Dawn Beautiful in Boca Raton for two drooped eyelids with the skin hanging over the pupils from using Dysport

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I am 84 years old and had dysport used for the...

i am 84 years old and had dysport used for the first time 5 days ago, and up to 5 days ago, i was very pleased .. but !! this morning when i woke up my right eye lid has drooped to near closing, the left eye so far is alright, i plan to call the plastic surgeon and tell him but i will not ever have anymore injections of any kind done again, i just hope and pra,y that after this dysport wears off, if it ever does, that my eye lid will go back to normal again .. meanwhile, what do i do now ??

UP DATE : as of January 30 / 2013, exactly 12...

UP DATE : as of January 30 / 2013, exactly 12 days from the time my Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Handle, in Boca Raton, unbeknowing to me, injected me with Dysport, I thought I was getting Botox. Since I have never had anything done before, I had never heard of Dysport .. While waiting for the doctor to come in to the procedure room, I picked up a magazine and read all the ill effects that you can have from Dysport and Botox, and when the doctor came in, I showed him the article, and he laughed and said, that it was Not True, that he does it to his Mother and to his wife and friends. Then the nurse came in with the malpractice papers for me to sign, and Stupid, Fool Me, I signed them. I should have gotten the H out of there after reading the article ... The doctor injected my forehead, between my eyebrows, ( frown lines ) above my eyebrows, and the laugh lines out side of my eyes ( I don't know the names for all this). After the procdure, and paying him $850.00 I went home, app: 3 days later I woke up and my right eyelid was almost closed with the skin hanging over my eye sight , and it was tearing awful and my eye brow had a high arch to it. I was Horrified !! And here my LEFT eye brow is MUCH LOWER. I am now lopsided .. The laugh lines ouside of my eyes are MUCH DEEPER NOW which I NEVER HAD BEFORE !! and when injecting me, he also gave me a big bruise on my Left Cheek .. I called and went in to see the doctor, I could tell that I was already an after thought. He had a very cavalier attitude, and was anxious to get rid of me. He said, In three weeks, after the Dysport wears off, it will all go back to normal, and then he rushed out to see his next customer .. My forehead is smooth, and the frown lines between my nose is better, BUT DEAR GOD, How about my nearly closed right eye ?? How long do I have to suffer with this condition ? Believe me, There Is No Way, That I Will Ever Do This Again !! .. I just pray to God, that my right eye goes back to normal ... I would appreciate hearing from others in my predicament ..

Up Date as of Wednesday, Feb. 6 / 2013 .. It is...

Up Date as of Wednesday, Feb. 6 / 2013 .. It is exactly 19 days since I had Dysport used by a well known Plastic Surgeon here in Boca Raton, Dr. Arthur Handleand .. As I write this, MY NOW Left Eyelid has drooped with the skin hanging over the pupil, at first it was just my Right Eyelid that had drooped with the shin hanging over the pupil, so now I have double problems, I am horrified as to what to expect next .. When I went to show the Plastic Surgeon, the Injector, my Drooped Right Eyeld and the skin hanging over the pupil, he said, all would be back to normal in three weeks .. BUT NOW MY LEFT EYELD IS DROOPING WITH ALL THIS SKIN HANGING OVER THE PUPIL, How long does it take for this Dysport to run its course ..This everything will go back to normal in three weeks, is BS .. I am so embarresed that I hardly go out, and then NEVER without big sun glasses on and lots of kleenex, as my eyes continue to run water ... I am soooo sorry that I ever had this done, it was my first time ever having used either Dysport or Botox ... The doctor never told me he was going to use Dysport, I thought he was using Botox, I had never even heard of Dysport ... The only consolation that I get is reading how the doctors keep telling you that this stuff wears off, like, in three to six months, I certainly pray to God that it does .. I have an eye appointment with my eye doctor for my anual eye exam, I have no eye problems, my vision is 20/20, I don't even wear glasses, I'm going to tell him what happened and maybe he can help me, IF not, and the skin doesn't go back, I guess then I will have to see a Plastic Surgeon to remove some of the skin that is hanging over my pupil, BUT !! I plan to wait for six months to see what happens before I do anything ... AGAIN, I WILL NEVER EVER DO THIS AGAIN !!!!!

UP DATE .. On Friday, January 18 / 2013, exactly...

UP DATE .. On Friday, January 18 / 2013, exactly 26 days ago today, I had a well known plastic surgeon, Dr. Arthur Handle in Boca Raton, Florida use un be knowing to me, instead of Botox, he used Dysport, in a few facial lines in my face, up to that time, I had Never had either Dysport or Botox used before, .. AND I WILL NEVER EVER DO THIS AGAIN !!! .. I have been writing and posting many up dates since my horrible after effects from Dysport .. I AM NO BETTER !! my both eyes are still nearly shut, the skin is still hanging over my pupils .. If you want to read ALL MY PREVIOUS UP DATE REPORTS ON "REAL SELF" they will bring you up to date, from the first time the doctor injector, injected me, to now .. I have only been back to see the doctor one time, and that was 3 days after he injected me with Dysport, to show him my drooped nearly closed eyelid's with the skin hanging over my pupils, and a huge bruise on the side of my left cheek, he had a very CAVALIER ATTITUDE and told me, that all would go back to normal in three weeks, he made NO SUGGESTIONS as to what I could do to help my eyes, therefore, I see no reason to go back to see the doctor again, as I am now, just an after thought, BECAUSE HE COULD CARE LESS !! .. SOOOO, I'm on my on now, to face the Consequences, and to PRAY that in time my eyes will return back to normal !!! .. ... I don't know how many read these posts, not just mine, but others, and the horrible effects that they have gotten from using Dysport or Botox, I know I never hear from anyone, but I can tell you, once it happens to you, you will never be the same !! ... SO DON'T DO IT !!
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I want others to be aware of what can happen .. The Doctors are all in it for the money, some patients my get good results but there are thousands who don't, they are difigured with horrible side effects .. Once you sign those malpractice papers that they make you sign befoe injecting you, and you are disfigured, you Do Not Have A Leg To Stand On .. You Are On Your Own !! .. I blame myself for being stupid in having it done .. And I just pray to God, that this Dysport soon wears off, and I, and all the others soon go back to normal ..

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