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It has been 10 years since i got my breast...

it has been 10 years since i got my breast implants, i used to be 32 AA maybe even smaller because i did not really needed a bra at all. But i was at the time 24 years old and always felt very insecure about not having boobs, and it did not help that where im from i used to get bully by my cousins and friends always making jokes and embarrassed me since i was eleven years old all because of my small breast, i could not find bikini tops that fit me and when i was twenty four i look like i had 16 years old so i just want to look my age so in the end i got 350 cc saline mentor implants under the muscle. i did not regret it at first but if im honest to my self they always fell weird and painful i stop exercising because they always hurt and i feel uncomfortable. Now im 34 soon 35 im married and have two kids, breastfed both of them for twenty two months and now im ready to get rid of the implants i knew i want them gone at least for six years now but money and the pregnancies stop me for doing it before, i feel tired and constantly in pain my explant day is December 9 2013 , im exited and scared, my incision was made in the nipple i did not loose sensation and i hope i do not loose it this time either, will i look deformed? do my nipples will look weird how small would i be? im doing it with local anesthesia and im afraid i feel everything or i will have panic attack if im in pain.... anyone that has done it with local anesthesia please tell me your experience. and i don't know if im going to have drains on.

i will take some pics and upload them as soon i find my phone and keep writing after the procedure.

Nervous and anxious

im 5,3 and 130 pounds.

Talk to nurse

Thank you all for the support all of you ladies are an inspiration.
I talk to the nurse two days ago, and she was very nice and helpful, she anwser all of my questions and i feel more at ease. Picking up prescriptions tomorrow, got an sport bra and a Marena Surgical Bra with 1" Elastic just in case for after i get unwrap ;-)im thinking to talk to doctor to get the implant out by the bottom of the breast instead of the aureole just to not go by the breast tissue if he does not have to. I was one of the lucky ones that did not loose sensation, and i don't want to risk it plus im afraid of my nipple getting deformed.

Tomorrow finally FREE!!!

thank you ladies for such kind words and wishes. im nervous, happy, and very stress out about tomorrow. But i guess those are all normal feelings before a surgery right! im trying to have everything ready for tomorrow comfortable clothing, clean and organized house, hubby is going to take care of the kids and my mother is the lucky winner to drive me back and forth ;-), anything else that im forgetting? please write me to be sure the check list of all things are ready to go. i will try to post before the procedure and after. xoxo and good luck and best wishes to all the ladies getting the implants out this week.

finally free:-)

It went great I litle painful on one of the girls but I'm good. Feeling great, dr pozner and awesome lady nurse :-)were great sorry. I would write a full update tomorrow. Wow what a weight I was carrying I feel so light . Tomorrow first post visit. I don't know how they look yet but they are tiny for sure and I loved it.

in a litle discomfort and a litle pain but happy .

in a litle discomfort and a litle pain but happy .

WOOHOOOO Good Morning Ladies

I may say i was spectating the pain to be worst, but until now no pain pills:-) the procedure was fine. the left breast was ready in not time, and i dint even feel it, the right one was a little painful i felt pain during but the doctor put more anesthesia and i was fine. Don't be afraid of local anesthesia it was a breeze just be sure your doctor put enough, but really it was really good no pain. also he even clean the pocket and check for scarring or capsule. the time when really fast Dr Pozner and the lovely nurse the assist him was awesome, after my husband and i even when for lunch in local restaurant:-) i feel light, i look way smaller;-)as soon as i got out to the front desk of the clinic my husband hug me and kiss me and say wow you generally look young but now you are going to carried your ID all of the time lol. best decision of my life after having kids :-) ladies do not doubt your decisions your body knows what is best and it really feels great. thank you for the good wishes and for keep checking on me i would post later after my first post visit and i would take more pictures.

two days post surgery

feeling great the girls look very wrinkling and kind of droopy, please do not discourage after you see my pictures. i know is going to take time to look better, but im feeling so good i don't care about that. as soon as my doctor give me the ok planning to start doing glycolic acid wash on my chest and coconut oil and maybe even some high frequency therapy all of those things help thigh the skin and renew the skin so hopefully it will help.

Some cool things that have change with time for small breast ladies :-)

Back when i was a teenager living in south america i never found cute bra because in south america they don't cater to small breasted girls or women later when i move here late teens and early twenty i just wore VS water bra and just because no decent bra for my little ladies instead of embrace your size it has always being push them up make them bigger but never embrace them until now :-) ladies these are a few websites the cater to US and love them they are i little expensive i wish the price range was more affordable ( come on they use very little fabric for our size :-) but is nice to at least have choices and ideas of what to wear.

Lets embrace our natural beauty and show how hot, sexy and beautiful small breasted women are ;-)

update sorry took soo long!

it have been 8 months since i have surgery, im still getting used to not having them and sometimes i would like smaller implants back on. i don't have any fluff on top, they look very wrinkle even that i have been exercising my husband is very supportive and he say to give them time still but this past month is been rough for me to see my self in the mirror and accept me:-( . health wise its been good i have been paddle boarding, yoga, barre exercise no pain. i hope you all lady's doing well.
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