3 Weeks Until my Tummy Tuck with Miss Kat - United Kingdom, GB

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Hi, Im 26 years old and am scheduled for a tummy...

Hi, Im 26 years old and am scheduled for a tummy tuck with Miss Chien Kat at the Priory hospital in Birmingham UK, in 3 weeks time (14-2-14).

I have 2 children, 8 & 2years old. I had my eldest at 17 and since then my stomach has been a mess with strech marks and loose skin. My second child didnt make a difference, but after I had him I went on to lose 3 stone and this made my stomach worse.

I have wanted a tt for so long and have saved hard for years for this procedure.

I had many consultations with different companies and was losing hope of finding a surgeon I trusted. A lady I got taking to on a surgery fb page works for the hospital and suggested I research the surgeons there. I booked a consultation with miss kat in september 2013 and I knew she was the surgeon for me. She does the procedure with out the use of drains and this appealed to me.

Im really excited but nervous at the same time, its come round so quickly!
I have started to buy bits and bobs for my hospital bag. Only 3 weeks to go eeeekkk!

more pics :(

Thanks for your responses guys :) just wanted to upload a few more pics.

I have started a detox/cleanse today. It lasts 9-11 days and helps rid the toxins in the body. I basically take different supplements and drink aloe vera gel. I have done it before and lost 9lb and felt amazing! I want to be in the best shape possible for the op.


2 weeks today!!!

I cant believe how fast the days are going now! This week I had my driving test (i passed! ) so I think I was focusing on that, now its out the way I can concentrate on my surgery fully.

I started taking arnica tablets today as advised by my surgeon. I also started a mulit vitamin on monday too. I think I now have everything I will need for my hospital bag and recovery at home. I can still see me going out panic buying at some point though lol. 14 days to goooooo :)!!!!!!!

1 week today!!

It still doesnt feel real! I have washed all the new things iv brought for my hospital stay and will pack the bag over the weekend. I have my pre op on monday so I suppose it will feel more real then.

My kids are staying with my mum for a week after iv had my surgery as its half term here in the uk. They are really looking forward to a fun week at nanas house! But im starting to worry about how much ill miss them. They will only be 5 mins away but im concerned the house will be too quiet! I know I will probably be glad of that for a few days but I know im going to miss them soooo much. Mum will bring them to visit most days and we can skype so Im telling myself ill be fine. I really appreciate mum having the kids, it means hubby can look after me totally. I suppose its just the first time I have ever done anything for just me and had to rely on others, normally its me taking care of things lol. Going to be strange!!

Nothing else to report really, apart from I feel like im getting the 'nesting' thing I got when I was due to give birth, I want the house spotless and everything in order. not a bad thing I suppose lol :)

Pre Op done

Went over to birmingham for my pre op this morning, pleased that it all went on. My general health is good so it was quite straightforward. I had MRSA swabs taken and bloods done. I was given hibiscrub to wash with the day before and morning of surgery. One thing that freaked me out was I was given some apparatus to expand my lung capacity, the nurse said my surgeon stitches the muscles really tight and when you first wake this can cause your breathing to be difficult, so I need to use this to train my lungs. Ill upload a pic later. It finally feels real now. Feeling excited but im nervous! I packed my bag yesterday too so basically ready! Roll on friday :)

tomorrow's the day!!!!

So, surgery is tomorrow! I have my fasting instructions and Admission time. I cant eat or drink after midnight tonight and I need to be at the hospital tomorrow at 8.30am, hopefully surgery will ba round lunchtime. My house is spotless and kids all packed ready to go to nanas. I have been practicing my breathing exercises and my readings have improved since monday. Im not at all nervous today, im glad about that. I feel quite relaxed and ready to go :)


hi everyone. Just a quick update to let you all know the op went well and im now on the flat side!! I had my surgery at12:30 and was brought back to mmly rood at 5:30. Pain at first was horrendous from muscle repair but alot more manageable now. Im quite woozy from all the drugs so ill update with the full story tomorrow or sunday. Thanks everyone for their support

sorry about the typos

Told you I was woozy LOL

surgery day

We arrived at the hospital at 8.30 am as requested. We were shown to my room straight away and then given all the info to help settle in (channel guide, menu etc lol)
2 nurses came in and took my obs and asked some questions and put my wrist band on. We were then visited by the anethatist who explained what he was going to do and measures he was taking to make me as pain free as possible upon waking. He said I would wake with a morphine pump, a tube going straight into my abdomen to drip anaesthetic straight into newly stitched muscles and id also be given a suppositorie.
Miss Kat came to see me at about 11am and she took pictures of my stomach then drew on me. After a quick chat and signing the consent form she said they would come to collect me in 1 hour. At exactly midday a theater nurse came and got me. I said goodbye to hubby and walked down to theatre with her. She was really good and chatted with me as she could see I was starting to get nervous. When we got into the anaesthetic room she lay me on the bed and attached heart monitors to me and fitted a canular. Another theatre assistant came In and had a chat and told me to relax. The anaesthetist then came through and said they were ready. He put in one dose through a syringe and while he did that he said I may get a nasty taste in my mouth, sure enough I did. Then the ladt assistant said the next dose would put me to sleep, the male assistant said something that made me laugh and then I was gone......

I woke up in recovery and immediately started shaking uncontrollably and I couldnt breathe. I cant really remember what happened apart from alot of nurses being around the bed. Anyway after they had sorted me out I was told I had gone into shock and they had to treat me. When I was sorted I lay for another 30 mins in recovery then was brought back to my room, this was around 5.30pm. Hubby was here waiting for me. I was shown how to use my morphine pump and had obs taken. I couldnt eat the food offered but drank alot of water. Hubby left at 8pm so I tried to get some rest but I needed the toilet, the nurses said I wasnt allowed to mobilise until the morning so I had to use a bed pan. I tried twice and had no luck. I physically couldnt do it. At around midnight the pressure became unbearable so the nurse fitted a cathiter. I was much more comfortable and managed to settle a bit and have a doze. I didnt have a solid sleep as I was being checked regularly and given doses of antibiotics and painkillers. The pain in my stomach was like stabbing pains and were in specific areas. The nurses said its where my muscles have been stitched. Apparently my surgeon is renowned for this with her 'lock and glue tummy tuck' this is why she gets amazing results because of the tight stitches and aggressive lipo. The stabbing pains have settled and I have no pain in the incision so happy about that. So far so good. :)

1day post op

Yeaterday was a bit up and down. Overall I felt ok and pain was minimal untill my physio wanted ne out of bed. Getting of the bed was the most painful experience of my life ( and iv had 2 natural births) it felt as if I was being stabbed in certan areas of my stomach. The nurses said again this is where my muscles have been stitched. When I had stood up I shuffled about a meter to the chair and managed to sit down and have a strip was, brush my teeth and my hair. After this I felt lots better and stood and shuffled back to bed. Later on the physio came back and got me up again and I walked to the door of my room and back. Getting up was really painful but nowhere near as bad as before. I managed the walk almost bent double, was awful at first but I found a good position and kept it. I then sat it my chair and ate lunch. I felt so tired after all this!
I the evening my surgeon came round to see me. She said she was happy for the morphine to be removed, I have coped fine with out it and its really good to lose the nasal oxygen tubes. Through the night I have managed the pain fine on tramodol and paracetamol. One thing that worried me is that my surgeon said she would like me to stay another night. I worried that I wasnt doing well enough but all the nurses iv spoken woth say she does this alot to make sure her patients have had enough rest etc. Ill find out today if im staying the extra night but im happy to now. Will update later :)

2 days po

Yesterday was a good day. I managed to get my self out of bed and to the toilet on my own a few times. It was very painful but nothing like the day before. I managed a wash at the sink in the bathroom and brushed my teeth and sorted my hair, that alone nade me feel better lol. I had a local anaesthetic drip inserted through my chest and down into my stomach muscles during surgery, this lasts 48 hours and ran out about 4pm so the nurse removed it for me. It didnt hurt it was the nastiest sensation ever, like a worm wiggling its way through you lol. Anyway now thats gone I have what feels like period pains, its nothing terrible but its there. I still have alot of pain in the tops of my thighs and the bruising is starting to come out now. its great not being wired up to anything now. My pain is being managed by taking tramodol and paracetamol and also codeine. I was having volterol suppositories but they seemed to have stopped now (thank god)

Im writing this on the morning of day 3 and iv just had a vosit from the nurse who has said I can go home!!! Yay!!!! My mum will pick me up in about an hour and a half ( it will take me this long to wash and dress lol) cant wait to be back home. Ill update when im all settled in :)


My mum step dad and kids collected ne from hospital, I was discharged with painkillers and instructions on care and what to do if im worried about anything. I had to do a flight of stairs before they let me go. I wont lie it was horrendous but im glad ots done now, going up the stairs to bed tonight wont seem so daunting. The drive home was 30mins and was hard. I felt every bump and when we went round corners I got horrible pulling in my stomach. When we got back my mum washed ny hair for me. That made me feel fab! It was lovely to see my kids for a bit. They have gone off with nana and grandad to the cinema. They will be back home on Saturday but will pop in to see me most days. Hubby is doing everything possible to make me comfortable. I couldnt do this with out him and my family. Im really stiff now but I think its because iv done so much today. I cant wait to sleep in my own bed!

4days po

Its so good to be home! My hubby has been waiting on me hand and foot, I coukdnt of asked for more. I have been sitting on mu reclining settee with pillows behind me and one under my knees. I have been keeping on top of my pain meds and so far im coping really well. I have a back and hip condition and stooping over is starting to agrivate it. Its quite sore and stiff but hubby brought me a 'dreamland thermo therapy pad' £29.99 from argos. The nurse at hospital gave ne one of theirs to hold over my stomach and it was fab, also amazing on my back to. Id definitely recommend one. Ill upload a pic.

Getting up the stairs last night was such hard work, it took ages but I managed it, I Eventually settled with 3 pillows and a V shaped support pillow behind me and 2 pillows under my knees. I woke a few times in the night, getting uo to go to the loo was a bit of a struggle but hubby was there helping me so I managed ok.

My eldest son came to see me today while the little one was at nursery. Was good to see him, he was a bit home sick and kept asking if I was ok and if I coukd walk yet. I explained that I wasnt poorly, I just need time to rest and heal and ill be back to normal soon. He saw me shuffle to the bathroom and seemed happier about everything, hes gone back to his nan and grandads alot happier bless him. After he had finished nursery my mum got the youngest to Skype me so had a lovely chat with him. Im really missing them!

Today I managed a wash at the sink but still unable to dress myself and do much else apart from use the toilet. This recovery is going to be much longer and harder than I imagined!

1 week post op

So, my 1 week anniversary today! This time last week I was walking down to theatre. Seems to have flown by. Im doing ok. Movements are getting easier, like getting out of bed for eg. Im still walking hunched over but I was told not to attempt to straighten untill after 2 weeks as my muscles have been stitched so tight. Im still sleeping propped up on pillows but have found the past 2 nights iv slipped down a bit and this hasnt caused any pain so I may lose a pillow tonight. I cant wait to sleep lieing down again! Physically im more flexible but still need help dressing my bottom half. Iv not attempted to walk further than round the house as my discharge sheet said all im allowed to do is basically use the toilet and make a sandwich or tea lol. Hubby is fantastic, cooking healthy meals and keeping on top of the house work. Hes been washing my hair over the kitchen sink and helping with a strip wash too bless him.

My kids will be back from my parents house tomorrow. Looking forward to having them home but worried about how much hubby will have to do. He is fine and assured me he will be ok. My eldest will be back at school monday and the little one does 3 sessions at nursery every week so he will get a break!

I have my first post op check on monday morning. I will get to see my new belly button and incision. I cant wait for that! Hopefully they will say im doing ok and I can start doing a bit more, and also that I cam shower. Its horrible not having my 2 daily showers! I changed my binder for a clean one last night and snapped a few pics. My swelling is still terrible but im sooo happy with my new shape. The swelling in my legs has eased slightly but is still really bad. I feel huge lol! Ill update again monday after iv had my post op appointment :)

8&9days po

On Saturday (8 Days po) my kids came home from my parents house its fab having them home I missed them so much. However them being home highlighted to me how little I can do for them, it made me feel really sad that I couldnt do normal 'mummy' things or have my youngest on my lap. It did really upset me and I had a real down day, after a little cry I had and early night and woke feeling much better, I was told to expect some down days and I guess this was my first.

I woke on sunday (9days po) felling much better after a good sleep. Hubby is still taking care of everything in the house and is being amazing! The kids are being so well behaved bless them. Im still really swollen but pain is ok and I managed to stand and fold some laundry, its not much but its progress!! Its been an emotional weekend but fantastic as my kids are home!

my 10 day po check

Today was my post op check over at the Priory hospital, I arrived at 11am and was called straight away by the nurse. She explained to me that my surgeon Miss Kat wasnt there today and that I would need to come back the same time next week for h3r to check me over. She said today she would change my dressings and show me how to clean and dress my wounds. She removed the dressings on my incision and I was delighted To see that its in my pubic line, its that low!!! Soooo happy. There was about a 2 inch section that had not closed fully but the nurse said it looked fine and not to worry, she then covered back up with micropore. She told me only to replace it when its hanging off and just to pat dry after the shower. Oh yeah, I CAN SHOWER NOW!!!! Im soo happy about that, these ten days with out a proper wash have been horrible! Anyway, back to po check. The nurse then removed the dressing from my belly button and soaked out the gauze with iodene, I am so happy with it, its cantrel and a perfect rounded shape. I love it! Gave me some iodene and dressings and told me I need to clean a d redress it twice a day after showering. I have had quite bad swelling and the nurse said if a certain area of swelling (between belly button and incision) gets any worse I need to contact the hospital as it will need to be drained. She said its not a seroma so thats good, however im worried that I will have to be drained. I dont want to have to have another procedure if I can help it. She said if it stays how it is thats fine and only call if it gets bigger and doesnt go down. So fingers crossed its ok! I made an appointment for next week and came home. The car journey was really uncomfortable and I was a bit sore when I got home. The rest of today has been ok, apart from my little one elbowed me in the stomach!! It was agony!! J had some painkillers and im ok now thank goodness. Im going to have my first shower iin a minute now the kids have gone to bed. I cant wait!! Ill snap a few pics of my new belly button and scar and post later :)

2weeks post op

Yesterday I was 2weeks post op. In myself im feeling alot better and there has been an improvement in my mobility and pain over the week too. I can fully shower and dress myself now, it does take a while longer then normal but its bound to. I am not as hunched over when i walk either. Im far from standing straight though, my stomach muscles physically wont let me yet and if I try I get shooting pains in my lower stomach. I havent walked out of the house apart from at hospital appointment the other day but hoping to try a little walk roind the block over the weekend. Walking itself is ok its just my back really hurts as im hunched over and it really tires me out holding upper body in that position.
I ordered a new compression garment, its called a MACOM. It is quite comfortable and gives good compression as my hospital ones were becoming a bit loose. I assume that's because some swelling has gone down. Talking of swelling, the bad area around belly button to scar has gone down slightly but not as much as I hoped. I have another po appointment on monday with my PS so ill see what she says then. Im a bit concerned that im different shapes on each side above my hips. It has really stressed me out for a few days, but iv spoken to my friend who works at the hospital I had surgery, she said she thinks I look great and that its swelling and to bare in mind im only 2 weeks po and it should even out. She said the worst case will be Miss Kat will do a little more lipo. I feel so much better now. Hoping Miss Kat will say the same monday. I think I have to much time on my hands and am over analysing it lol.
Im cleaning and dressing my belly button twice a day as directed and im really happy with it. Ill update again on monday after iv seen my surgeon :)

2nd po check (17 daya po)

So yesterday was my second post op check. When we arrived I was called in buy the same nurse as last week, she removed my belly buttton dressing and said how good it was looking, she cleaned it and all of the glue came away, underneath all the stitches had disolved and it looks fab! She then removd the micropore tape from my incision, it really hurt! Its all healed now apart from about an inch right in the middle, the nurse said its not infected and that this is the common in alot of people. My surgeon came in then, she checked me over and said I looked great for 2 weeks po, she looked at the part of the incision that had not closed and said for the nurse to put iodene on it and put a waterproof dressing over and then micropore over the rest of the scar. I told her how concernted I was about my waist being different shaoes each side and she said I had alot of internal work done and its just swollen more on one side, she sqid its far to early for me to worry and it will have gone down bupy the time of my 3 month check. The nurse told my surgeon she was concerned about my swelling as it was still the same as last week, my surgeon prodded and poked it and said its not a sermoa just alot of swelling, she said that it will go down in time and again said how much work she did on my muscles. She asked me to go back again next week so she can check that my incision has fully closed, and if it has then that will be it untill my 3 month check in may (unless and other issues arrise) I feel a million times better now she has seen me. I think iv had so much time on my hands that im over thinking things and need ti remember in only 17 days po.
When I got back from the hospital, I walked to the chemist round the corner with my husband to pick up my prescription. Its the first time I have left the house aoart from the 2 hospitsl trips. It is apporx a 3 min walk each way, but it felt like miles! Im still quite hunched over and it hurt my back but it was great to get out of the house. I was so tired when I got home though. I have found over the past few days that im doing a little more such as a bit of laundry folding and light tidying up. Its nice to know im making positive steps towards returning to normal. However, today I have been so tired and really achy, I have also had a bit of pain low down In my tummy. It is to be expected though as yesterday was my first walk, so today I have taken it really easy. I will have another small walk either tomorrow or Thursday, I dont want to over do it and set my recovery back though. Hubby is being amazing still and my boys are being great, my eldest Is being eally sweet and offering me drinks etc and askes if I need anything before he goes to school bless him.

Ill upload some new pics tomorrow and if I dont before, ill update monday after my check up :)

20days po

Just wanted to update you on how much my tummy has changed over the past few days. Last week I was so stressed out about my shape as one side was visibly different from the other. Well over the past few days its really evened out, the change is amazing and im so pleased. I tried a pair of 'pre' pre (lol) op jeans on today, a uk size 10 (us size 6) and they fitted with no muffin top. Im delighted!! My swelling is still huge but my tummy is improving alot. Here are the pics :)
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