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I have met Dr. Nachlas twice so far. He took...

I have met Dr. Nachlas twice so far. He took pictures and provided me with computer images of his proposed work. I will be having a revision rhinoplasty with Balloon Sinuplasy, septum straightened, turbinates reduced. Also hoping for relief from my daily migraines, some sinus related.
I hope to have a more feminine nose, a slight slope, tip lifted and rotated.

Original profile and Computer morphs

These are the computer images that Dr. Nachlas provided me. I am hoping to see a little more slope and we have discussed this. My pre op is scheduled for Monday Nov. 9th. 15 days to go.

13 days until surgery

This morning while trying to give my dog his medicines (he had a carcinoma removed on Monday) I tripped over him falling face first on to ceramic tile. Went to the ER as soon as I realized I now had a huge laceration above my left eye, just below the brow. The doctor at the ER gave me a booster and stitched me up. Monday I will be seeing Dr. Nachlas for Pre -Op and to review surgery plan one last time. The stitches will need to be removed by that point. Dr. Nachlas said he would take care of removing the stitches.

8 days...

Met with Dr. Nachlas an his PA Veronica yesterday for my pre op. Trying to get all my ducks in order before going in for surgery next Wednesday. Why is it Sao hard to find 100% percent cotton button down pjs? I have arnica on hand the nasal rinse that I will need to start the evening after surgery. Never heard of this before? Anyone else do this with a rhinoplasty? The cast comes off after five days I was told. I thought it would need to stay on longer.

Two more sleeps left...

The butterflies in my tummy are having a party and they did not invite me. To say I am nervous is an understatement. This time 48 hours from now, I will be on my road to recovery. Prayers that all goes well and as planned. Next update will follow surgery. Peace to all.

24 hour update

So far the past 24 hours have been mostly pretty pleasant, with a few hiccups. I was on my knees vomiting a bit last night. Nothing wanted to stay in my stomach. The blood needed to come out I guess. Hoping it does not delay or ruin the healing process. I also bumped my cast. It's a hard cast and a very light bump. I called Dr. Nachlas' service and he called me back from his personal line. That is an amazing quality in a doctor and for that I am grateful. Will update later, I am about to go to doctor office for my 24 hour follow up. Peace. Xo

Hardest part...not being able to see and move around too much.

Today is ok, as long as I remain laying down (on a 45 degree incline). I am so happy that I learned two years ago how to sleep on my 12 inch wedge. I think that if you are a stomach or aide sleeper this would be a difficult adjustment to make. Today, is going slow. I imagine the next two days will be the same. Hoping that I am wrong and that somehow they go a little faster than I am feeling they will. I started the Niel Med sinus rinse as directed last night. It is not the most pleasant thing to do, and takes time and patience, but I am following doctors directions as best as possible. The instructions included 1/2 teaspoon. Johnson baby shampoo, but I found that to be a lot irritating so I made the rinse without it. Anyone else out in RS land use the rinse that soon after surgery?

Cast and internal splints removed.

I can breath better, but right side still harder to get good air. The nose looks like I sausage and if it stays like this I will be disappointed. Dr. Nachlas said that a lot of the swelling should go down this week, that right now it is meaty due to swelling. I hope so, but I am fully aware that revisions take longer to heal. Just hope that it looks better than what it looked like before.

Looks the same as it did. I can breath a bit better.

It's been a few days since my last update. Probably because I am having a slow healing. To be honest, I was very disappointed when my cast came off. My nose just looked to swollen and bigger than before. The inner splints came out with fairly clean drainage, which to me seemed to be positive. I can't remember having had inner splints in my previous septoplasty rhinoplasty. Not sure what they actually looked like, but they seemed large when they were pulled out. That and the nasal vacuum were not comfortable, but not that painful. I probably had more pain than the average person, because I already suffer with nose pain. My nose feels heavy, and I have a painful bump on the upper left side of my bridge, which was not there before. At first I thought it was just swelling because that was rasp down, but I am starting to question that. I am doing the nasal rinse 2 times a day, but other than that initial rinse my nose feels dry and like a hair is stuck flying around. It's really distracting and uncomfortable. For the most part I am still taking it very easy, which is very hard for me. feel free to ask questions and or share your experience. At this point in time, I feel my tip is not rotated enough, still big and long, and I still have bad asymmetry.

Pictures today...

One more...

Still needs some work...

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Nachlas. I do have some improvement.
Boca Raton Facial Plastic Surgeon

So far all interaction has been positive and I am confident in Dr. Nachlas' skills. Would love to hear feedback from others that have gone through with this procedure.

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