39 yr old Bogota, CO for BBL, Liposuclpture and Breast Aug with Implants.

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Have been wanting this for years and post a...

Have been wanting this for years and post a terrible marriage and divorce I am finally doing it and for me!
I am going to Bogota and interviewing 3 docs to see who I will go with once there. Is been really hard since don't speak language and m Spanish friend has had to make all contact and apts thru her which is why I'm waiting until I meet and interview them in person.

21 Days Post Op

I have had surgeries before, where bones are broken and replaced and chiseled but nothing compares to this surgery!! This Lipo surgery is not for the faint at heart, you have to really want it! The swelling and nerve pain that takes place is insane! My lower abdomen swelled so bad that by day three the nurses poked my lipo wound with a small scissor and manually squeezed excess fluid out as a drainage, which I almost passed out!!! The pain lasts and lasts sometimes I hear for months! The post op care is the most important I did 14 sessions of Lymphatic drainage massage and that too hurts, no mater how soft they go, and I did radio-frequency waves for skin tightening, also uncomfortable. I tell everyone, without the girdle you feel like a blubby, wobbly jellyfish with no structure, and every nerve is on fire and even a silk scarf running over your skin is painful, even on day 21.
Day 4 tends to be depression/regret stage, because you can't sleep it hurts and is uncomfortable in girdle/faja, you look a wreck and realize, damn this is a big commitment!! You wont see real results until 3/6 months!!!
Well, I am on the journey, please follow and enjoy. Hope all gets better, as I am sure it will:)

Before after BBL, day 23

See a difference :)

Restaline injections in lips and nasal folds

Lips are a bit bumpy but get smoother every day.

26 days post surgery

Had lymphatic massage here state side and the pressure is so light! Not like in Latin America but still felt good after, felt much better.
My skin is on fire with the nerve damage healing itself, it's constant and stomach, nipples and back or arms arm numb. Plus my left breast is still swollen and I feel like the implant is moving when I get up but doc felt it and said its just fluid and time will heal that.
The massage therapist said I don't have a lot of hard lumps just lots of water retention that needs draining.
My stomach skin looks wrinkled and saggy but everyone says will tighten just needs time. Also my armpit looks saggy and still swollen.

5 week Post Op, nerve damage getting better every day

I still have a ton of swelling and can walk straighter now, was hunched over a bit due to intense nerve pain in stomach, feels like on fire, especially in warmer climate.
My swelling is still everywhere, and fluctuates as to what part is swollen on any given day. Most knots are gone, with exception of a couple on left underarm adn left back of leg.
Weird thing is tht my weight is about the same as prior to surgery but shape is better. I still can't wait for my hips and inner thighs to go down, they are still too big for my taste, and butt looks lumpy, not as plump as I wanted but exercise and toning will help. I did start to walk on tread mill last week for 45 mins, that was about all i could take. I cannot wait to be able to weight train but I know it will be a few months:(
I have been getting a ton of compliments from people on how I have "the perfect body" or am "the total package". It's been pretty nice!
I can not wear a lighter garment than the faja, it just hurts and does not hod in enough, skin still needs to graph to body. And, cannot wear the faja without the tablet, also hurts like crazy!
My breast are still sore but not moving around like they were before so i guess hte scar tissue is putting them in place. Starting to get more nerve sensation back into left breast, slowly but surely.

Coming up on 2 month post op

I see a difference in my shape but think my butt/laterals are too big. I am still very swollen and have nerve numbness and pain on left side or stomach and ribs but hopefully all of this will go down.i do not feel comfortable without a Faja or spanx and waist trainer, I feel skin is still graphing back to body, I am practically 40 so will take longer than say a 25 year old.
I have no lumps or hard balls and that's great. I am still getting lymph massage 2 weekly. Had about 22 total. I have not been on scale in a while since I saw no weight loss!

3 month update

I am noticing minimum weight loss, even though eating normal healthy diet, but not have to get strict. I exercise like 5 times a week for last month. My stomach is lumpy and blobby and would have thought wud have lost more weight. I wore faja for 1 month then soanx for another than nothing, per docs orders.
I was told to put heavy faja back in to help skin and weight reform and to diet and lose more weight.
The faja is helping, but I hope I won't need revisions surgery and I really thought my shape would be smaller, is better buyback not as small as I had hoped.
Dr. Lina Valero, Dr. Fernando Pedroza

Amazing artist and wonderful bedside manner. I could not speak higher of the whole staff at La Font. I went with a Spanish speak friend who abandoned me by week two in a third world country, nt knowing the language and afraid and in pain post surgery I stayed at the Clinic at La Font, and the whole staff, especially Dr. Lina, took me under their wings and protected me, looked after me, I was never one and the doctor even took me to her horse ranch for a weekend, because she didn't like how my friend left me and wanted me to feel cared for. Not knowing the language was the hardest but the doctors speak English and some staff as well If you call to make appointment ask for Claudia and/or Ivan Vanegas , they both speak English and will be a great help to plan your medical stay. I love them very very much and would go to them every time I need any work! Dr. Lina and her husband Dr. Pedroza, who added fat to my cheeks and did fillers, are just amazing! http://www.lafont.com.co/eng/clinica/

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