30yrs, Divorced, No Kids First surgery in my life

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I' 5'4 159lbs between 12-14 size. I lost 75 and...

I' 5'4 159lbs between 12-14 size. I lost 75 and Just decided to have surgery. I will have tummy tuck, lipolaser front & back, breast reconstruction with implants, and thigh lift. I'm excited and same time scared. I'm military and my major concern is how long I will have to wait until fully capable to do physical training. At work Im ok so I will take 3 full weeks. As for now, this is what I have. Until next review!

Finally took pictures of before. Not pleasant at all :(

Here you have some pictures. Countdown is 22 days. Now I have some time to write more. My Dr. evaluated me here in Puerto Rico and procedure will be in Bogota. He periodically fly to PR to evaluate future prospects and does routine check up to past patients. My package includes: tummy tuck, total laser liposculture (back, upper & lower tummy, waist, hips, thights)thight lift, but lift, breast lift with implants, 7 days recovery house, 24hrs nurse just for me, daily post op massages, 1 bra, 1 faja, tourism in Bogota, all transportation, food, etc. In other words is all inclusive esthetic tourism package. I will buy 1 extra bra and 1 extra faja. Today I received an email with a list of lab test I will need and my health insurance cover all the labs so I'm happy :)

15 more days and I'll be in Colombia

Hi everyone. Today was normal day for me at the office. I'm accountant so my work is 95% in the office. This is good because surgery is on July 16 and I should be back to work on August 4. I am also a reservist in US Army. My major concern is how long it would take me to be fine to do pushs. Anyways, today after work I went to my Doctor and EKG results were excellent. Tomorrow I will have the labs done. I wish to know what items I could possibly need after 1 week post op, because I will be 7 days in Colombia, then I will be back in Puerto Rico. I've seen some list here but it always for stuff to have at home next day of surgery. I dont know, I'm confused. This is my first surgery, first stitches, first medical procedure in my life :(

Now I'm getting ready to go jog few miles, have dinner and continue reading.

P.S. A co worker is going with me to Colombia and she will have same procedures as Me.

Terrified....5 more days

Well, five more days and I will be at the airport on route to Bogota, Colombia. Lab results are perfect and 95% of my luggage is ready.

Another thing, I had to move from the little studio I was to a new apartment. The studio was in 3rd floor without balcony so I went into the hunt and found an excellent apartment with ocean view, perfect for those next days recovering. I read here that Coconut Water could help during recovery so I found this place by the beach that they sell Coconut water in gallons straight from the coconut, couldn't be better, 100% natural!!

The recliner should be delivered tomorrow and I must finish moving by friday. I made appointment for a day spa on saturday and my hair done on Sunday.

Some days I have thoughts about, how will be the final result? or Am I gonna look same? Or Am I gonna die? Etc etc and I've been trying to avoid it or get distracted but are there in my mind.

I am sorry because I dont write reviews too often due to lack of time getting ready for this Esthetic Tourism but I know for sure I will have plenty of time after surgery.

Thanks for reading me.

P.S. Excuse my english. My first language is Spanish and sometimes it's kind of difficult to express myself.

Omgg 1 Day Post Op

Hi everyone. So yes, finally made it. Flight was great. When arrived in Bogotá, the Doctor's wife picked me up. Before departing Puerto Rico, I received a call from her and told me: your sirgery will be right after you arrive to Bogota. She gave me instructions about to no eat after X hour, not even water. Anywaus, I arried to the Clinic and the staff were there waiting for me. My friend arrived 4 hours later. So I got prep, they marked me and I remember just laying down and the I woke up In recovery room. Surgery was 5 hours. As for now, no complications. Today I had the first linfatic massage, it was so so but I survived. My friend had surgery right after me. we are helping each other. Well I refuse to look in the mirror but she said I look fabolus and she look pretty good too. Omg the staff, everybody in tue house are awesome, they are treating us as queens. I dont want to take pictures yet, pretty soon I will. So I am in pain but it is tolerable.

Thanks everybody for the support
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