My Browlift Story - Boca Raton, FL

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My research in to Browlift/hairline shortening...

My research in to Browlift/hairline shortening began when I learned that my migraines responded Botox treatment. I consulted with many well known, highly reputable surgeons in Boca, Delray and Fort Lauderdale. I chose Dr. Cabrera, because when I met him, I instantly knew he actually read my medical history which is critical when having any type of surgery. His explanations of the surgery was superior to all. Dr. Cabrera has a skilled and gentle hand. I am now 5 days post op, and my experience to date is exactly how it was projected to be. Aside from the extreme itchiness I have at the incision site, I am extremely pleased. Some staples come out tomorrow...

Before and 7 days after

Washing and cleaning insiscion

Saw the Doctor for my second post op. Crystal, one of Dr. Cabrera's amazing staff members removed about a 1/4 (maybe less) of the staples. Dr. Cabrera had a quick look and said that I am progressing nicely. They told me that it is crucial to wash the hair every day until my next appointment (Wednesday/Tomorrow). Its very strange washing the hairline and I honestly do not like that part very much. I have decreased feeling in the hairline area (very normal), along with some sensitivity and extreme itchiness.
Feel free to ask me any questions....

Hairline browlift experience day 12

My results are greater than I could have ever imagined at day 12 Post Op. My incision is barely visible, and my forehead does not scream out as the first thing noticed on my face. I am in LOVE with the height of my brow, hope the unevenness is just swelling.... either way, I am pleased...I do not have a constant look of PAIN, anger, annoyance, aggravation, exhaustion, or PAIN (note, I CAPITALIZED AND WROTE THE WORD TWICE) that I walked around with since childhood. The constant pain in my eye/forehead region that consumed me, for most of my life is 90% better. I am appalled that this procedure is considered ONLY COSMETIC, and not at all seen as medically necessary. Just my thoughts and feeling.

Still worth it...

I see the hair growing back.

Healing process...

Is not a picnic. I have had some stretching on my right side and I can't wait until it can be corrected or minimized. My left side (always the right side of the picture) is amazing. Have not had any pain or pressure since I had surgery. I can't say the same about The right side. The right side (left in picture) pressure and continual spasms with a heavy pain in upper eyelid. Maybe I have extra strong muscles that pulled the scar apart? Who knows. I think the staples came out too early. They came out earlier than the left side.

Staying positive and trusting your surgeon

Still have swelling, which will probably stick around for a while. It seems that the pinched nerve in my shoulder/neck from my c5,6, and 7 stenosis is wrecking havoc on the right side of my head. (Scalp, face) I am just hoping that it did not permanently alter my surgeons beautiful work.
I realized that it is extremely important to allow yourself as much time as needed to heal. Some people heal quicker than others.

Here's my latest...

Last Thursday I had the scar fixed on the right side. There are four clean incisions with approx. 18 stitches. Although I feel it has helped the right side, I still have a very mushy loose fat pad that I wish could feel firm and tight like the left side.

before and after

Just a few updated pictures.

If you have followed my journey, you are aware I started with severe bilateral migraines. They continue to be severe on the right side, and I do have asymmetry which will be addressed hopefully in the near future.

3 years later...

Would I do it again? In a heart beat. Would I use the same doctor? I thought my answer would be yes. Unfortunately, my original assessment of him was not entirely accurate. So I can't answer that. I had a friend consult with him and he said some things to her about me that I find to be rather hurtful.
At this point in time, I am looking for an occuloplatic surgeon I think. Also someone to do some scar revision.
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cabrera and his entire staff are honest, warm, caring and literally on call 24/7.

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