I Finally Decided to Post my Experience - Bogota, Colombia

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First of all I'd like to thank all the ladies on...

First of all I'd like to thank all the ladies on this site because your experiences and photos helped me make the right decision. I would even say without this site, it would have been impossible to learn that we can remove the implants and not replace them. At the beginning I was just reading your posts, looking at your pictures and wasn’t even thinking about posting. But now I realized it’s not fair to any of you, so I decided to post so that other women can learn something new from my experience as well.

My story started 10 years ago at age 39 when I decided to get breast implants. I can't even say the exact reason why I did it, I suppose I believed I'd look sexier. My preop boobs weren't too saggy just small, A cup. I wanted them at least a full B or a small C. Unfortunately I don't have my preop pictures to show them. So I got 325 CC silicone implants placed over the muscle. I started hating them as soon as the swelling subsided 'cause I developed a terrible rippling and also I thought they were too big for me. I didn't even know what rippling was since I didn't do much research, if any before surgery. I only remember my husband trying to talk me out of it but it was no way to do so. Anyways after having done some research, I waited a year or so to get another surgery to place the implants under the muscle, this time I went for 335 CC cohesive gel ones. Don’t ask me why I went for even bigger implants, no idea. I hated them right away. Plus I got a terrible hematoma in my right boob that, as I realized later, was due to the fact that the muscle was overstretched and ripped. The implants were put through the nipple area and the scars looked awful, kind of square-shape and to top it all my left boob was sitting much lower than my right.. So 3 months later I went through another surgery (under the local anesthesia this time) in order to correct my scars and even up the boobs. The result was satisfactory compared to the initial one so I decided to live my life and enjoy the new boobs as far as I could even though I thought the size was too big for my body and the right implant could be seen through the ripped muscle in certain positions, especially if leaning forward and I didn’t feel comfortable wearing low neck shirts. I was trying not to dwell on these things; I was so fed up with surgeries.

The revealing of all these emotions came with the PIP scandal. I currently live in Canada where PIPs were not used, so the news missed my ears first. Then one day my old friend phoned me and so I got the news. She got her implants with the same doctor. Hers were PIP. I freaked out and even though I was almost sure mine were McGhan I spent a couple of days feeling all the possible symptoms of silicon poisoning and insulting myself for being so stupid and having done this to my body. When I confirmed that mine were not PIP I calmed down a little but at the same time all this information triggered my desire to do more research on the topic. This way I found this site and learned that removing the implants doesn't necessarily mean being deformed. Very soon after my first visit to this site I made a decision to remove these nasty bags whatever the outcome. So the first step was checking the condition of my implants. Even though I didn't feel them broken I could not know for sure. So I got the ultrasound done and confirmed they were intact. Then I went for a consultation with a plastic surgeon here in Canada and got really disappointed because I understood that these doctors were trained only to put the implants in and may be replace them but they had no idea about explanting without replacement. This doctor thought I was crazy even for thinking of doing it. At the end he agreed to do whatever I wanted but the cost was so high that it was my turn to think this doctor was crazy. So I left the office devastated. I decided not to waste more time here and go to Colombia where I got the implants years ago when we were living there. My husband has his family there and he wanted to visit them so we decided to travel and get both things done. I arranged the consult with another PS recommended by one of my friends, I didn’t want to go to the one who put my implants in. The doctor was very nice but at the same time tried to talk me out of doing it. He made me understand that there are not experienced doctors in this kind of surgery, especially in Colombia where 70% of women are implanted. They just implant and replace. Women here rarely remove their implants for good. But somehow he managed to make me feel good about doing it with him even though he told me that I didn't have enough breast tissue and that I wouldn't like the result. But when he saw that I was firm in my decision he said he would do internal lift and remove extra skin around my nipples. We discussed the removal of capsules in case it was needed. I agreed.

So on August 28 I had my implants removed under the general anesthesia. I remember feeling nauseous when we were returning to the hotel in a taxi. Next days I was feeling as if I didn’t have any surgery at all. I didn't have much pain even though I had drains. The revealing day was day 2 post op (not counting the day of surgery). My drains were removed and I could see my boobs after the bandage was removed too. I think my doctor was more afraid of that moment than I was, I could feel it. My boobs were all wrinkled, especially around my nipples but I was prepared for that, I knew it was temporary. So I said I was OK with it. He couldn't believe it. I laughed. The capsules were not removed since the implants came out intact and the tissue was soft.

My recovery has been pretty fast and I am feeling so liberated. My husband says I look less heavy and younger even though he hasn't seen me without a bra on yet, lol. I am getting used to my new small boobs, still wearing a sports bra which doesn't let my boobs look their best way. But when I wear a push-up bra on occasional events, no one can say I got my implants removed. I look if I had boobs! The only drawback I can think of is that I still have my boobs moving with my muscles when I flex them, I hope it goes away with time So, once again, thanks to all the nice girls on this site for sharing your experiences and photos. I would never have done it on my own. I hope my experience will surely help someone to make the right decision no matter which one it will be. I will post pictures so you can see the progress later.

I am posting more pictures

I am posting more pictures
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