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After extensive research and reading, I had the...

After extensive research and reading, I had the Ultherapy treatment today. I did lower face and extended neck. Lower face actually began at the cheek bone and went down to the clavicle (sp?). I had over 400 lines done. It felt like hot jolts of electricity into my face and neck placed there with a jackhammer! I was red and sore and it was painful to the touch for a couple of hours. I was finished at 11:30 in the morning, and it's now 8:00 p.m. My skin is feeling tight, but not painful at all, just very slightly tingly. My skin also looks tighter but that's because the treatment made the muscles tighten which in turn lifted my skin. My jowls, though they weren't horrible, look much better and my neck looks different, too. I know this won't last; the skin will fall soon and then the collagen will start to be produced and over the next several months the real tightening will happen. The worst part for me was just under my chin for some reason. Wow, did I see stars. It was pretty painful. The tech was very mellow and stopped when I asked her to; she wasn't rushing and was totally devoted to my comfort and wouldn't proceed until I gave her the thumbs up. I'm cautiously optimistic that the end result - in about 3-6 months, will make it all worthwhile. I will update as time goes on and will post "before" shots as soon as I get them, and will post follow up pics as well.

Next day update

It's the day after Ultherapy and I have no swelling, no redness, no real pain. Now, when I touch my lower cheek area, my chin/jawline and neck, it is slighly uncomfortable, tender to the touch but numb feeling as well, weird as that sounds. Washing my face and moisturizing has to be done very lightly. I have to say that my neck looks better. This is still the result of the stimulation and it will likely look saggy once the shock to the muscles and deep skin layers wears off. It's nice to see a firmer neck and I'm hoping the end result will be what I envisioned when starting out on this odessey. I will continue to update my progress.

Four day update

Today is day four post-Ultherapy. My swelling is slowly ebbing away, although I'm still a bit swollen. My treated areas (cheekbones down to clavical) are still tender to the touch. I tell ya, for a non-invasive procedure... I don't know if I'm imagining due to wishful thinking, but I see a difference in my neck. Not my jowls yet, but definitely my neck. Everything feels tighter. If it's really happening this soon, I can't wait to see what 3 months out is going to look like. But, like I said, I may be imagining. I will take pictures tonight and see if I can find a bad before neck to compare it to and will post them. Maybe fresh eyes can tell me if I'm seeing things. Will update. Have a great day!

I read some stories on here where there has been little to no follow up once the procedure was done. My experience thus far with Beforever Trim has been exceptional. I had my Ulthera done on Saturday. On Monday morning, I had a call asking how I was feeling and scheduling me for not one, but two follow up appointments: one at 60 days and the other at 120 days. They're also giving a complimentary facial by their aesthetician. From a purely customer service aspect, I have to give Beforever Trim and their protocols five stars. I have been very pleasantly surprised.

Eight day update

Well, I'm still tender to the touch, only much less so and my chipmunk looking cheek swelling is just about gone. The after effects seem to be dissipating from the top down, and exceedingly slowly. The sides of my lower neck are swollen and I still feel tight. I see no difference in my jowl/jaw; still jowly. My neck, however, does look less ugly. Now, it's nowhere near where I'd like it to be and, hopefully, will be once the process is fully complete in a few months. But, all things considered, I'm doing okay. I cannot find a good "before" pic to post along with pics of what I look like now.

For anyone thinking of having the Ultherapy procedure done, I say go for it. Don't go for it, however, if your skin is sagging significantly; I don't think you would get the result you'd be seeking. IMOA.

Will post again.

Almost at the four week mark

Saturday will be four weeks since I had my Ultherapy. I still have tingling and moderate discomfort under jawline and my neck. I don't see swelling anymore, though, so that's great. But, it's such a slow healing process. If you're looking for fast, don't do this; it's not going to be for you and you'll be pissed off. If you are patient - very patient - you just may be pleasantly surprised. I'm looking foward to seeing what I look like in a couple of more months. I wll continue posting updates and as soon as I can get my hands on my "before" pic, I will post that and some "afters." Have a great weekend.

Six weeks and counting

This coming Saturday will be six weeks since my Ultherapy session. The discomfort has just recently (like, this week) gone. Boy, what a long process that was. I really don't know if it's working. Sometimes my neck doesn't look as bad as before the Ultherapy, yet other times it looks the same. My jowls look the same. I hope that I didn't waste the $2200 it cost me. Perhaps as I get closer to the three month mark, I'll start to see some real changes. I will continue to update.
Beforever Trim

I cannot rate a doctor as I didn't see one. My procedure was done (very well) by a trained aesthetician with a physical therapy background. So, her extensive knowledge of anatomy made me comfortable. No bruising, no nerve issues, very little redness and swelling. Fingers crossed I didn't waste the money. Oh, I'm 58 with crepy neck and little jowls.

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