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I'm 36 years old, married, 4 children...nursed 2...

I'm 36 years old, married, 4 children...nursed 2 since 2009!
Currently a deflated 34B. Went in for my pre op today & we decided on 500cc silicone HP unders, I'm 5'5" & 124 pounds hoping for a D/DD but we didn't talk cup size.....I'm anxiously awaiting the BIG day 2/7/14 :) also my sons 13th bday LOL
My doctor didn't give me any prescriptions or instructions for surgery day....was told the hospital would call & that lab work would be done day of surgery. Here are a few pix I took today without & with the 500cc sizers....he said they will sit higher than in the pix so I'm really excited

Here are a few pix of me 2 weeks prior to my BIG day :) sure hope I can fit 500cc under what I have now :)

My hubs isn't here to take pix so here are a few...1/24/2014 & surgery is scheduled 2/7/14

Going back & forth....

Ahhhh....counting down the days & I'm on a boob overload!!! Really wondering if 500cc is to much for me! Sooooo is there much difference if I would go down to 450 or maybe even 400....??! Is it normal to go back & forth b4 surgery?! I don't want to have regrets....complications with going 500 are more likely than 400, correct?
What about cup size?! Not much difference, eh? Guess in the end the doctor knows best & I trust him


Wanted to add that my hubs doesn't care either way.....BUT looking thru pix he tends to favor the more natural looking.....I like the fullness on top look that I hope to get with the HP silicon :) I don't care to look "fake"

Dream "boobs"

Browsing thru this site I found this pic & this is the look I'm going for.... D/DD

Another pic of me with the 500cc sizers

Doc said they would sit higher up once in place under the muscle

So scared.....

With surgery getting closer I'm really scared....I don't want to go to big or small & have regrets. I did look at bras today & know that I do not want to be a DD at all. I want to look nice & full not huge. It's scary because all the b4 & after pix I like of women with my stats are 500cc. PLUS the chances if complications are higher with 400 VS 500.
Hubs is very supportive & said "well if there is a problem with the 500cc we just do them again & go smaller if that's the issue" and he told me to trust my doctor.
A lot of women say they wish they went bigger....now I'm thinking BIG isn't the goal.....just fuller with the "fake look" but not huge

Soooo I'm going to take the next fees days & really think about what I want.
My doctor said it's up to me that I will look great with anything from 375-500...even said don't get stuck on a number.

Think I have a case of boob greed....just so unsure

Upcoming BA...

As I only have a few days til my BIG day I'm trying to get my recovery supplies ready. Purchased a body pillow, a couple cotton front closure sports bras from Walmart.....they were sized wth band size only so I got 34. Picked up an antiseptic wash & finally I order a breast argumentation recovery kit from makemeheal.com it includes 2 bras & cooling gel inserts......I selected medium based on the size chart for up to 500cc implants.

I know I need a blanket & pillow for ride home. I still need to decide what to wear the day of surgery.

...5 days til surgery !!

I've been stressing about so many things....one was the fact that my period was due to start the 6th, the day before surgery. Welp to my surprise she showed up early....I just started!!! That's a big weight lifted.....should be off my monthly day of surgery now :) whoop whoop!!
House is pretty much cleaned....but with 5 kids that's a daily struggle.
Gonna get my clothes picked out tomorrow, remove my nail polish....& get my eyebrows done.
Should I stop tanning? I didn't think to ask my PS that. Wonder how long after surgery I should wait to tan?!
Are we allowed to wear hair braided to surgery?

I keep going over soooo many things.

I can't believe this is finally happening!! I've been planning this since 2009....then I nursed my son longer than I thought I would & then became pregnant with my daughter & nursed her.

Hope I can get some sleep this week....seems like I'm addicted to b4 & after pix.

Called the PS office today....

Was told NO special instructions :) bathe as normal & IF I need any medicine all that will be provided at the hospital.....I was starting to worry myself sick. I cannot wait to gt this over with & start recovery!

Only a few days out & I'm really scared!

....crying, can't sleep. What if something happens during surgery :(
What if I hate my results or have a complication?!
Idk if I can go thru with this!!

Question about post - op appt.

Will my post appt be scheduled at day of surgery.....or should I call the office & set that up?
I feel like I didn't ask enough questions at my pre-op.

My surgery is Friday....guess I'm curious as to when the doc will need to see me.


Hubs just called the PS office to see about the follow up appt.....he needs to schedule ahead to get the time off work....the lady said "oh I don't know, usually it's in 2 weeks" but she wasn't sure so she didn't schedule.
Surgery is tomorrow morning! So much to do today!

The night before.....

Just took a long hot bath, shaved & washed my hair.....now I'm going to straighten it. I assume they will have my hair in some type of cap for surgery...I'm not a big water drinker but I'm going to drink as much as I can before midnight :)
Need to finish up laundry & get my "space" ready for after surgery.

I'm not as nervous as I was yesterday.....I'm just anxious to get it over with......no more worrying :)

Nite b4 pix!

Here are a few pix I just took. I'm wearing a cotton sports bra from Walmart 2/10$ these in the pix are size 34
Also I'm posting a few more pix of myself....leaning over I just now realized how one boob is much smaller than the other.

I like my boobs....just don't LOVE them. & I've only been living with these since 2011.

Prior I was small but perky/fuller....then I started nursing in 2009 & was always a c cup....then continued to nurse til mid 2012....once I stopped I end with these. So I'm not attached LOL.
I will not mourn these boobs....

Pix didn't post so here goes again


Went great! Got 475cc no pain

4 hours after surgery

Starting to fill out the surgical bra!

Couldn't get comfortable to sleep

Finally at 10pm I was able to move to a oversized chair we have :) everyone in the house was sleep & I got so uncomfortable.... I had to wake y son up to go get my husband at 2:30 am for 1 pain pill, Valium & antibiotics....fresh water & some crackers :) slept 5 hours!!!
Juts moved back to the bed & waiting for ev1 to get up so I can ice....take meds & go back to sleep! My boobs are hugs not so much up top cause I've been icing the collar bone....but into my sides LOL I've been moving my arena around juts to help with the tension in my armpits. Haven't seen then without bra yet was given the ok to shower today but I may weight til tomorrow'

Quick peek!

24 hours after surgery!
475 high profile mentor under the muscle!

Sunday morning

Wow! Can't believe I had surgery Friday....I'm the only one up this Sunday morning.......woke up with no pain but did reach over & grab 1 Percocet that hubs sat out for me last night :)
When he wakes I'll take my antibiotic & my Valium. Was able to sit right up with no discomfort .
Was told by Ps that I could shower yesterday & take off the surgical bra....but I kinda like it, plus I'm scared!!! So tonight I'll be showering, taking pix then putting on a cotton bra that I have on in my before pix. Still waiting for my bras to come from makemeheal.com paid $210 for 2 so they better hurry up! Feeling a little bloated this morning.....drank some apple juice so hopefully I'll have a BM today :) I don't feel swollen at all but sure that I am! As I can see I still have a nice round top.
Thanks to all the advise from you wonderful ladies about ice & pillows....my hubs goes to work tomorrow at 1:30pm & kids get home from school around 4pm
So Monday I will have my 2 little ones alone with no help for a couple hours. So today the plan is to rest as much as possible


So I had to get up to pee & I took a peek.....I noticed I seem to be hve some bruising under the fold....incision area. Is that normal? After shower tonight I'll post pic

Took a shower, changed out of surgical bra & took pix

OMG! Shower was super easy....no help! Was advised I could 24 hours after but I waited another day....was also told I could put on any sports bra as long as no wire....:so here goes!

Is that bruising normal?

Another pic

Scare today...

Last night I started throwing up....slept a lot & developed a fever soon after. I called the PS & he had me come on right away.....he said the breast look great! That I was dehydrated & need to eat lots of protein.
My sugar was also low so he had me mixing Gatorade with sprite :)
No more Valium or Percocet....alternate ibuprofen & Tylenol.
They had me drink a coke in the office & I started to feel better right away.....also got the stomach bug, can't stay off the toilet!
& was told to wear cotton bras

Breast look great

He said my breast are the best he's ever done! Perfect round shape, no swelling at all :)

He did mention that I had bigger breast to begin with LOL I assumed I was so small....think he meant extra skin

Wanna show my last wish pic & my results

This was my last wish pic & my results with 475 cc hp silicon

Swim suit I've had since 2008

Didn't even wear it was so embarrassed :) now I can!

Surgery was the 7th...today is the 11th

No pain meds all day today! Just my antibiotic! Feeling really good.....still battling the stomach flu :( kids have been great & hubs is back to work. Gonna try to drive tomorrow to take my daughter to get valentines for her friends at school ????
I'm so happy so far! I don't want them to change....I know they will. But they are already soft


Does any1 have bruising at the incision? I do under my right breast only.....just enough that comes up over the tape they have on me. Should I be concerned?

Also tonight (Monday 11th) surgery was the 7th.....my boobs are getting much bigger & closer together :)
Woooow! Starting to hang out my sports bra ! Will be updating pix tomorrow evening

Here are some new pix...day 5 I believe, it's the 12th surgery was the 7th

Boobs are getting much bigger!

Feeling really good today!

My surgery kit came from makemeheal.com today. Can't wait to try them on :) not sure if they are worth $210 tho....my 2/10$ from Walmart seem just fine. I'm making dinner for my husbands shift tonight.....he just had a friends stop by & I did feel a bit awkward cause I have BOOBS! Ev1 knows.....guess I need to get use to the looks. I tend to dress conservative but u can see more of my shape now.
Will be driving for the first time this evening......hope that goes well.
Oh & I did laundry & unloaded the dish washer! Yay! Baby steps I suppose....don't wanna over do it.
I'm really not sure what I am not suppose to do LOL

Tonight's update!

No longer for the 34 sports bras from Walmart! Luckily I got my package from makemeheal.com & I ordered the recovery kit for $210 size medium for up to 500cc....yes they size by cc for augmented breast. Gonna post some pix in them.
Feel good drove to the mall & Walmart.....been alone with my 2 toddlers all day. Great day.

Highly recommended ....

Breast augmentation recovery kit $120 2 bras & breast gel pads!!!!

So comfy.....I'm got the gel pads in the bra now & I can sleep in these things! Comforting on my stitches & all around :) bra is in my pro pic....I got the set with one white & one black. :) I was told I had the ok to wear these 24 hours after surgery :)

Full Description
Product Description & Benefits
Provide Continuous compression during post-op recovery.
Help improve blood circulation and minimize swelling.
Promote correct positioning of implants.
Maximize healing benefits and accelerate recovery.
High-tech microfiber that fits better to new contours.
Lightweight, silky-soft and inviting fabric.
No seams at the surgical sites.
Reduction in post-surgery "throbbing" sensations.
Kit Includes
2 Breast Surgery Bras.
Cold and Hot Breast Compress Divinity Gel Packs.
About Tonserio
Women come in many shapes, sizes and curves. But there’s one thing we all have in common. Every one of us deserves to feel absolutely beautiful, and comfortable in our own skin. Regardless of cup size.

Dawn Tonsor, Tonserio’s founder, is a woman who’s been a size B, C and D at different stages in her life, she understands all too well the need to feel both beautiful and comfortable. And she’s not alone. The average cup size in America has gone from a 34B to a 36C. Still, over 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, and suffering for it.

After her breast augmentation, Ms. Tonsor was looking forward to showing off her new contours in sexy, gorgeous, feminine lingerie. Only to discover that her new shape made most bras not just uncomfortable, but impossible to wear. Many women with augmented breasts believe – like she did – that they must learn to live with uncomfortable and often painful bras. Bras that pinch, ride up, poke, prod, dig into the skin, leave red welts, and provide inadequate support. She soon realized that she deserved better than this – as do all women.
Applicable Procedures
Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants, Transaxillary Submuscular Breast Augmentation, Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation), Breast Lift (Mastopexy), Breast Reduction, Breast Reconstruction, Latisimus Dorsi procedure, Mastectomy, TRAM Flap Procedure.

Morning boob

Suppose I have my first case of the morning boob!
I'm icing now.....must've over did it yesterday :)
Gonna relax today.....NO driving. My kids have a 4 day weekend so I will have plenty of extra hands this weekend & I'll be driving to my follow up alone on monday!

Day 6

Here are some after shower pix......shower was great! Stayed in extra long just relaxing as I've been in a bra 24/7

What I noticed tonight is one breast is higher up than the other :( freaks me out a bit. I know it's only day 6......is this something I should be concerned about?! Prior to surgery one was fuller than they other

Before & 6 days post op

Here's another pic

Just measured!

6 days post op.......used an online bra calculator found on google.....with my under, bust & above I measured a 32D!

Post op sex day (almost) 7

Guess tech today is post op 7....it's is after midnight :)
& we did the deed!


Kinda sad

Hubs misses the old boobs! He even told me!

1 week! Whoop whoop

These girls keeping getting bigger!

More 1 week pictures 475cc unders

Day 8 bra-less 475 HP

Day 8


Tomorrow is my post op :)

Today I had to go update the little sports bras I've been wearing from Walmart....the 2 pack for 10$ front closure.....well I've been wearing a 34 & today had to hey 38! Hubs thought I had stretch marks all over my boobs & it was imprints from the tightness of the 34 sports bra.

Today he said my boobs are starting to feel like real boobs again! & he said that I look better in clothes than I did prior to surgery! It's cause I have a "shape" :)

475cc HP unders day 9

So here is a few pix in the size 38 cotton sports bra from Walmart....same style bra I had in early post but the old one was size 34.

475cc HP

10 days post op

Had my stitches removed....it was actually 4 little knots on the ends of the incisions.
Doc said I have just a touch of swelling on my left breast. NO massage needed & I can wear any support bra as long as NO underwire......& NO sports bras cause they compress a lot :)

I follow up in 6 weeks on March 31st !

Day 10 pix 475cc HP silicone unders

Had the stitches removed :)

The bra shown is still the one from makemeheal.com it's size medium for up to 500cc implants.

Compassion pix

Day 5 & Day 10....same bra on day 10 bottom pic I havering wear at on the other set of clasp since boobs are fuller

Breast itchy

Ugh.....I'm soooo itchy! Is there anything I can or should be doing?
No redness, no swelling....


Last night & today I noticed that my right boobs is a little firmer on top....I did stand far back from the mirror & I can see it's about higher up. Idk if the left is dropping more or the right is getting tighter....ugh.
Hope my new journey isn't constant worry of complications

Day 13

Soooo the past few days I've has concern that my right side was "harder" to the touch...maybe even higher up.
So this morning before my shower I looked in the mirror & noticed that my left is actually the side that is a bit higher up :(
Then I raised both arms straight up above my head & my lefty is way higher....idk if I should wait it out but I'm kinda worried.
Like is my left to high or is it the right that's tight & low that's the issue. Or is it an issue at all


Is anyone else sleeping on their side yet?! I have been & trying to alternate sides. Much more comfortable

13 day post op...

Boob blues. I'm so depressed & worrying that "something" is wrong. I'm call my pS tomorrow just to get in & get reassurance.....if that will help. I stayed in bed most of the day :(
I know my left side sits higher but I'm worried bout my right....i just have a feeling I'm developing cc already. It's harder & painful to touch.
I've read reviews that women can get symptoms at 2 weeks out. & my ps isn't having me massage at all & I've read that helps.

2 weeks post up 475cc silicone unders

Here are a few pix....using cocoa butter now. Not massaging per pS...even with my concerns he doesn't wanna see me til my next appt 3/31!
Going to get sized & a couple bras Sunday.
Sleeping on my side is ok once i get on position. Last night I slept on my back upright after taking some ibuprofen.

Before & 2 weeks after

Top 34 bottom 38

15 days post op

Vs measured me at a 32DD but they didn't have non under wires bras in that size so I got a 34D I'll give it a day of so & if not comfy I'll return :)

34 D from VS

I think I need a DD

Better fit than pix above

Bali size large 2/60$

Not the best pic...

U can see the weird shape of my breast in this pic

Feel like I need to call my PS again Monday...

& demand to be seen. I'm so frustrated. Idk if the bras I have are ok.....idk if my right breast will be messed up cause it's a weeps shape now.....my left moves to my armpit ....it way higher when I raise my arms while the right stays in place & kinda balls up

A few new pix taken today

Here are a few new pix 475 HP silicone unders.....pain on my right side. No changes that I've noticed


Pix didn't load


Can someone explain to me what drop & fluff means? How can I tell if mine have

Something comfy to sleep in..

I knows doc recommends support bras....but I picked these up at Walmart just to sleep in :)

I got extra larger cause the looked small....I could wear a large tho :(
The band is a little loose hopefully they shrink in the wash

First bath.....

This morning I took a bubble bath!
I don't know if that's allowed yet but it was very relaxing :)

VS has a bralette & panty for $15...think I'm going to pick that up today

Size large bralette & size 34DD

I really need a 32 band but they don't carry it in wireless

Can really see how my breast are 2 different sizes in the bralette or idk if I'm seeing things

No changes :)

Things are great I changes. I need to wear form fitting shirts tho or I look heavy....

My incision on my right side

3 & a half weeks.....here is a picture of the incision on my left side.......the end has a dark line almost & it's a bit raised. My nurse friend said it could be the stitches :(
Is this normal?

Tanning after breast augmentation..

Does any1 know when I can tan in the tanning bed? I'm a little over 4 weeks post op. If so any tip?

6 weeks post op today

It's been 6 weeks since I had my BA...I got hp 475cc mentor silicone unders.
No problems at this point. I follow up with my PS on 3/31st.
I am continuing to wear a wireless bra at all times unless I am showering & NO sports bras.

Welp i feel like I pretty much look like my wish pic except a little bigger.....I have more side boob than I wanted & not enough fullness on top. My nipples are a little lower than the were in my previous post & that bothers me a lot. At times I find myself looking in the mirror & actually pushing my boobs up with my hands...to center the nipples & see how I wished the fullness was.
Hubs thinks they are huge. They are about the size they were when I nursed from 2009-2012...yes straight thru I nursed my son til I was pregnant with my daughter & then nursed her LOL

When I lay down or look down they don't look big at all....when I look in the mirror they do so that makes me happy.

I don't regret the cc amount it was what my doc recommended but sometimes I wish I had UHP...but doc didn't give me that option & I trusted & still trust him.

Currently wearing a 34DD wireless body by Victoria bra.

Hey wanted to show a comparison pic

Top is 4 days....bottom is 6w 2 days

In clothes 6w 4days 475cc HP unders

Check out Victorias Secret clearance

Hey y'all I'm officially a 32DDD :)
I hope I can wear underwire soon! I see the doc Monday

I ordered a few bras online from VS normally $42 each but I got 4 for $50 & had a $10 off survey coupon!

7 weeks today!

Haven't done any type of massage, nothing on scars, no supplements b4 or after surgery....in this pic I'm wearing the post surgery bra from makemeheal.com I'm wearing it in several of my after pix....it's med for up to 500ccs....I have 475 unders HP silicone.

Idk much about drop & fluff. Mine have gotten much softer...so I would say they have fluffed. I guess they've dropped cause I can push them up with a bra but idk LOL I'm still wearing a bra unless I'm in the shower. Hopefully Monday I get the ok for underwire. I can sleep on my side or stomach....no issues at all. They fell like ice had them forever. Maybe because I nursed for such a long time they don't feel heavy or cause any issues.

Few new pix

This is the old navy sports bra that I had on when I tried on 500cc sizers in an earlier post ;) now with my 475cc

Before & after with same bra


Had my follow up today & I can wear any bra now! Ps just said to keep supportive & stay away from push ups. I see him next in mid Sept!
He said to make sure the bras are supportive & fit snug rather than loose & no sports bras cause they compress the breast.

32DDD AT VS & medium bralette pix

32DDD from VS....love my results more everyday


Over 5 months...not really keeping track

Wanted to share a pic of my breast.....still wearing a 32DDD.
No complaints.
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