I'm 32, No Kids, Having Full Body Liposculpture With Fat transfer to butt and breast lift with Implants. Bogota, Colombia

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Ive chatted with Dr Dario Juris a few times over...

Ive chatted with Dr Dario Juris a few times over Skype and i must say he definitely made me feel super comfortable I absolutely love his vibe. I leave for Bogota July 7th from Boston arriving in Colombia at 1pm. I'm heading straight to clinic for all testing the same day. I am told my surgery will be either the next day or the day after. I welcome you to follow me on this journey and feel free to inbox me anytime with any questions!

Crunch Time!

Just received a email confirming my consultation appointment the day I arrive in Bogota! I am advised my surgery will be July 9th at 7am. The past few days I have been prepping for pre op and post op. I bought some maxi dresses (these dresses are amazing..sooo comfy) scar oil, arnica gel, boppy pillow, iron supplements, wipes, ensure, tylenol and stockings. If anyone can help with anything else I should buy please let me know!


16 more days and I'll be on my way! I'm getting more and more excited I wish it was time already lol.


I can't believe it's almost time. I'm getting sooooo nervous and every time I talk or think about my surgery I get a huge lump in my throat and a mix of butterflies and nausea in my tummy! I'm not going to back out though I am determined to go through with this. I leave next Tuesday oh man!!

All testing normal! I'm ready to rock!

so instead of waiting until I arrived in Bogotá to have my testing done to make sure I am healthy enough for surgery I decided to go here in the states and have everything done seeing that I have insurance and it covered it and plus I want to make sureI am ready for the surgery once I get there and I will not be turned away. My hemoglobin alone came back 14.4! Winning! I will continue to take my iron supplements and I also have started some Bromelain tablets as well plus quit my birth control pills This past Monday. Ugh my period Should be here any day now which def sucks :( most of the mixed emotions have disappeared and I am once again excited and anxious to get to Columbia and start my new journey in life. Just three days left until I leave! My luggage is full of everything I'll need, bills are paid off for the next two months and I'm beyond ready to go!

Almost time to take off!

the day has finally arrived! Leaving out of Boston in less than 12hrs!!! I will continue to keep everyone updated!

About to Board!

I still can't believe I'm doing this. There is No turning back now!


im here and on my way to Dr Juris for my consultation !

hanging out at my second moms :)

Getting ready to go grab my meds and buy another faja plus a few other necessary items before my big day tomorrow. I am lucky to have a support system here it is making this whole journey so much more comfortable!

its time

I'm here. Going in soon ill be sure to update everyone when I'm capable of communicating lol . I chose to go to sleep the entire surgery I don't want to know anything that went down! TTY all soon

im up!

Trying to keep my eyes opened. These nurses are so stingy with pain meds thankfully I brought xanax percs n ibuprofen from the states. Bout to take a nap. Check out my new boobs tho!!!!

I'm in pain

I just came back from my first massage I am in a lot of pain I found out that I have a hematoma in my right breast but the doctor said it will go away on its own. I'm getting ready to take a nap I finally ate my first meal since my surgery here are some pics from from after my massage. I'm also feeling a lot of depression and I don't know why. Also I did not end up staying at the recovery home my girlfriends mother out here did not like it and neither did I so she took me home with her and I am getting the best care possible talk to you all soon

Feeling down today.

I just came from my massage today and for some reason I'm feeling very sad my faja is too tight and everything hurts I'm very swollen I miss home but I do have the best care here I just don't understand why I'm having a breakdown maybe it's just normal I just can't wait to go home

Feeling much better!

well I took a nap and I woke up to go to the bathroom and take a poop but my Faja it was too tight and I had to take it off to go. But when I tried to put it back on it was torture so I called my doctor and he told me to just keep it off for the day and when I go for my massage tomorrow I can put the other one back on that fits good so I feel much better and I'm just sitting here in a diaper and sports bra LOL

By the way ...

my view from my bedroom isn't to shabby at all ???? and here is a pic of my Colombian mommy she is the best I feel so blessed to have her here with me

Kinda bored

Hanging out watching TV with my girlfriend. I just came back from a walk it wasn't that fun I got tired very quickly. My hematoma in my right breast is still hurting every now and then I'm debating on having it drained completely I'm going to give it a few more days. The dr says its up to me. I have some ice packs on my breast they definitely feel good.mmmmm. This journey is definitely a emotional roller coaster . My Colombian mommy gave me a beautiful ring today she told me she made it herself. It definitely lifted my spirits.

Today started out horrible !

omg this morning I had the worst breakdown but once I took my depression pills I was ok. The small hematoma became wayyyyy to much for me to bear it was literally torture today. So I went under again and had everything drained and removed and let me tell you I feel freaking
Amazing! I haven't felt this good since before surgery. I'm cheating eating some ice cream right now. Shhhhh don't tell anyone lol. I've lost 10lbs since surgery I'm still in a XL Faja though. Getting ready for bed soon can't wait to go get my massage tomorrow I'm draining like crazy! I'm also going for a dental consultation this week I'll keep you all posted Ciao!


wishing I was home I'm super bored. Just got back from massage and the mall. Walked my ass off and took a hit if some weed and ended up having to take a taxi not even two blocks from the house because I got so tired ,started swelling my boobs started hurting and I started freaking out. I think the bud is what made me bug out lol. Plus I ran out of my Percocet from home and I literally have one Xanax left which I'm saving for bed tonight. The meds here friggin suck I seriously never feel them. I mean I got a shitload of ibuprofen but it's not really great for pain. Oh well what can I do. My massage was kinda enjoyable today I leaked soooooo much fluid. I took a pic check me out I must say man I look amazing so far I can only imagine a month from now never mind 3! Still can't believe I finally did this......

simply amazing

still can't believe I did this! But sooooo glad I did! Everyday gets better can't wait to go home Wednesday

I'm so homesick

finally going home tomorrow I'm so over this place! I haven't been feeling well the past few days because I haven't been drinking water ugh. Yesterday I couldn't stop throwing up so I took milk of magnesia and obviously too much so all day I've had diarrhea. Fml. The struggle lol. I just want my bed and all if MY things! I leave tomorrow at 2 I'm literally driving myself insane counting down the hours -_- here's some pics from this morning I must say I look amazing!

Today after my massage!

All I can say is WOW!

time for a snug size small

None of my fajas fit! Again! Heading out to drop a few off to be taken in. The past few days I have had liquid pockets forming from under my boobs right where the board ends. Taking it out for a few days I hope they go away. Anyone else ever have this problem?

Waiting in the ER

so today I finally decided to come to the hospital. My seroma I developed in Colombia has come back along with a smaller one and I cannot find anybody to drain it for me. My right breast also has been giving me problems as it will not stop leaking a yellowish clear liquid. I was advised by the doctor that my breast is fine And that I just need to give it time but it just has me a little worried. I mean I'm 3 weeks tomorrow. My left breast is doing great. And I know that these Seromas need to be drained or I will form fibrosis. Fun. I'll keep you updated when I get out of here


These people are sooooo dumb :( I just sat in the hospital for five hours for three surgeons to tell me that I did not need my seroma aspirated only to almost be ready to leave and another top surgeon come in and say yes it does need to be. So I got the bigger one of the two drained they won't touch the smaller one and my breast is just fine. It's funny because these people keep telling me not to do my massages and I'm just looking at them like they crazy. Lymphatic drain massages are a must after having Lipo!!! It's funny how different people are in the United States as opposed to going out of the country. Many of my girlfriends have had their body done and not one can tell me that they never went and had their massage postop! AnyWho I'm glad that everything is OK and now I have a follow up physician to go and see and I'm glad that my breast is doing great talk to you all soon

starting to feel alot better

Well for starters my seroma I had drained is now back again. I have a appointment tomorrow with a follow up surgeon so I will find out more about that then. My breast is slowly starting to stop leaking. Finally! The pain from my abdomen lipo hasn't been to bad the past few days but my breasts are still swollen and nowhere near the finish mark. Here's some pics from the past week. I really hope I get son more curves I feel so boxy. :(

Few more pics

can't wait for my massage in a lol bit it makes my skin so smooth afterwards! Tried a pair of jeans on too yesterday they actually fit again lol. Oh and I sooooo wish my butt was bigger. Maybe round two in the future :)

It was worth it

it was all worth it. Even though my butt is smaller than I wanted I'm still liking my results. I look at these before pics and can't believe that was me. Ew. I'm feeling better each day although I am still using Percocet for pain I'm super uncomfortable in my abdomen from the lipo and my breasts usually hurt first thing in the morning. But yesterday we the first day I only had to medicate in the morning only. Hoping today goes the same way. I'm off to my doctors apply at two to address Seromas I'll keep you all updated

Today after my massage

snapped a pic after an amazing massage today. There was a girl I hadn't tried yet and boy I'm glad I did! She even did my breasts for me!. Follow up appt yesterday was bull she did absolutely nothing. At this point I'm just going to continue my massages and pray everything heals up on its own. I had the scare of my life this morning. Last night I took my right breast out to let the air get to it and this morning I woke up and there was no leakage and it had scanned up. So I got up excited like yes no more leaking go to the bathroom next thing I know I looked down and my entire shirt is drenched in liquid. Aggravating. I just wish it would stop already! You can tell in the picture it's behind in healing as my left on is starting to drop and the right is still up there. Oh well I guess all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and continue to keep it dry and the dressings clean. talk to you all soon.

Starting to get scared

so today I had a long talk with Dr. Juris about my breast. I sent him some photos and he says that it's starting to look like my implant is coming out of a small hole. He says he is not sure if this is the problem but it looks like it. He says I need to come back to Colombia ASAP. He says that the worst case scenario is that the breast implant needs to be taken out and I can put it back in 3 to 4 months or he can restitch it if the skin is thick enough. This is super uncommon I read only between 5-7% . Just my luck huh. He even said in all his years he has only seen it once. I advised him if I make the trip back to Colombia I do not want to fix it or come back in 3 to 4 months. I want them both out immediately even though my left one is perfect. I had a bad feeling about putting these implants and I knew I should've just stayed natural. I'm thinking about leaving Tuesday morning I was advised I need to stay for four days this time. I'm so scared. I'm going to go to the hospital here again but I'm going to pick a different one and I'm going to not tell them that I went to Colombia for surgery and say I went to Miami and my doctor is on vacation that way I can find out exactly what is wrong I'm even going to tell them I don't want you to do anything I just want you to tell me if this is in fact my implant showing or not. If it is I'm on the flight at 5:45 AM Tuesday morning back to Bogotá. Here is a pic of my breast I'm sure you can see where the problem is. I will keep you all updated when I leave the hospital here in America tomorrow hopefully they can give me the answers that I'm looking for. It's crazy how no one wants to touch me at all out here

Feeling a lil better

went for my massage today with my normal Colombian chicks. I told them about my conversation with my PS and they took a good look at my breast for me. They are very experienced in the massages so they see lots of girls in my shoes. They assured me it's not my implant showing and I actually had a stitch caught in the weird looking bump. She played with it a lil bit and got it out. They told me I should take some antibiotic and crush it up and put it directly on my incision. I'm giving it a try. One of my other Colombian massage ladies had told me last week to try it so I've heard it before. At this point anything is worth a try!!! I'm so so so so so happy with how my body is turning out!!!!! I still can't believe this is me ! Here's some pics from today. Trying the antibiotic thing as we speak ill let you al, know my progress in the next few days

Woke up like....

yesssss! I finally dried overnight ! The other day I put the medicine directly on my wounds. Now today only 2 days later my breast is dried and scabs are forming. I couldn't be more ecstatic!!! I didn't want my implants out and now it's looking like they are here to stay ????????????

So pleased

lately I've been so happy with my results! My breast is finally healing after a aggravating 4weeks and my body is looking better everyday! I recommend Dr Juris to everyone he did such an amazing job on me. I can't wait to be a 100%. I think tonight I'll go out for a beer n some hookah I'm going crazy in this house !

Went out last night

went for a few drinks last night but by the time I got to the lounge my stomach was killing me. Stayed for a few drinks but I honestly couldn't wait to get home and put my faja back on! Maybe I'll try again in another week.

just a few pics from my massage today

bad news.

Well it is official. My implant is exposed. I read this is such a rare thing. Lucky me huh. Leaving for Colombia next sunday. I can't wait. I need my life and sanity back.

Freaking out

this whole situation has me so scared. Like this literally happened overnight. I'm going to Colombia Friday instead of Sunday. I've been making sure I keep the open wound cleaned with iodine and covered with nonstick gauze and sports bra. It's so hard for me to look at and totally freaks me out. I just want this to be over!!!! Friday seems so far away and even when I get there I have to wait.... :( I took a picture earlier today not much has changed thank god. I pray it doesn't get bigger.....has anyone else ever been through this experience? Ughhhhhhhhh I just don't get why me :(

Staying in the U.S.

after 6 stressful weeks I'm finally getting my new implants out. Thankfully I have a few friends that have done their breasts with this dr and they speak highly of them. Long story short I met with Dr Rex today and he is willing to help me. I've never felt so alone these past weeks as nobody has wanted to touch me. I'm not going to sit here and bash my surgeon back in Colombia as Dr Rex told me it is not a botch and pretty much my luck. It didn't help that I didn't have a follow up surgeon here so I had no idea my breast was infected as it showed no signs except leakage which even that had no smell. I wS told even. MY left breast has already formed capsular contracture. I alwYs had a bad feeling about putting these in I guess I should've went with my gut. I have surgery tomorrow morning I can't wait to have my life back. Paying another 2400$ to do this. At this point I don't even care I just want my life back.

home sweet home

Surgery went well today. Just home soaking up these comfy sheets in MY own bed! Tired . So happy I get to recover here there's really no place like home


Today I woke up with this weird rash all over my stomach I think it might be from the antibiotics I'm waiting on the doctor to call me back. I took a peek at my boobs yesterday and they seem so small and weird looking. I know it's to early to tell how they will look. At least I hope it's to early because they don't look normal at all lol. This freaking drain is killing me it's probably the only thing that really hurts. I miss my faja which I can't wear right now because of my breasts and drain. My lipo areas in my tummy are so swollen. I'm about to get up and go enjoy a massage with some radio frequency therapy for the inflammation.

So friggin itchyyyyy!!!!!!!!

i've been going crazy the past few days itching my whole back area! I even gave myself a few small cuts from itching so much. The Percocet I been taking for pain doesn't help much either it's make me even more itchy! My stomach and back needs compression soooo bad I can't wait til Monday and this drain gets removed so I can sit in my faja for a few days. I really hate how my breasts look. It makes me sad to look at them. I keep trying to tell myself they aren't going to look like that in a few more weeks. At least I hope they don't. They look so small and weird I really dislike them. I just took some ex lax in hopes of using the bathroom it's been at least 5 days since I've pooped -_- other than that it's life as usual just been getting lots of rest. Can't wait for follow up appointment Monday I'll keep you all posted.


Going through a phase where I don't really know how I feel about my new body. I mean yea its way better than how I used to look but at the same time idk I guess my expectations were higher. Maybe I'm just going through a phase shit my body prolly isn't near finished. I know I'm definitely not loving my small boobs none of my bras even fit. On another note going for a follow up in the morning and praying he takes this drain out. I'll keep y'all posted here's some pics from a little bit ago I feel so square -_-


Just got back into my faja for the first time in over a week im in heaven. Everytime I got up or tried to sit back the skin on my lower back felt like it was ripping off my body! I will enjoy my sleep tonight :)

Finally getting back in the swing of things!

lately life has been great. I'm finally feeling normal again and back to my old self! Got the ok for the gym beach pool whatever my heart desires and I a can enjoy what's left of summer :) this was one hell of ride man let me tell you! Would I do again? the boob part- probably not! the lipo and transfer- definitely lol. It was so worth it! Here's some pics from the past few days I look and feel amazing! Don't ask me where that ass came from it literally seemEd to appear overnight!

what a weekend!

I'm so happy that I finally am back to normal and feeling great! This weekend was awesome I went to the beach and a pool party I had a blast! I couldn't be happier with my results from the liposculpture it was worth every freaking penny I can't wait to do round two next year and achieve the results I've always dreams about :) here's some pics from the weekend!

quick update

i finally had the last few stitches in my boobs cut off the other day and they are starting to actually look normal! To be honest I think I'm going to like them. My right nipple on the other hand has severe scarring and a lot of my areola is gone. I've been looking into areola tattooing I'm very interested but I need to wait 6 months to do it. My lower abdomen still gets super swollen throughout the day and sometimes goes completely numb. I think it's been a little worse the past two days from a massage. Shit was intense because I hadn't gone in almost two weeks. My left thigh has been numb since surgery and hasn't gotten any feeling back yet. My skin still hurts a lot to but these feelings come n go throughout the day. ive been really bad with my faja lately I won't even lie. My butt seems to get bigger every day I hope I don't lose it! Other than that life is still pretty much back to normal and as I said last time I'm beyond happy with my results!

Gotta maintain :)

I'm so in love with my new body!

quick update

My boobs have finally started to drop into there new shape but they are definitely still sorta squarish -_- my stomach still get swollen in my lower abdomen but its going away slowly but shortly. Now that alot of the swelling has gone down im noticing some loose skin. I've already been looking into round two and saving up! I cant wait. I'm going to do what I should've the first time..tummy and another bbl is def on the new menu! I'm thinking next March. Anywho here's some recent pics im still happy with my results but just not 100%!


Went for a massage today and some Mesotherapy injections which I meant to tell you all definitely work! The Colombian chick that does my massages offer them with machine that sucks at your fat too. Pretty amazing. After just 3 sessions my cellulite is starting to disappear and my legs def look thinner. The fact I work out with them is probably adding to the results. Anywho I haven't had much swelling today I madea point to stay away from salty food all day lol. Here's a lil before n after collage I made I love to look at results like this it still amazes me!


Don't know why it didn't upload but here it is

this thang just keeps growing!

but I'm not complaining!!

Update on my breasts

Where as the shape is looking good I'm extremely upset with how my areolas look. I would not recommend Juris for any breast work. Ever. Lipo yes. Hers some updated pics. I'm still going through with round two I've picked Australia Fragoso Baez in DR. March 9th is my new date.
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

I would not recommend this Dr for any type of breast work but his lipo and fat transfer came out very good.

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