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For the feeling of self improvement. I am 37...

For the feeling of self improvement. I am 37 years old, a bit over weight, and had a double chin going on. It wasn't even exactly a double chin (well, it was that too) but I felt it was a bit like a turkey neck where I didn't have much of a jaw-line definition and rather my neck was full from the tip (bottom) of my chin to my lower neck. Dr. Ringler agreed that Smartlipo would be a good procedure to help remedy this and bring me excellent results. He was right. The procedure went great! The end results is my neck looking like what I look like when Im 30lbs lighter. I absolutely love what Dr. Ringler did for me. He is so kind and genuine and TALENTED. He is extremely skilled and I trust him completely. 

Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

I will only use Dr. Ringler He is an amazing person and an amazing surgeon. I met with him and we discussed what my hopes were, regarding improving the appearence of my neck. It was a simple choice to choose him to do my body-jet abdominal liposuction. Just like with my neck, his care and genuine interest in my wants and care, were amazing. I was thrilled with my results and I know that Dr. Ringler, being the person and the skiller surgeon that his, is what took me from a level of being "fine/happy" with results, to being THRILLED. He DOES go the extra mile. No need to hope for it - it's just what he does and who he is. I would recommend the body-jet liposuction to anyone, and I would highly recommend Dr. Ringler for the proceedure. I could go on and on with the resons why, but I will sum it up by saying he is brillant, kind, humble, personable, and with him doing any work on you, you just know it's all going to be "okay". Getting anything done is scary, and knowing, going into it, that it's all going to be okay, and be GREAT, is priceless. Too, I must mention the office staff. I would expect nothing less from Dr. Ringler, than to have an office staff of the absoultely best, friendliest, most helpful staff I have ever encountered. The girls make me feel like we are best friends. Each and every time I see them, they treat me like it's the first time. And the best part - it's all genuine. They really do care about me and are happy to see me. They enjoy their environment and it shows. Dr. Ringler's right hand office team member Rebecca is beyond amazing. I am nearly short on words, she's just that great. She, and the whole office, Katie and the rest, go above and beyond for me each and every time. I am a Customer Care professional and I have pretty high standards. They blow me away each and every time and I wouldn't change a thing. Lisa, the office's skin care specialist/esthetician is WONDERFUL. Even if I just see her on the fly if I stop in for some products, she's so pleasent and greets me with a smile. She's always quick to hook me up with the latest and greatest samples. Her skin is amazing and I'm lucky to have her help, with helping me bring the level of my skin up to hers. Too, what I so appreciate about her is that I might go in to buy a product thinking it's the one I want, or that it's the right one for me, but after talking to her and her really listening to what I'm trying to accomplish with the product, she will make certain I'm getting what I really need, even if the cost of that product is significantly less than the one I had originally gone in to purchase. Just all around great ethics. All of them. Dr. Ringler does my botox too, and after the first time I went to him, I knew I wouldn't go anywhere else again. It's no secret that it's hard to save our pennies for proceedures - big or small. But every single penny spent has been worth it to me. I really can't say enough - they are just a great group of people, that I feel blessed to know. Elizabeth.

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