Smart Lipo: Inner Knees, Inner Thighs, & Saddle Bags

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I'm 22 years old, and have always had issues...

I'm 22 years old, and have always had issues with my body. I'm VERY petite from the waist up, but VERY bottom heavy. Being about 4'9, it has always been a problem finding pants that fit my tiny waist, big butt, big thighs, and short legs! I'll never have skinny legs, and that's ok because I like my curves. I work out, and eat right most of the time, but nothing seemed to improve where the fat remained. That's why I looked into Smart Lipo.

I've been researching Smart Lipo for the last 3 plus years. Debating whether I should do it or not. I have seen low prices, to an insane amount for this proceedure. Money was definitly on my mind. More doesn't always mean better, but cheap definitly doesn't sound right. When it comes to surgical proceedures and my body, or any one's for that matter...I really think we should all look into it. When you pay 2 to 3 thousand dollars for a many times do you have to go back and correct that low cost surgery? Anyway...

I had a really good vibe with the entire office and doctor that I chose. I went to 3 consulations, and only with Dr. M did I feel comfortable one hundred percent that this was what I wanted, and who I wanted to do the procedure with. I had my Smart Lipo on January 21, 2010.

Waking up from surgery: Was still under anaesthesia, therefore the pain was not too severe when i awoke. I stayed in the recovery room for 6-8 hours under the care of a nurse. I eventually had to use the bathroom, which was a bit of a mission trying to pee with the garment on. There is a slit/hole over genitals, pull aside thong to pee. Felt extremely sore to sit on toilet because of smart lipo-saddle bag area.

Day 1: Night/day after surgery. I was drinking a lot of water to keep hydrated and had to use the bathroom a lot! As i explained above, it's not that comfortable to sit. Pain was not too severe, just very sore. I was taking half oxycodin's every 3-6 hours for pain. I didn't take an entire pill ever 6 hours. I have a high tolerance for pain, and personally don't like taking med of any kind unless urgent/necessity. No appetite, ate in small portions. Drank lots of water and gatorade for electrolights. Saw the doctor for a treatment using high tech equipment for faster healing/better results. I felt good, good mood, but walked funny. No approval for shower. I was draining behind my left knee. Doctor said it was normal. Slept with doggy looking pads on the bed. Bruised, but not too horrible like i imagined. And i bruise very easily!

Day 2: Have to say that this day was more painful than the first day. I got to take a shower. I've been staying with my mom, so she helped me since I couldn't really bend my legs. Oh, man! My mom washed the garnment since bleeding/draining fluids were still coming from the back/inner left knee. Putting that garnment on! Ouch! I was so sore, I couldn't put it on myself. My mother helped me get dressed. It was rather uncomfortable. The garnment was very tight! It makes you want to wail owe! I survived the night. I did take a whole oxy for pain before bed. Halfs during the day only when i felt a lot of pain. Had another proceedure called "Lipo X" which in combination with Smart Lipo should increase the results. I was more bruised than on day one, and left inner knee stopped draining, but switched over to right knee. Highly considering saving up to continue lipo X treatments in combination with smart lipo. Strangest feeling is a burning sensation in my feet! Like they were on fire. Especially my heals! I never have a foot problem, so I woke up in the middle of the night shouting my feet are on fire. They mentally felt dry, and i asked my mom to rub lotion on them. I really don't like people touching my feet, but the burning sensation slightly went away.

Day 3: Feels like day 1 again. Back to a great mood. Still sore, but walking around a lot more. It's more comfortable to lay down flat, with a pillow under knees, or to stand and walk around. Sitting up is the most uncomfortable possition. Can't sleep on side, or stomach. Strictly on my back at the moment. Still drinking a lot of water and gaterade. Which means I am in the bathroom often still. Apetite is still low. Better for me! Maybe i;ll drop a lb or two. Barely taking pain killers. I can go more than 6 hours without half a tablet. Again. I have a high tolerance for soreness/pain, and prefer not to take "drugs." I put the garnment on by myself today! After my shower. It took me a good 15-20 minutes, but it was important not to rely on my mother and figure out how to do it myself. It was also less painful putting it on myself vs. someone else.

Day 4: I was supposed to go to work that Monday, but I was still very sore and honestly, didn't know how to handle sitting up right because it's just so uncomfortable. Also, nobody at work (office job-internet based) knew I was having surgery! It would be obvious, so my mom made me take the day off. I was hoping if I took 2 sick days Thursday, Friday...then I had the weekend Sat and Sun to recover 4 days, but I guess it wasn't enough. I walked a lot more today. I was out and about. My father came in town so we had lunch/dinner together at a restaurant with cushioned chairs. :) Learning to sit up with less pain. I think circulating my legs was great for the 4th day, but I was really tired by the end of the day. I took a shower all by myself today, AND put the garnment on in about 5-7 minutes.

Day 5: Went back to work. I woke up feeling great. Quickly walked to my desk bending my legs a bit to "try" and walk more normal for nobody to notice. Nobody did. :) By 1:00(about 3.5 hours after i got there) i was starting to feel bad. Really tired. And i couldn't take an oxycodin because of the zombie-effect. I took 2 tylenols istead, which only kicked in around 2:30, but at least it helped. Sitting down for 8 hours straight with occasional bathroom trips was really hard. I haaaaaate sitting straight! By 5:30, i felt really fatigued. It was too much for me. I got home, exhausted and overworked. I cried a bit out of exhaustion, took half an oxy, and fell asleep.

Day 6: Felt better when i woke up. Showered, and went to work. I knew I was leaving around 3:30, for a follow up appointment, therefore it made staying there a bit easier to handle since I had to "go." So i missed some more work thank i expected, but doctor says everything looks amazing. Disolvable stitches already drying up which is good. He put some bandages on all the incisions so that putting the garnment over it would feel more comfortable instead of rubing against stitched skin. Today was Tuesday, so next free lipo x treatment is this saturday, and next follow up with doctor is next friday. Bruises are already starting to turn yellow and healing with use of Vitamin K cream recommended by doctor and lipo x practitioner.

Day 7: Getting better at work, walking a bit better, but sitting...ah! Still not comfortable. Work got so busy i didn;t really have a chance to focus on soreness. But every time i had to sit or get out of my chair it was constant soreness. Like "not again." Really looking forward to friday. Beacause then the weekend i could rest!

Day 8: 1 week and 1 day later! Feeling good. Only taking half an oxy a day! And right before bed. It tends to calm me down, and all my nerves. When i tense up, all my muscles hurt and my body aches, so it helps before bedtime and affects my morning in a good way.

Day 9 & 10: Was the weekend. Rested a lot, but walked around too. It was important to circulate my legs. Still not getting used to sitting up. I have been able to sleep on my stomach for a few hours before flipping back to my back. Eating small portions, but appetite is slowly returning. Don't recall taking anything for pain. It converted to stiff soreness, not heavy enough for more than a, "oh...just a hard work out."

Week 2: I can already see improvement between inner knees. They no longer touch when i bend my legs in bed. They look slimmer. Not really sure if I see anything else. Changes are very subtle. I might have lost inches, but as of right's hard to tell. I did go from 103 lb before procedure to 99.5 lb. I am always weighing between 100-105 lb. Don't forget! I am only 4 foot 9!!! Extremely short! I wear athletic stretchy yoga pants to cover the garnment. Nobody at work can tell a difference. I always come to work in athleticwear because I used to work out at the gym straight after work. I'm walking closer to normal by the end of week 2. Discontinued pain killers completely. Some days it's easier to use the bathroom by removing the top half of the garnment and pulling it down. It is more time consuming, but way more comfortable than trying to pee through the garnment's hole. Sometimes I go through with remove halfway, sometimes i use the key-hole.

CURRENT STATUS: It's already a bit over 2 weeks. I'll continue writing as I progress and improve. Here are the pro's and con's so far:

*Completely asleep during procedure
*About 1 liter of fat melted/sucked out instantly
*Not as painful as I thought it was going to be
*Not as bruised as I thought i'd be
*Back to work fairly quickly, in less than 1 week.
*I'm sure more improvements as the weeks pass. I'll add!

CON'S: "expected"
*Soreness & brusing
*Frequent urinating
*Need asistance first 2-3 days
*Lower back ache from tight garnment
*Constipation (worsened) due to pain killers
*Unable to sleep on side
*Uncomfortable sitting

At this point, it's too early to decide if it was worth it or not. I promise to upload pictures, and update status/improvements. I hope to achieve the results I was looking for with the Smart Lipo procedure. I'll keep you informed. :)


Updated on May 22, 2010:

Hi All! I promised to upload my before and after pictures.

Pictures officially got posted, and i have changed...

Pictures officially got posted, and i have changed my satisfaction and was it worth it status. :)

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