Areola Reduction - Boca Raton, FL

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I asked my PS to do this because she left the...

I asked my PS to do this because she left the areola too big from the original reduction/lift surgery. She also left my breasts too big. Needless to say, even with her wonderful staff and lovely bedside manner, I do not consider her an artist. I believe she gave me what she thought was appropriate for my height/build which is 5'8" 135 lbs, but the fact is I requested (over and over) to be a B/C cup instead of my original large D; I am now a small that surgery was not satisfactory and I felt not worth the money. Please girls: Get pictures of how you want to look. I felt I could have been lifted higher.

I was shocked that the areola was left so big and I believe she charged only $250 for the revision because I was so unhappy with the entire procedures. I'm only less than a week post-op and still have tapes on so cannot see the result. Before you have surgery, be very specific as to how large you want your nipple area to be. I'll update you as I heal. There was some post-op pain taken care of the pain pills. (I had no pain from the orginal reduction/lift surgery.) I hate not to recommend this PS because she is so caring and lovely. To sum up - I think she gave me what she thought was right; not what I asked for. I was supposed to morph into the tear drop shape, but haven't changed one iota from the post-op look from the reduction - which is not the best looking shape. I did the orginal surgery because I was so uncomfortable with haveing such large breasts, which were beginning to sag and be very uncomfortable. I have dense breasts which is why I needed to go smaller. She only removed 6 oz from each breast - not nearly enough. At least my nipples should look normal. I'll update you as I heal.

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