Butt Implant Revision with Dr. Rito Marino - Bogota, Colombia

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In 2006 I had butt implants done in Texas where I...

In 2006 I had butt implants done in Texas where I live and after 5 months I developed seroma and I had to have them removed. First of all my biggest mistake was getting it done by a doctor who had no experience on this specific procedure. He actually charged me 50 percent less so that he can perform the surgery in front of another professional doctor so that he can get his license to do butt implants. This doctor is a good plastic surgeon but not in butt implants! So when I had my butt implants removed after having them for 5 months I was left with even a flatter butt than before and with large indentions because my tissue had got stuck on the implant and was torn off. So I've been walking around with a deformed butt for some years.
So finally after searching for different surgeons, different implants, and different butt enhancement procedures I decided to book my appointment with Dr. Rito Marino from Bogota, Colombia!
We emailed each other back and fourth with a million questions that I had and he would reply in 3 to 5 days later. I also started making 1,000 payments and calling his secretary Nancy to confirm that they received. Let me tell you if you think you cAn communicate with Colombian people because your speak Spanish because your parents are from Mexico then you are wrong! Their Spanish is so different! For girls that decide to go over there let me help you out with something. If they say "cancelar" it doesn't mean "cancel " it means payment was successful. We where back and fourth talking and confused about this for about 30 minutes. It was frustrating. Lol Really! Who would've known! . So I set my date for 7/24/14, but had to get get there 2 days before to do blood work and test. I'm so blessed to have an awesome brother who went with me.
Airplane ticket cost $950 a piece round trip for 2 weeks from Texas to Colombia. That's a total of $1,900
Dr. Rito Marino

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