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I noticed there are no reviews on body wrapping,...

I noticed there are no reviews on body wrapping, and I even tried to find reviews through a web search before I scheduled the appointment. I was curious about this after seeing a segment on TV that this type of Body Wrapping (I think the brand is Slender Wrap) is guaranteed to take inches off permanently. I did not go into this procedure with high expectations. I am basically close to the weight I want to be and exercise and eat very well, but I thought it would be nice to firm up a bit more and maybe to "compact" myself a bit...if I lost 1/4 to 1/2 inch in my thighs or waist I would consider it worth it.

The procedure consisted of being measured all over, being wrapped in ace bandages that have been soaked in this mineral solution which is supposed to be cleansing. You then get on an exercise machine for 3 15 minute increments with 5 minutes in the sauna and bastings in between. The bandages are taken off and voila, you are supposed to have lost all these inches. The procedure itself took almost 2 hours (a big chunk of time to sacrifice out of your day!). It was not uncomfortable really but was of course awkward to try to move around tightly wrapped in bandages. It also got a little cold at times.

When I was measured just after, I has lost basically 1/4 inch in my thighs and 1/4 inch in my waist. Since they take about 15-20 measurements, the technician proudly announced that I'd lost 8 inches overall. I followed the after care instructions and measured myself ove rthe course of the next few days only to find that my measurements went back to exactly what they were before the wrap.

I would consider this a total waste of money. I knew I was taking a chance, and I was very skeptical about how this could possibly work. I should have followed my instinct. I was surprised that I didn't see more reviews from real people on this procedure.

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