17 Year Old Female Rhinoplasty and Submental Chin Lipo

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I got my rhinoplasty today and can already tell...

I got my rhinoplasty today and can already tell that I love the results! I will update through out the healing process and post pictures. Right now I feel no pain and my eyes aren't swollen at all!! My bose started feeling a little bit sore but i took a pain pill and it completely went away. Even my doctor was surprised by how little swelling and bleeding I had. I know that tomorrow I will be more swollen but it shouldn't get much worse. The only weird feeling is that my top lip is completely numb but it honestly feels kind of cool lol. I have not felt any pain in my chin and it has caused me no discomfort whatsoever. One tip I have is not to completely empty your bladder before as females have to take a pregnancy test before surgery. I tried for 30 minutes and couldn't pee! They had to give me fluid through an iv so I could go. I was under twilight sleep for the surgery and I highly recommend it! I don't remember any part of the surgery and feel a lot less gross than I have after general anesthesia. Overall, I had a wonderful experience and can't wait to see how my nose turns out!

Recovery Process

I have had very little bruising around my eyes. I think it might be because my bruising is yellow and I have yellow undertones in my skin so they blend in nicely. Doesn't bother me too much during the day but I find it hard to sleep due to discomfort. It was very swollen and stuffed at the beginning but now it doesn't feel to clogged as long as I clean it. Sometimes, the stitches in my columella feel dry and sting a bit but feel better after I apply Vaseline. My tip is numb and tingly which I find uncomfortable, but I have always hated being numbed so it might just be a personal thing. Another thing I have noted it that my top lip now appears longer after the surgery and I absolutely love it! I really hope that it stays that way. As for my nose, I feel like I can't get a good feel for it until I get the cast off in two days and even after that I know it takes months for the swelling to subside. As for my chin, it is now swollen to about the size it was before so I can't say much of the results right now. Also, after I removed the bandages from around my head, I noticed a piece of tape over the incision in my chin that my doctor had not given me any instructions on. I am unsure whether I am supposed to remove it or let it come off naturally. Does anyone have any experience with this? As for pain, my chin doesn't bother me unless I apply pressure. I will update again after getting my cast off on Friday (:
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