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I've always been athletic and so I've maintained...

I've always been athletic and so I've maintained good muscle tone and flexibility and my figure has been well proportioned. I also had liposuction in my mid 20's but didn't have good post op care and so I have a lumpy belly with an ugly dent below the waistline that had always been the bane of my bikini desires.

I'd love to have my full breasts from my youth back as well as a flat tummy to rock a bikini. Not to mention matching arms and thighs! My butt is still good- so long as I don't drop weight too fast- then it becomes a saggy diaper that leaks! Lol

I have checked out many surgeons from US to Thailand and have finally decided that rhe best surgeon for my goals is Dr Alfredo Hoyos. I am so excited to have him sculpt my body. Thus far his medical coordinator liaison, Johana has been awesome in her support and in answering questions in a very timely and friendly and professional manner.

I'm looking forward to having my Mommy makeover with minimal scarring. I had hoped to have my abdominals sculpted without the full Tummy Tuck but have been told by two surgeons that I will need it. The third said that thermage may be enough to tighten the skin after the Vaser but I am going to go for the full tummy tuck if Dr Hoyos says it must be done.

I have seen several people so happy with his work and I'm hoping he can do the same for me. Even though I will have to leave home and fly out to Colombia I believe he will be well worth it. I also appreciate the aftercare and the extensive post op care provided by his staff and the recovery spa/hotel.

The extra nursing care and professional massages will help to ensure a better outcome and I am grateful to have those options even though they are not included in the base price.

Based on all the reviews here the extra care offered by Dr Hoyos will make all the difference for an excellent outcome.

I have been blessed with the surgery date I was hoping for. I have my pre op lab work scheduled for this week and I've looked at booking my flight.

I've been reading the pre op care recommendations that Johana sent me and the only difficulty I foresee is keeping myself from losing this 15 lbs of weight I let myself out back on in the hopes of having it transferred to my boobies! Lol

That was another thing I lost 55lbs within about 6 months and my natural Brazilian butt became flat as a pancake! With me regaining these pounds my butt is back and so I'm doing a lot of squats to try and preserve the roundness as I sculpt the rest of my body. I am currently 5'2 and weigh 148lbs. Ideally I prefer to weigh about 125 to 130 lbs- so long as I can retain my booty that my husband requires to remain a happy camper! Lol

I'm really looking forward to having Dr Hoyos sculpt my body. All the pics of Real Women whom he has worked on look great so I'm hoping the same for me! Not only that but my muscles will finally be repaired so I'm looking forward to being able to do sit ups again! And to not having additional problems develop from their laxity.

I will post pics later as the first time I tried it deleted my review and so this is actually a rewrite! I hope my experience helps others as all the reviews on here helped me so much. I really can't thank everyone enough for sharing their experiences and their photos! I have noted and lists that I've copied from others. And knowing what to expect in the procedure and recovery has been a Godsend;) Thank you to all and blessings, too!!

Some before pics

I tried to post these with my initial review but they wouldn't post and deleted my first write up (ugh)! So here are my before pics. Also, Dr Hoyos will be defining my arms and thighs etc- all included in that base price with the tummy tuck and the breast augmentation with fat transfer.

Pre op list

This morning I had my chest X-rays done that Dr Hoyos requests. I was surprised that he didn't ask for the mammogram like the other PS I had consulted with and had done already.

I now need the electrocardiogram and then standard blood panels and urine tests done and then I'll be done with that list and ready to book my flight and accommodations! ;)

Barely there hemoglobin:(

So far all my labs are great...except for my hemoglobin- a paltry 12.7! I'm so grateful for this site- I've read so many tips on how to improve hemoglobin levels and then tonight one women who is only 7 days postop took the time to post her story- she almost died when her levels after surgery plummeted to 4.8! No one thought to check her levels until she went to the Hospital and they said she almost died....

Another woman on here said she ordered chlorophyll tablets online from Amazon dot com and it brought her hemoglobin up within just days. As a health professional myself I can't stress how important it is to have good nutrition pre operatives and post operatively for the best outcome.

I'm glad to do this Mommy Makeover even if just for the blood panels letting me know that I'm somewhat deficient in my hemoglobin levels.

But thankfully there is going to be so much more improvement! Oh la la! ;)

I just love reading about all the awesome makeovers here on RS! It's amazing how much I've learned! I can so spot the talented PS versus the mediocre PS now...when I first started looking at this site a little over a month ago I had no idea how much the after care had to do with a person's outcome!

And, I would have to study and study a pic to see why it looked 'off'...and now I can glance and go oh wow her TT scar line is so high or wow her PS did an amazing job and her scar is going to fade to nothing - and what a great belly button - and great definition on that liposculpture - and wow look at those beautiful breasts and great projection on that BBL etc! ;)

And, it's great seeing the before and after pics! I love seeing the happy outcomes and my heart goes out to the others...

That's why even tho' I've seen some wonderfully talented PS with cheaper prices than Dr Hoyos, I'm still going with him.

First of all, he's incredibly talented. Both patients and other PS laud him for his talent and his skill. Secondly, I appreciate the positive reviews of his recommended after care residence, the Chateau Physique for its medical care, massages, and nutrition, and the blissful healing atmosphere. Thirdly and finally I have sincerely appreciated the communication of Johana 'Jo', his international coordinator- I can only imagine how many emails she has to sift through on a daily basis! And she has been so kind as to answer my questions and address my concerns. I really appreciate that she doesn't ignore any of my concerns- even if she doesn't have the answer right away- like my chronic addition of additional procedure requests! Hahaha!! Rather, she is patient and kind and recommends to me to wait and not worry because Dr Hoyos will listen and give me his expert advice;)

I'm at peace with my decision. No, this will not be cheap. But, I am confident that I am going to be in the best hands and that I am going to be blessed with the outcome I am hoping for;)

I am looking forward to posting postop pics as soon as I am able! ;)

A Clarification

I also need to clarify that the woman I mentioned above that almost died after surgery with the ultra low hemoglobin levels had her surgery done here in the good ol' USA...sadly, we are not immune to horror stories here at home either.

And I also wanted to reiterate that I searched far and wide for a PS in my hometown and here on home soil but I didn't find the Total Package as I found with what Dr Hoyos offers.

My first exposure to the extended aftercare was actually as I was looking at Thailand particularly Dr Pornthep Pungrasmi;) I was totally impressed with the fact that foreign countries have available aftercare at affordable pricing - there really isn't any aftercare here at home in the USA...review after review recounts all these amazing women tuffing it out at home even without spouses or relatives!! Whoa! With my busy household - my 3 year old gigantic son comes to mind I'm 5'2" and he is 3'4" and weighs about 52 lbs and every day when I get home from work he charges me and tackles me with a bear hug - right about where the TT scar will be and drains if any - so if I had to be home during those first couple of critical post op weeks, I'm sure I would be one of those ladies I've read about on here that are planning on a R2 while still healing from R1! BA HAHAHA;-P
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