52 Yo Scarless Breast Lift with Fat Transfer from Abdomen - Boca Raton, FL

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I will be undergoing the scarless breast lift with...

I will be undergoing the scarless breast lift with a fat transfer from my abdomen in just 6 days, I have chosen Dr. Hilton Becker in Boca Raton, Florida after searching for an alternative to the vertical "lollipop" lift. I live in the Tampa area and will be traveling 4 hours to undergo the procedure. My husband and I have booked a room at the Bonaventure Resort just south of Boca.

I have lost 25 pounds over the last year. I am 5'8 and currently 179 pounds. The weight loss, coupled with my age and peri-menopause has left my breasts sagging to the left and the right. All volume at the top has disappeared and my bras are becoming excessively uncomfortable. I have always been a C cup, but my cup size has fluctuated to a D during weight gain. I would like to achieve a DD without an implant. Dr. Becker believes there is sufficient fat in my abdomen to transfer to my breasts.

While doing my research, my number one goal was to lift my breasts and raise the nipples with minimal scarring. I desired fullness and considered implants. I want to bring them back toward center and up. I don't want to be super large, but large enough to have noticeable volume and to look good without a bra. Initially, I spoke with Dr. Becker about 350 cc implants. Dr. Becker suggested that since my breasts are already large, I might consider a fat transfer because a 350 cc implant would be scarcely visible. By doing the fat transfer, I can achieve a DD breast size and trim down my waistline at the same time. I spoke with my husband about the alternative and we agreed that by choosing the fat transfer over an implant, we can avoid costly implant adjustments a few years down the road.

So, the decision was made and my journey began. My surgery was initially scheduled for January 28th. I drove back to Boca on the 13th to sign paperwork, pick up my prescriptions and finalize surgical plans. My experience to date with Dr. Becker, Christina and my nurse Jen has been top notch. They work efficiently as a team and have answered all of my questions both during my consultations and on the phone. I would also like to add that after planning my initial surgery date, I experienced a family crisis and had to put my surgery on hold. This occurred within a week of my surgery date and put our deposit at risk. The team came together to assist me in any ways possible so that I could go ahead with my surgery as planned. They followed up with phone calls and professionalism that secured my confidence in them even more. Within a few days, my family crisis was worked out and I was able to quickly reschedule for Feb. 10th.

Today, I completed my pre-op visit with my PCP, Dr. George Brick. He gave me a clean bill of health and faxed the report to Dr.Becker. All I need to do now is get my prescriptions filled, check in with Jen in the morning and fine tune last minute details. I am excited, yet anxious aat the same time. I have complete trust in my team and am ready as I will ever be.

More to follow next week....

Surgery done - feeling great.

So, I went for my surgery yesterday. My doctor asked if I could come in on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. We arrived for surgery at noon and I was prepped and on the table by 2:30. My husband went out for groceries and to make sure our room was ready at the hotel. He stocked up on fresh fruit and veggie trays, chicken soup, pineapple and most importantly ginger ale. I tend to get nauseated from pain meds and I wasn't too interested in taking the rectal suppositories. Since I hadn't had anything to eat or drink all day, I drank the ginger ale as soon as we got into the room. It wet my whistle and gave me some much needed sugar. The nurse had given me a something for pain before I left so it settled my stomach right away. I ate a few triscuits (fiber) and some cheese slices (protein) to get me through the night, and it seemed to be the right mix. I didn't get sick so that was a relief.

As suggested by my nurse, I took half of my Vicodin instead of the full dose; one before bed and another half about 2am. I slept fairly well on my back most of the night. Sometime during the night, my back got sore so turned on my side and hugged a pillow to keep my chest muscles straight.

I am off to see Dr Becker. More updates later .

Soreness and Reality has set in

Well after all of the logistics,details and surgery, the reality has set in. Day four post op....not much to say other than swollen, bruised, pain and drains. I've become constipated and I'm feeling a bit nauseated from the Vicodin. Unfortunately, the Tylenol has proven not as effective so I will have to stay on the Vicodin.

I hope the pain subsides once the drains are removed. I will see my doctor at 12:30.

Drains out...better today!

Well yesterday was probably the worst of it for me. My drains were carefully removed and my bandages were changed. The muscular pain from the internal stitches was more than I anticipated. I became nauseated while my nurse changed the dressings. I had hot flushes and felt like I would pass out. Sandy was compassionate and understanding, coaching me through it by having me focus on my breathing and wiggling my toes. It took about 10 minutes. Afterward, she gave me a glass of ginger ale and had me rest in the lobby. I was released for the weekend and instructed to return on Monday. The good news is I am healing well and looking better.

We decided to head home for the weekend. By the time we arrived I felt a lot better. No more nausea. My sweet pets (Ruby, my lab,and Maggie my cat) were happy to see me. Love is a healer too! We had a nice dinner of grilled chicken and enjoyed some music. We went to bed around midnight and I slept through for the first time.

The muscular pain has subsided; but today I am noticing the pain has centered around the nipples..not near as intense, I might add. I find it strange the way the pain shifts from one area to the next. I hope the worst of it is over now. For the ladies looking to have this procedure, make sure you are prepared for everything. This is a "big girl" experience and should not be underestimated.

My stomach is still continuing to flatten. The swelling is going down nicely. Im so happy to see my waist again. My breasts are up high and my figure (with clothes) is looking fab. Having lost 25 pounds over a years time, the Lipo on my stomach and lift of my breasts has made all the difference. Looking back, even after the weight loss, my sagging breasts were making my stomach look larger. Not anymore! My breasts are back where they belong and the reward of my weight loss is making it all worth it.

My breasts are still healing and my nipples have a ways to go yet...but focusing on my trim stomach helps to keep me positive. I just love looking down and seeing how high my breasts are sitting. I can't wait to go shopping for some new clothes and lingerie. It will be nice to button my slacks and not see that spare tire hanging over the waistline. How lucky we are to live in a time where science and art can come together to remake us and rebuild lost confidences.

Day 7 Post Op

We drove back to Boca yesterday. My final bandages came off, but there is still tape underneath my breasts for support. I've been instructed to return in a week, -so that is good news. It's a long drive there and straight back.

The swelling continues to go down and my breasts are becoming more shapely. My nipples are still a bit puckered, but the doctor says they will flatten out As I continue to heal. The pain is subsiding...steadily. I would like for it all to be gone, but that is unrealistic at the moment. I've discovered that drinking hot water with fresh lime juice seems to be helping with the swelling. Lime is a natural diuretic and it seems to work quickly for me.

It's sunny so I'm going to try a short walk today. I'd like to go sit on the beach but I may wait til tomorrow. It's been one week so I've got to push on while my husband is home to help me. By next Sunday, I will have to walk my lab by myself and she is a big dog.

Day 10 post

I'm getting there. My shower today was an ordeal. I should have known better than to take a hot one. I started out feeling pretty good. I took Aleve last night and was amazed at how much better I felt. I decided to get my shower and hair washed while the pain was subdued. I took off my compress and sports bra, avoided looking at myself in the mirror and stepped into the shower. I caved to my natural inclination to turn the heat up...didn't think about it. Within two or three minutes my breasts began to swell and the sharp pains caused me to cry out. It was horrible. I quickly realized that I thoughtlessly brought on my own suffering and switched the water to cool. It helped me to finish the job but the pain was a done deal. When I got out I had to take a long rest before I could dry my hair and get wrapped up again. Words of the wise: think about everything you do. Watch everything you eat and drink. Think about your every move. Don't be careless.

On my own

My husband left yesterday so I am on my own now. I'm feeling better every day, but I can still feel the surgery. The pains are becoming duller and tolerable. I feel like I have reached the other side. Now, I just have to wait for the magic of healing.

I'm going to take Ruby for her walk now. She's making noises and throwing hints for me to get up. Here goes....I hope she doesn't get excited.

Three week update

I hit the three week mark yesterday. It's been a "long time coming" to say the least. This wasn't an easy recovery by any stretch of the imagination. I have, however, finally gotten back to most things. I even drove to Tennessee to relax and visit with friends and family. I am here now until time to go back for my follow up on the 14th.

I've decided to post some pictures now that my boobies are starting to look human again. You will note that the glue and scabs are beginning to wear off; I wish it would wear off sooner than later. But, as you can see, the lift is very apparent and my areola are smaller and no longer pointing south. There is volume and my breasts are rounder. The wrinkling under and on the sides of my breasts will flatten out more and more as I continue to heal.

My abdomen has its "ups and downs" days. If I eat a little more than usual, it still pooches. If I eat less it goes back down. I have not had adequate exercise for three weeks so I'm sure this is not helping. I intend to spend the rest of this week getting some exercise and trying to enjoy some life. Recovery can be boring if you don't plan a few outings.

Almost 5 weeks post op

I'm getting better everyday now. I went to Tennessee to finish my recovery with friends and family. I drove 12 hours there (week 2.5) and back (week 4) with relative ease. I'm using organic coconut oil and tea tree on my scabs which have mostly fallen off. I can wash and rub the nipples lightly without pain. However, my breasts are still tender inside. Sometimes I can still feel the internal mesh bra but it's not a big worry. I know that time will heal it. I am no longer taking pain meds at all.

I am able to walk the dog and even mow the lawn now. I was a little worried about starting the mower but it wasn't too hard.

My weight has gone back down since I have resumed normal activity. I'm thinking the swelling might have contributed to it.

I'm happy with the shape my breast are taking. My stomach seems to be staying down; however, my doctor mentioned that he may have to go back in and get a lump of fat that was left behind. I will drive back to Boca tomorrow for a check up. Here's some picture updates.

6 weeks post

6 weeks post op today. At this time I'm back to normal routine and exercise. I'm feeling good, and the swelling is all but gone, except a little around the areola. I'm feeling little discomfort with the internal mesh bra and can walk around bra less for short periods of time. The support is definitely "in" there. As for pain, my bressts are still mildly tender, but I can massage them lightly with coconut oil. There is still some sensitivity around the incisions but nothing excessively painful, -just the occasional twinge to remind me I am still healing.

18 months post surgery

I think it's fair to others to update now. It's been 18 months since I had my surgery. The fat cells that were injected have all died. There is no volume left at the top of my breasts and my cup size is smaller. My greatest concern is the uneven pockets of fat left on my stomach. The doctor did a revision on the liposuction about 2 -3 months later, but the fat pockets remain. I have consulted with another doctor who has suggested a tummy tuck to fix It. I will be going for a vertical lift and implants later this year.

Stomach 18 months later

Will require a tummy tuck to make it smooth.
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

I cannot rate Dr. Becker highly enough. He is not only an expert surgeon, he is a leader and pioneer in the scarless breast lift procedure. He is a good listener with the experience to make suggestions that I had not considered. I am so happy that I went the extra mile for my surgery. Local doctors recommended a tummy tuck and a vertical lift. By choosing Dr. Becker, I have a beautiful lift and a trimmer tummy without all the scars.

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