higher than these beautiful Andes mountains.
Dr. Hoyos is down to earth, reassuring, and clear in his expectations. Jo the international coordinator is amazaing and really makes you feel special. I'm ready. At just shy of 5" 10 at 200/pounds and going to be 36 this is the ideal time and place. It is exciting, but it is major surgery. And remember to research, contemplate and think of the true reasons of why you want it done, and if you have what it takes to maintain the results. Pray or meditate. And remember , this is elective surgery your family and friends are shaking their heads in disbelief or with the motion of this is silly, yet they support and encourage, but are more fearful for us than we are. More later......

before pic.

Before pic

day three

Wow. Pain fluctuates from mild to extreme. The care here in Bogota is outstanding. The massages are intensnse but a necessity. I'm sorry about my lack of details. Its been a whirl wind. Here is a pic ..it's not the best but what I can do for you now.

day of surgery after procedure

pain managemnt

I had a pain block today. Seems to be working . it was much needed; the massages are evil. And if they aren't you not getting it done right. Aftercare is most important. Still worth it. Wanting to go home. I'm trying to stay positive and healthy! BTW I had 7 litres removed for those who asked.

day 9( review 7-9)

I'm still in Colombia. Remember "Day 8 is great "!!!! " Most of the pain is gone. Still sore but not in any pain. The doctor will tell you the day of or day after surgery "take a good look at your body now, because you won't see it again for at least 4 weeks!" Remember that. I'm trying to. I don't look much like my first photo, but that is normal and expected. I was reminded that you can only look better than the first day, not worse!
Got tubes and stiches removed day 7 a breeze! Appetite has been reduced. I leave tomorrow for the united states. Colombia has become a part of me forever. It's a gracious beautiful place warm souls and smiling faces. If anyone has any reservation coming here for any type of personal safety reasons, don't even consider that. Let's just say I feel more secure and isolated from the dangers of the world here than , well, from what I've heard of what's going on in Baltimore and Cleveland. Bogota or downtown Baltimore? Bogota no question . I'll post more pics when I can. Any questions I'll try and answer.

leave for united states tomorrow

My journey here is complete. What an amazing ride! I had two massages today. They went better than expected. After 10 of them probably 5-10 more are needed.When I'm settled I'd like to start a Bogota tips and trips blog. This pick shows a typical massage and the fluid that is forcefully extracted.

past the two week mark!

Past the two week mark and songar amazing world class results. I have continued lymphatic massage here in the united states as to reduce swelling even more and assure no lumps or seromas. Wearing these garments are annoying as hell and sleeping in them is still a bit awkward. Anyone out thinking about doing , stop thinking and as Nike says just do it! I've lost minimum 2.5 inches in waist at I'm still in garments 24/7 with no exercise.
I just can't wait to wear these things 12 hours instead of 24. Pics when I can!

3week update pic

3 weeks....still early in recovery. Feeling better. What do you think? Can't wait for month 3!

3 week update!


trying to upload


wont upload trying again

Trying again

last try 3.5 week update

Uodate hopefully works.
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hoyos is professional and pleasant. His work , awards, and admiration within the practice of plastic surgery speaks for itsself.

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